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BZD118 explosion proof maintenance free low carbon LED energy saving lamp 20W paint house oil depot explosion proof platform lamp 30W

The explosion proof lamp housing is made of aluminum alloy by high pressure casting. The surface is shot and sprayed with high voltage electrostatic spraying, which has good weather resistance.

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BZD118 product specification and scope of application:

Application range
It can be used in zone 2 zone 1, explosive gas environment;
It can be used in zone 22 combustible dust environment 21 zone;
It is suitable for IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas environment;
It is suitable for temperature classes for T1-T6 environment;
It is widely used in oil production and refining, storage, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, printing and dyeing, military and military facilities and other explosive dangerous places.
Product specification
Model specification Body type light source Power (W) Ex-mark Protection grade
BZD118-20 Type I LED 20 ExdⅡC T6 Gb
ExtDA21 IP66 T80°C
BZD118-30 30
BZD118-40 Type II 40
BZD118-50 50
BZD118-60 60

BZD118 product characteristics:

The shell is made of high strength Aluminum Alloy containing magnesium and titanium content less than 7.5%, with good impact resistance, can withstand the impact of not less than 7J.

The whole flameproof structure design, embedded power cavity, wireless wiring structure, installation and maintenance is very simple.

The transparent parts are made of toughened glass, high transmittance, impact resistance, can withstand the impact of 4J.

The light source adopts high brightness LED light source with high efficiency, constant current drive power.

The light source circuit substrate with high thermal conductivity aluminum plate, has the advantages of fast heat conduction and the heat resistance is small.

The special circuit design, with good protection.

The power supply module with high efficiency constant current drive power with intelligent power regulator.

It has a luminous flux compensation function, reduce the light, ensure the light efficiency of LED light source.

Equipped with over-voltage protection, over-current protection and inrush current protection function.

The explosion-proof lamp shell adopts Aluminum Alloy high pressure casting forming, surface after blast electrostatic spray, have good weathering performance.

The light source circuit substrate to Aluminum Alloy aluminum shell, the heat source through the Aluminum Alloy rapid conduction to the surface of the shell shell.

The production of a large number of fin - shell surface, greatly improve the shell surface area, using the flow of air to effectively carry away the heat generated by the LED, the LED node temperature control in the best range, reduce LED decay, prolong the service life of the LED significantly.

- for each lamp use, use lens element, make full use of the performance of the lamp.

The electromagnetic and ultraviolet radiation, as a long time can provide high quality lighting and health protection work inside the user.

This series of lamps that belongs to the maintenance free products, energy saving and environmental protection.

We use cable or steel pipe wiring.

BZD118 product parameters and installation methods:

Implementation standards: GB3836.1、GB3836.2
Explosion proof sign: Exd II CT6 Gb
Rated voltage: AC90~264V50/60Hz (if specified, please specify)
Luminous power: >110lm/W
Power factor: >0.95
Product color temperature: 5500K (if you need other color temperature order, please specify)
Lead-in device: G3/4 "into the mouth of specifications, suitable for diameter of 9mm- with 14mm cable
Installation method: X: ceiling type, B: wall type, G: suspender type, F: flange type, H: guardrail type
Protection grade: IP66
Anticorrosion grade: WF2
Light distribution curve



Model specification A B C D E F
BZD118-20  345 610 238 610 450 465
BZD118-40 365 630 292 655 470 513
Serial number Name Remarks Serial number Name Remarks
1 BZD118 explosion proof maintenance free low carbon LED lighting lamp   9 Expansion bolt _M6  
2 Explosion proof terminal box BHD51-G3/4 two crane Not worth noting 10 Elbow 90 degrees G3/4 * 500mm  
3 Explosion proof live joint BHJ-G3/4C   11 Guardrail type lamp pole G11/4  
4 Explosion proof live joint BHJ-G3/4B   12 U pipe clip User allocation
5 Straight tube G3/4 * 300mm   13 The explosion-proof junction box BHD51-G3/4 three Not worth noting
6 Elbow 150 degrees G3/4 * 300mm   14 Flange type lamp pole G11/4  
7 CC type lock screw buckle M6   15 Elbow  
8 A chain of 3.5 * 450        
Note: the lamp light source factory has been configured, access power can be used.
Example: if you want to order BZD118 series of explosion-proof maintenance free low carbon LED lights, equipped with light source for LED50W, the installation method is suspender type, with junction box, then the order model is "BZD118-50GH""
Warranty acceptance
The company's products strictly in accordance with the ISO9001:2008 quality assurance system for quality control, product quality assurance in the contract period of three packages, products in strict accordance with the national standard design and production, all raw materials and accessories are selected superior products. The product has been implemented for three years and all the quality problems have occurred during the warranty period. The product will be repaired or replaced in time. If the quality problems occur during the warranty period, the repair cost will be borne by us.