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The peak fire HD-32K environment noise pickup (ANC), the court of special network noise pickup

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HD-32K environmental noise pickup (ANC)
performance index

1. The automatic gain control technology is used to realize the intelligent gain control. The video conference sound effect is more smooth and natural.
2, high speed voice DSP digital processing unit, integrated professional AGC and DTS noise reduction signal micro processing circuit.
3, D, A, D, S, (double air buffer system) structure design, reproduced the voice expansion and flexibility.
4、"Wide dynamic range compression"专利技术,实现WDRC宽动态范围压缩。
5, 24BIT voice processor, the highest 320dB adaptive noise reduction ability, intelligent lower background and environmental noise.
6, high speed voice DSP digital processing unit, integrated professional AGC and DTS noise reduction signal micro processing circuit.
7, AEC ultra strong echo technology, digital EQ function, 64/128 times over sampling, the precision of the sampling is high.
8, built-in lightning protection, power pickup reverse polarity protection, ESD protection and power protection module.
9、-40℃ ~ 75℃的超强环境温度工作,保证后端高质量的录音效果。
10. Through the inspection of the Ministry of security and the quality inspection center of * * * electronic products.
11, the patent certificate of the State Intellectual Property Office of People's Republic of China.
12, obtained the copyright of the computer software of the People's Republic of China national copyright administration.
13, through the EU environmental protection ROHS directive 2002/95/EC construction standards.
14, through the EU CE standards and the construction of the highest inspection synchronous recording and video recording system.
15, through the Federal Communications Commission of the United States FCC related standards testing and the corresponding system construction standards.