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LED explosion-proof lamp module 50W150W100W energy-saving maintenance free LED explosion-proof lamp LED lamp manufacturers selling

All products of the company after the formal inspection agency (third party) inspection within 3 years, any non-human quality damage free replacement, the whole lamp warranty of 7 years, oil station explosion-proof lamps, the certification is complete, suitable for explosive gas environment suitable for oil production and refining, storage, chemical industry, coal warehouse warehouse, tunnel, factory paint room sandblasting room cement factory steel plants, electroplating plants, flour mills, oil depots, military and military equipment in explosive environment

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Product introduction]

Product Name: HRT93LED explosion-proof floodlights

Source: import LED

Brand: CREE 3535 SMD LED light source

Power supply: high performance waterproof power supply, install surge protection and lightning protection measures

Power: 50W100W150W200W

Material: Die Casting Aluminum Alloy lamp

Installation: wall, ceiling lamp, guardrail type, flange type.

Relevant documents: inspection report, explosion-proof lamp is equipped with explosion-proof certificate, warranty card, certificate, product brochures



Company introduction]

Company name: Wenzhou Rong Lang Electric Co. Ltd.

Brand: Rong Lang ROLAN

Address: 360, please click on the Baidu search "Wenzhou Rong Lang Electric Co. Ltd. website"

Brand: ROLAN

Delivery: General Logistics Transportation

Delivery time: 1-3 days (according to the purchase quantity)



Technical parameters]

Explosion proof mark: ExdIICT4/T6

Rated voltage: 220VAC50Hz (low voltage can be customized)

The light source type: LED

Protection grade: IP66

Rated power: 50W100W150W200W

Power factor: greater than 0.95

Color index: more than 95rx

Insulation grade: I

Color temperature: 6000K

Protection grade: WF2

Total weight: 10.5kg


Buyers need to know]

Note: the buyer order before the selection of goods, please read the product description and product pictures and other related information carefully, please confirm with the company.

About the price: the factory price of all lamps according to the customer to the product technology, accessories, etc. in order to change, a large amount of customer orders please contact your company!

About the pictures: the factory all product pictures are taken in kind, because each different display color, color to prevail in kind.

Lighting installation: the lamp belongs to the electric appliance products, to ensure safety, please install the electrician in under the guidance of!

Payment: in order to guarantee more customers in both sides, after signing the contract, the company account into the corresponding deposit, balance before delivery can be a one-time payment, payment collection (Limited Logistics collection).

Delivery time: delivery within 2 working days after the payment of a predetermined spot, need to pay 2-3 days delivery, according to the specific circumstances of the number of orders.

Mode of transport: the lamp is fragile, the company's products are foam packaging, ensure that all aspects of product quality considerations, the majority of logistics delivery, generally 3-5 days to reach the city.

Freight borne by the buyer: single sample will pay the freight, freight both batch of products!





Portable lamp is divided into the power grid and power supply for feed. The lamp power feed network, from the explosion-proof junction box (box) should use rubber cables or between the explosion-proof plug to the lamp, ground or zero wire core should be in the same sheath of cable should be used; the main core minimum allowable cross-section is 25 mm YC and YCW heavy duty rubber sheathed cable. Here should emphasize one point: Cable portable lamp does not allow any intermediate joint.


In the electrical explosion-proof safety management, not luck, must be strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations and requirements to do, can do no danger of anything going wrong.




The company has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification, strict implementation of ISO9001 international quality management system standards of production, to ensure the quality of products fully meet the requirements of national standards and design. The housing product warranty of 7 years (Bao Weixiu), LED light source 3 year warranty (Bao Huan), 3 years from the date of purchase, explosion-proof lamps in any fault occurs under normal operation by the company responsible for maintenance free, buy lamps look for Rong Lang (ROLAN) brand!




Basic knowledge of explosion-proof lamps]


Is a kind of explosion-proof lamp lighting with explosion-proof performance, Ex has such signs. The sealing performance of explosion-proof lamp, in the structure further to take protective measures, the state has certain requirements for explosion-proof lamp. While non explosion-proof lamps do not have the above requirements.


Explosion-proof class and temperature group 1. explosion-proof lamps see national standard.


2. according to the explosion-proof type of explosion-proof, increased safety type, pressure type, no spark and dust explosion in a total of 5 main types, and also by other types of explosion-proof and the various types of explosion-proof combination or composite type and special type.


3. according to the protection against electric shock type can be divided into I, II, III. Electric shock protection is to prevent the explosion-proof lamp shell accessible part charged, so that the human body electric shock or different potential conductor touch spark to ignite an explosive mixture.


A class I - based on basic insulation, the conductive part work accessible without electricity are connected to the fixed line protection grounding conductor.


B class II with double or reinforced insulation as security measures, without grounding protection.


C III - the use of effective value of safe voltage is not greater than 50V, and which will not produce voltage higher than this value.




In the process of using explosion-proof lamps shall be regularly maintained, timely maintenance]


1 maintenance personnel required by the job training, understand the performance of the lamp, clear requirements. Maintenance personnel should possess professional knowledge, familiar with the product structure.


Remove dust and dirt 2 regular explosion-proof lamp housing, to improve the light efficiency and heat dissipation performance. According to the way of cleaning the lamp shell protection, using the spray (lamp sign or wipe with a damp cloth shade above). Spray cleaning, should cut off power supply, is strictly prohibited to use dry cloth Scrub (transparent plastic shell lamps), to prevent the generation of static electricity.


3 check lamp plastic shell (transparent) there is no serious discoloration, such as discoloration is serious, suggesting that the plastic has been aging. Check the parts without the impact of foreign bodies with transparent traces, protective net loosening, welding, corrosion etc.. If so, you should stop using, timely replacement of maintenance.


4 light damage should be timely notice of change, so as not to turn off the light, because the light source does not start the ballasts and other electrical components in an abnormal state for a long time.


By use of 5 lamp in a humid environment such as water should be promptly removed, replace the sealing parts, ensure that the protective performance of the shell.


6 open the shade, should according to the warning signs, after opening the cover off the power.


7 after opening the cover should check the flameproof joint surface is intact, rubber seals whether harden or become sticky, wire insulation is green and carbonization, insulation parts and electrical components are whether deformation and scorch. If these problems, should be timely replacement of maintenance.


8 maintenance and replacement after the light source, parts and electrical components of the type, specifications, size, performance and maintenance and replacement in front of the light source, parts and electrical components completely consistent.


9 cover before the application of wet cloth (not too wet) light and transparent lamp light off, in order to improve the light efficiency. The flameproof combined surface should be coated with a thin layer of 204-1 replacement antirust oil, closing the cover should be paid attention to when the seal is in the original position plays a role in sealing.


The 10 part of the lamp seal should not always remove and open.