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35KW/KVA AC transformer 220V to 24V60V single phase 220V380V variable 115V415V AC power supply

BK series control transformer is suitable for 50-60Hz voltage to 500V circuit, and is usually used as power supply for machine tool control appliance or local lighting lamp and indicator lamp. Non standard can be customized, customized telephone: 17002173778

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JMB, DG, BK, JBK, BKC series of control transformer is the earliest electric product in our factory. It adopts imported materials and rigorous design, and has the characteristics of good performance, reliable work, wide suitability and so on. This series transformer is a vertical bed type installation, which can work continuously for a long time under rated capacity. It is widely used in the control power supply of the general electric apparatus in the machine piece and the mechanical equipment, and the indicator light power supply for the local illumination.

Applicable environment

The transformer can work reliably under the following conditions:

1, the altitude is not more than 2500m

2, ambient air temperature: the maximum is not more than 40 degrees, the lowest is not less than -5 degrees centigrade

3, air relative temperature: the average maximum relative humidity of electric humidity month is 90%

4, in the medium without explosion danger, and in the medium without corrosion metal and destroy the insulated gas and conductive dust place

5. No place to be attacked by rain and snow

Matters needing attention

Before buying, first estimate the total capacity of your appropriate and electrical appliances, and choose a transformer with considerable capacity. Ensure that the transformer is not burned when the instantaneous start

The transformer in strict accordance with the relevant national standards for design and production, when you use the double winding, multi voltage control (i.e. tap type), such as BK and JMB respectively according to the highest voltage transformer should be first grade proportion reducing capacity, i.e. the current should not exceed the maximum voltage value; for transformer winding divided power should strictly control the power so as not to burn out the transformer winding.

Before installation, the data listed in the nameplate should be carefully checked to meet your requirements. After confirmation, it can be installed and used

After work, the transformer core and coil will be heated (but the temperature is not more than 80 degrees) is a normal phenomenon, if the temperature rise more than 80 degrees Celsius, or even smoke, you should cut off the power switch, re check your electrical capacity, and adjusted.

Question answer

Q: do you have stock?

Answer: because individual need parameter is different, transformer all does not have stock.

Q: is it possible to order?

Answer: yes. Custom made is limited to capacity and voltage, shape and size are not accepted.

Q: how long is the custom-made cycle?

Answer: according to the quantity and capacity size, one or two units and capacity is not big, the order before 3 o'clock the next day delivery.

Question: after sale and return problem?

Answer: the company's products are guaranteed for one year; because the transformer is based on the needs of custom-made, so the quality of non product itself does not accept returned goods.


Before you order, you must make sure the voltage is enough.

Single phase transformer capacity = equipment power /0.8 (such as 2000W equipment: 2000/0.8=2500 is 2500VA transformer)

Three phase transformer capacity = equipment power *1.732 (such as 1000W equipment: 1000*1.732=1732 is 1800VA transformer)


1. because each customer's requirements lead to different transformer parameters, generally no inventory, almost all orders, please contact the delivery date

Customer service confirmation.

2., the product belongs to metal weight, not suitable for express delivery, so under normal circumstances, the default logistics needs customer arrival station self lifting. If need hair

Express or door-to-door, please contact customer service.

More than 3. freight is for reference only, the specific cost please contact customer service.

4., thank you for your customers, if there is a shortage, please correct me, anything can communicate and negotiate, I wish you business is booming, cooperation



Because the product is constantly updated and upgraded! The transformer parameters and pictures are for reference only, and the company reserves the right of final interpretation! Welcome to inquire: 17002173778