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Authentic natural shell earrings earrings crescent of white or black color, cool fashion personality to send to friends

1 true: support the local authority identification, 100% freshwater pearls! 2 Cheng: support seven days no reason to exchange! 3 benefits: homegrown (zero middlemen)! 4 excellent: 925 silver fittings, anti allergy, anti fading! 5 send: exquisite packaging distribution, high-end generous! 6 beautiful: very good face modification! 7 Express: large express company, fast security!

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 Baby, all of the pictures are in store!Without any artistic treatment,To show the sincerity of the store owner! Just to show you authentic and trustworthy products!












Freshwater pearls refer to pearls produced in rivers and rivers. Freshwater pearls in China are mainly cultured in Zhuji, Changde, Suzhou, Jiangxi, Hubei and Anhui, and freshwater mussel is often used for freshwater pearls at present. Compared with the triangle pearl mussel mussel bead known as its color, brightness, and hardness are the difference of several grades, and in two years three years pearl pearl beads, its texture is a world of difference! So the choice of quality Sanjiaobang pearl is sensible for you!

Pearl wear:The subtle and elegant pearl is one of the best accessories occupation installed, plus a thick appropriate pearl necklace and earrings or watch the same color collocation in your shirt, jacket or sweater, a fine and elegant image of women is set in front of occupation.

Warm tips

Because the main component of the Pearl for aragonite calcium carbonate and keratoprotein, this both not very stable, therefore must maintain scientifically can cause the Pearl long be brilliant luster.
To avoid contact with the acid and alkali material, avoid using soap, detergent and other cleaning.
• if you wear a lot of sweat or the surface of the pearl is too dirty, wipe it with soft wet towel and dry it.
Some people sweat salt or larger, must pay attention to nursing, sweat fat but has a protective effect on the Pearl, so some people often have the Pearl more wear the light feeling.
Pearls are alive, and they need you to take care of them.

5How to distinguish true pearls from pearls

1.True pearls, because each shell is made of mussels, can't be shaped like a mold. The fake pearls are uniform, smooth and light, because they are mostly made of plastic.
2.A light color real pearls in the light, and a whole bunch of fake pearls of pearl light, very dazzling.
3.True pearls have fallen hands, while false pearls have none.
4.True pearls are cool and comfortable when they are worn; fake pearls lack coolness.
5.The two pearls are rubbed gently with each other. The true pearl has a sense of resistance, and a "rustling" sound, while the fake pearls slide like a glass ball.

   Pearls are the only gems in jewelry that do not need to be machined and are uniquely treated, treated, and naturally beautiful! Understand the characteristics of the Pearl, maintenance will be easier!






Dear friend:

1100%Authentic natural freshwater pearl.

2.All the treasures in the store are captured by the real object of the store, without any false beautification! Because we believe that the surprise that you receive after receiving something is what we want most! Due to the color deviation of the camera and the display, there may be some slight difference in the color of the object, but the quality of the good things will never change!

3.Is a natural pearl clam breed, may not like other products from the same machine pressed so beautiful, uniform, pearl must be the most natural luster, sometimes bead surface and natural texture. The less surface imperfections, the better luster, the more expensive pearls! This point, I hope friends can learn yo!

4.All styles can be customized according to your requirements, such as length, color collocation and so on. Please mark clearly in the memo column when you take it.

5The seller must wholeheartedly serve you, hoping to make you more and more youthful and beautiful. But because pearl is a high-end jewelry, so if the seller is not a quality problem, believe that the wisdom you will seriously consider!

6.Ladies: this must be carefully see, oh, the size of the Pearl have written clear ah, if you do not understand, you can buy when asked again. A few yuan, tens of dollars, hundreds of yuan, thousands of dollars, the size of pearls is not the same yo, can not use the same requirements to judge yo. for example40Element can not be combined with400Is the size the same? This, you should understand the wisdom of ah, so when writing evaluation, please think about it and then write it! Here, thank you for your understanding!

7Dear customers, dear friends:

    This shop is absolutely good faith management, we strive to make you one hundred percent satisfaction, even surprise! But in this process, you may have their own ideas, opinions, suggestions after the receipt of goods, the store hope you can contact us in time, we must seriously communicate with you, help you achieve the beautiful wishes! For the middle and bad comments, dear friends, you should be careful playing, and so we explain the communication after making a decision, here, the store for your understanding of support expressed gratitude! At the same time, I hope your online shopping is a pleasant shopping tour!


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