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High efficiency and high power 24V to 19V20A380W waterproof laptop car voltage converter DC power supply

General taxpayer enterprise self operated, 10 years old shop, 9 years old shop, stable and reliable product. Seven days unconditional return (broken, shear line such as damage except); products listed for nearly ten years, a variety of environmental test; imported components, TI core + fine tuning circuit, synchronous rectifier design, conversion efficiency is as high as 93%-96%, small heat; undervoltage, overvoltage and overcurrent / overload, over temperature output short circuit protection, waterproof, seismic protection level of IP68.

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24V转16V5A80W电源转换器 24V转16V10A160W电源转换器 24V转19V5A95W电源转换器 24V转19V8A152W电源转换器 24V转19V10A190W电源转换器器 24V转19V15A285W电源转换器 24V转19V20A380W电源转换器
    Product name: High efficiency foot power vehicle waterproof voltage converter 24V to 19V20A380WDC-DC step-down power supply, 24V to 19V DC power converter
    Function brief introduction: This product adopts synchronous rectifier design, imported components, TI (TI) core, fine tuning circuit can be unstable between 22V to 35V arbitrary voltage high efficiency to convert 19V DC output stable, with undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature and short-circuit automatic protection function, and can automatically recover the normal work to meet the work conditions;
    Imported high conductivity organic silicone grease and epoxy resin potting airtight multi ribbed aluminum shell by making it more heat, high radiating performance, seismic, waterproof, moisture resistant characteristics, protection level of IP68.
    Applicable scope: All need to 24V power supply voltage conversion to 19V, and to provide stable working voltage for 19V equipment occasions, expand the scope of application of 19V equipment.
    Such as solar power supply system, production line equipment, industrial control equipment, electric products, industrial control mainframe, notebook, industrial flat, Internet of things, vehicle networking equipment and so on.
    Product model: ECP-22-35VBK19V20A-A
    Input voltage: 24VDC (22~35V wide volt input)
    Output voltage: 19V DC
    Output current: 0~20A
    Output power: 380W
    Performance parameter:
    • Output voltage accuracy:
    • Setting error: < 2%
    • Output voltage ripple:
    • Vp-pmax<150mV
    • Li; Lo adjustment rate:
    • Setting error: Line: + 0.5%; Load: + 0.5%
    • Integrated boost accuracy:
    • ±1%
    • Rated work efficiency:
    • 93%-96%
    • I / O connection:
    • Lead length: 20cm
    • Output overload protection:
    • The overload protection point is about 110% of the rated output current, and the protection is limited to the current drop voltage mode;
    • Power time parameter:
    • Preparation time (SETUPTIME) = 200mS (RISETIME); stability time is 50mS; the maintenance time (HOLDUPTIME) = 20mS
    • Working temperature parameter:
    • The operating temperature drift coefficient is about 0.03[%/ degrees centigrade; the absolute temperature rise coefficient is about 0.20[degrees /W]; when the output power is rated, the absolute temperature rise of the fuselage is 35 + 5 degrees centigrade
    • Environmental parameter:
    • Storage environment: 85 ~ from-20 DEG C; 10% ~ 95%RH. Working environment: - 25 DEG C 45; 20% ~ 90%RH. (depending on the environment and power)
    • Work heat dissipation mode:
    • Designed for continuous working mode, natural cooling heat dissipation (use environment and installation position difference) affect power usage
    • Design standard basis:
    • National standard GB-4943; GB-9254
    • Note:
      1, the above detection indicators are measured under the following conditions: input rated voltage and rated load range, the environment is 25 degrees, 85%RH., no wind around the state.
      2 、 output DC voltage ripple detection: with a length of 30cm cross section 1mm2The parallel winding bypass with 0.1 F and 0.47 F capacitance is detected at the detection point, respectively. The maximum peak value of the main frequency ripple of 100Hz is Vp-p100Hz and the maximum ripple peak value of integrated ripple is Vp-pmax respectively.
      3, Li voltage regulation rate: when the load is rated value, the input voltage changes within the rated range; the Lo load regulation rate: when the input is rated voltage, the load changes from zero to rated value.
    Appearance color: Silver gray precision die casting aluminum alloy shell
    Product size: 100mm*80mm*39mm
    Installation size: 100mm*80mm*39mm外壳安装尺寸图示
    Product net weight: 0.55Kg/ station
    Product features: 1, products listed for more than ten years, from the ocean to Gobi, from the high temperature cabin to the snow and ice, experienced a variety of environmental tests;
    2, imported components, TI core + fine tuning circuit, synchronous rectification design, conversion efficiency as high as 93%-96%, small heat;
    3 、 undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent / overload, over temperature, output short circuit protection, stable and reliable product.
    4, high thermal conductivity and high insulation silicone epoxy resin + airtight sealing, multi ribbed structure aluminum shell, ultra small size, waterproof and earthquake protection level of IP68;
    Common sense of power supply: 1. The output voltage of the power converter needs to be equal to the input voltage of the electric equipment or the input voltage range marked by the electrical equipment.
    2. The output current of the power converter is the maximum current that the converter can output, and the actual output current is decided by the electric equipment.
    3, when purchasing power supply for the equipment, the peak power of the load equipment should be configured, rather than the common rated power.
    4, different load types, the peak power and its rated power ratio is different. Such as motor, its starting peak current is generally 4-8 times the rated power, the minimum need to choose 2-3 times the rated power of the product.
    5. The use of wires should meet the maximum current required to pass through the power converter. With 8-40V to 24V6A converter as an example, the maximum input current is calculated as: 24Vx6Ax1.17 (conversion overload protection point +7% 110% loss), 8V (minimum working voltage) =21.06A, should use 2.5mm2Copper cored wire
    6, copper wire carrying capacity of wire safe carrying capacity is based on the allowed core temperature, cooling conditions and installation conditions to determine the. General copper wire safety 5~8A/mm2The safe carrying capacity of aluminum conductor, 3~5A/mm2
    7, please accurately calculate the load power, in order to make the equipment to achieve the best use of the state, it is recommended not to exceed the power product marked power of 80% load, do not overload.
    8, about vehicle voltage: at present, gasoline vehicles generally use 12V power, heavy diesel vehicles use 24V power.
    9, because the battery discharge capacity is limited, in the opening of high-power load moment, the battery high current discharge will cause the battery output voltage greatly reduced
    Friendship tips: 1, please accurately calculate the load power, in order to make the equipment to achieve the best use of the state, it is recommended not to exceed the power product marked power of 80% load, do not overload. If you have any questions, please consult technical clothing.
    Professional manufacturers, large-scale production, stable and reliable performance, batch prices more favorable! Welcome contact.
    For detailed price list or product specification, please visit the company website to download or contact customer service hotline: 400-698-8804!
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