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Shanghai feice BCD6380 square LED explosion-proof lamp 70W/100W lamp manufacturers selling

discount 70% in 2018-10-16 to 2018-10-18
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Product introduction

The scope of products

    Suitable for IIA, IIB and IIC containing explosive gas or steam environment, T1-T6 temperature group 1 and zone 2 dangerous gas field or indoor 20 zone and 22 zone 21 zone, explosive or flammable dust indoor and outdoor lighting.


    1, the installation site altitude not exceeding 2000m;

    2, the ambient temperature is -40 DEG C~+45 DEG C, and the average temperature 24h value is not more than +35 DEG C;

    3, the ambient air relative humidity of not more than 95% (+25 ~ C)

    4, in the absence of severe vibration, shock and shake the place.

    5, suitable for District 1, District 2, IIA, IIB, IIC and T1~T6 group explosive gas environment;


Product structure performance

1 lamps, explosion-proof type flameproof or dust explosion-proof, suitable for gas or dust explosion hazardous area lighting.

2, light from the light source cavity, electrical wiring cavity, cavity, sealed design.

3, the lamp is composed of Aluminum Alloy die-casting molding, electrical cavity containing LED switching power supply, terminals and other electrical appliances, wiring cavity containing a user terminal, the light source cavity is arranged inside the Aluminum Alloy mirror reflector. Toughened glass cover with epoxy resin sealing, high transmittance, strong impact resistance.

4 lamps, the exposed fasteners are made of high quality stainless steel, equipped with rubber sealing pad, reliable sealing, waterproof and dustproof anticorrosion strong built-in, rubber parts, plastic wire jacket, full use of high temperature flame retardant Hangzhou, more safe and reliable.

5, this product is suitable for pipe hanging, ceiling, wall, ceiling pole type installed in different ways.

6, the power supply adopts whole cooling technology, short circuit, over-current, over-voltage, over temperature protection.

7, the lamp has long life, high brightness, good shock resistance, beautiful appearance, long-term use of maintenance free. Is the ideal explosion-proof lighting energy saving and environmental protection.

Product technical parameters
Equipped with light curve
Product appearance and installation diagram





Use and maintenance


1, explosion-proof lamp before use, first to carefully check the nameplate and customer orders are consistent.

2, explosion-proof lamp in the first incoming cable installation is introduced through the terminal device connected to wiring cavity, and pressure seal, sealed cable to connect the ground wire to tighten the screws, the after check, electricity can be used.

3, explosion-proof lamp not free disassembly and maintenance, must be disconnected before the power supply before opening the lid to repair; do not need maintenance, this product has the characteristics of long life.

4, in the process of maintenance shall not damage the flameproof surface repair coating 204-1 after anti rust oil, good cover, use Wangke after fastening.

5, explosion-proof lights should be checked regularly to clean up the dust on the surface of transparent parts.

6, obstacle distance explosion-proof enclosure is greater than 30mm.


Company tips
The company's products after the formal inspection agency inspection on the quality of the product, please don't doubt. The product delivered to the third party transportation, so does not guarantee that the products will not be damaged during transport, such as the arrival and found to have broken, please contact the company.

Please install in strict accordance with product instructions, by a professional electrician to install.


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