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Yade Aviator model YD712 large fighter 2.4G four-channel four-rotor UFO RC aircraft

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This is Avatar prototype fighter, large quadcopter, super fun, stable flight, aircraft size: 34 * 30 * 8.5CM, remote control range: about 100 meters, flight time: 8-10 minutes.

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Reminder: The link Avatar headquarters for the general version is not aerial photography

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-------- Operation Collection --------
1, the most likely initial buyer mistakes:
Excessive urgency when flying, the joystick pushed to the top, the helicopter became a space shuttle, straight into the sky; avoid landing or lowering the height of the second error will often occur when the second action: take for granted to give up manipulation, loss of joystick automatic reset, (The electric helicopter is different from the electric glider. The glider can glide slowly and glide slowly.) Once the helicopter receives no wireless signal, the propeller stops working. At this time, the helicopter degenerates into the ground. Although the helicopters are both earthquake-resistant, they are not conducive to prolonging the life of the model.
2, the correct way to fly:
Although the RC airplane is easy to operate and has good stability, it is an aircraft at the end of the day. Controlling it is also a question of learning. It is strongly recommended that you only have to improve your handling skills in order to fully experience the pleasure of the helicopter. Before you fly, be sure to carefully read the accompanying instructions, do not rush to real machine operation. To be controlled by the child to play, you must fully grasp the relevant operating essentials in advance, and give the child timely help and guidance;
When flying, fly low (about 1 meter), push the joystick to half and feel the manipulation feel, make the helicopter fly high is not difficult, but to fly to be able to hover in the low-altitude static, around The most fun thing to do with tele-remotely piloted helicopters is that, but to get to that level usually requires 5-6 voyages (one voyage at a time), not in a hurry.
3, venue selection:
Try to choose more open over the ground, no shelter of the formation of the venue (except for small indoor aircraft) lawn is even more ideal.
4, Matters needing attention:
The airplane can not be used up until it is fully charged or recharged, so long as the airplane can not fly, it has to be recharged. Do not use the aircraft's residual power is also used clean and then recharge, will cause serious damage to the aircraft battery, there will be phenomena such as not charging, we must pay attention! Remember ~!

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