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Authentic Markov MX5116 / T vertical single-axis push woodworking milling machine woodworking machinery 5.5KW

discount 65% in 2018-05-22 to 2018-05-22
price: USD$ 7800.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Please contact customer service or direct phone contact before 13705561006

This is a large-scale equipment, only made logistics, no delivery

the image is only a reference

Details in kind prevail

Factory direct supply quality assuranceAbsolutely genuine

Large machines need to be guaranteed to buy

After the purchase will not be returned Oh

Dear friends:
As the shop sold machines are large machinery, take the logistics and transport, pro delivery department in the logistics and freight, please be sure to check the goods in front of the logistics staff can sign the payment of the goods in good condition, if damaged, please take photographs to prove And contact us, we have to solve, can not hurry to sign the payment on the surface of the logistics Oh!
Returns the premise of pro-logistics in the face to check the goods and take pictures of evidence, and refused to sign the goods, and promptly contact us, we will give the pro handle the return procedures oh ~!
The following two conditions, we will not apply for return procedures:
①If you find that the goods are damaged but also pick up the back, and sign the stamp of the logistics paid freight, the shop will have the right not to give the relatives to return procedures, please pro understanding Kazakhstan;
② If the delivery did not find the problem until after the withdrawal was found damaged goods, the shop the right not to be returned to Kazakhstan, thank you for your cooperation and support oh ~!
Similarly, the small parts to go is the courier, return procedures and return the same large-scale formalities, please pro-more attention, more understanding Ha!
If you do not accept the above terms, pro please carefully shot ha ~!

If you are interested in the machine, please contact the owner through Ali Want or call the price! ! 13705561006

Buyer Tips:

1. Our products factory direct sales, direct contact with the shopkeeper / customer service inquiry before buying Oh, the treasurer Tel: 13705561006.

2. Online shop price is not including tax excluding freight, for billing, you can contact the shopkeeper: 13705561006, and inform the company name or indicate in the message, and please contact customer service to modify the price.

3. No hair delivery, hair logisticsdefaultTake the logistics delivery (Hair logisticsUsually 5-7 days,Buyers go to the shipping station to pay the freight from time to timeIf specified, please contact customer service, photographed in the message indicate next!

4. After the receipt of the goods, if not satisfied, we can contact us, we try our best to help solve the problem pro, if you do not contact us directly to the casual. Bad review, this shop will be deemed to give up all after-sales service and Add black list, refuse to trade again.

5. All our products are issued before the strict inspection, the absolute guarantee of good goods.Mechanical and electrical products is different from the general household appliances, bulky, heavy, logistics consignment process may cause scrub, paint, if it is perfectionist or obsessive pro please do not shoot.Before the receipt of the buyer should be in front of the courier to see the goods out of the box, if there is damage, please reject directly, the courier company to return the goods, we are responsible for free replacement. If the receipt of goods damaged after the return, freight buyers themselves. Thank you for your cooperation! ! !