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Imported original disassemble triode 2SD1710D1710 TV tube power switch tube test.

Professional to provide customers with a single service, batch acceptable processing of electroplating, beautiful tin feet foot cut patch regulations, shipped before two measurements, no need to worry about the quality. Big chip specialist test, quality assurance; large quantities of long-term supply, price advantage. Mass mailing

discount 70% in 2018-07-22 to 2018-07-24
price: USD$ 0.35
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:25
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Manufacturers, welcome to consult the lowest wholesale price of goods, contact.17708206176

Close to the wholesale price, small amount can be directly shot, large quantities can bargain! Because this store electronic product variety, the full range of goods, failed to timely upload, please customers need to order by want to contact us, to provide professional services with a single shop franchise two triode TO22OTO3PTO3PLTO247TO264 package for customers, MOS field effect tube Schottky fast recovery silicon tube for three terminal regulator IGBT the power amplifier tube Darlington power module integrated circuit capacitance matching circuit board components inventory, a large number of original, widely used in electric vehicle controller, inverter, acoustics, electromagnetic oven panel, charger, power supply, security, communication network adapter, set-top boxes and other equipment. Dedicated to the major manufacturers to provide professional support services

All the electronic products in our store have guaranteed quality

All the products sold, we will check security, but sent out, so please rest assured to buy.

Need to know before purchase:

1Due to the large number of models, failed to upload one by one, please customers
Through the contactWe will reply you in the first time!

2The price marked in the shop is bulk price,If the number of baby purchases is very small, the price will be raised on the original price, please buyers forgive!Due to the price of individual goods with the market changes, can not be updated in time, bring unnecessary trouble to the friends of the racket,So before you take the goods, please check with the owner of the price and quantity.3This store Chaiji original is part of the product, has not been clean (i.e. without washing feet and pins and tin plating), but they can be assured that the feet are the board feet above, the length, the longest to shortest length of the foot, can have a plate, but also some products is to write the 1CM above the foot or foot length, then sent to the buyer the goods will reach this length! If the buyer has the requirements of the length of the foot, we must contact the customer service instructions, otherwise we will not be responsible for how short the foot is after receiving the goods! And abandon the appearance of cautious buy if buyers want to wash feet, tin or pin or plating, or contact customer service, we will add the appropriate processing fees!

Transport instructions:

1:The default express is our storeRhymestoPassTactLbexSFThe charging standard is the delivery deadline according to the express company standards: Guangdong Province1-3Day.Outside1-5Days, the longest is generally not more than7day.(please specify the express, please mark it in the order message)

2We can't control the speed of express companies!! Please put yourself in your shoes

 Now, it's you. Can you control it? If the speed is slow, please be more considerate,

 There's really no way for us to do that!If necessary, please contact us and help us

3 after-sales service of electronic componentsThis store is for saleIf there are any quality problems, please send the original product within seven days after receipt of the goods, we will return the goods within two days after the return of the replacement (cutting foot, tin, customer fault or other reasons except man-made damage)! Non quality issues will not be returned!Thank You for Your Cooperation!!!

4 warm prompt our product parameters and product introduction, for reference only, all products manufacturers information and physical object prevail! The manufacturer reserves the right to replace the design, replace the external packing and accessories, without prior notice! Because the manufacturer will change the product packaging, origin or some accessories without any advance notice, the company can not ensure that the goods received by the customer are completely identical with the pictures, origin and accessories of the mall, and can only ensure the original quality! And consistent with the same mainstream market at the same time new products. If the shop is not updated, please understand!

5 evaluation questions: we cherish every praise, if you have any dissatisfaction,
Please communicate with us first and believe that any reasonable questions can be given to you quicklySolve!

6 customer evaluation: we will cherish every customer's praise, there are unsatisfactory places, please make us know
And help us improve!A shop reputation hard won, what problems please contact
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