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All stainless steel diaphragm pressure gauge YBFTP150ML (threaded diaphragm pressure gauge) Shanghai Zhengbao

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Threaded connection diaphragm pressure gauge


The screw connection diaphragm pressure gauge adopts indirect measurement structure, which is suitable for measuring the pressure of liquid, gas or granular solid medium with large viscosity, Yi Jiejing, high corrosive and high temperature.


Threaded diaphragm pressure gauge has the advantages of convenient and simple installation, good corrosion resistance, stable and reliable, widely used in chemical industry, pressure chemical fiber, synthetic fiber, dyeing, alkali, oil and other industrial fields measurement.

Working principle


Working principle diagram

The threaded connection diaphragm pressure gauge consists of a threaded connection separator and a general pressure gauge to form a whole diaphragm table.

When measuring the pressure of the mediumPActing on the diaphragm, the diaphragm is deformed, and the pressure instrument is used to measure the pressure of the system, so that it is formed.P-PPressure. When the rigidity of the diaphragm is sufficient hours,PIt is also very small that the pressure of the pressure measuring system is close to the pressure of the measuring medium.

Main technical indicators

1) precision grade:1.6level2.5level

2) measurement range (Mpa):~0.1~0to0~60

3) temperature additional error: due to the thermal expansion of the sealing fluid and the stiffness of the diaphragm, the temperature deviates from the temperature.20±5When the temperature is affected, there is an error, and the value is not greater than that.0.1%/

4) use of temperature:ambient temperature- 20~+55Measured medium temperature- 20~+55

Corrosion resistance of diaphragm pressure gauge with threaded connection

The corrosion resistance of the diaphragm pressure gauge can be ensured by selecting suitable materials for isolation diaphragm, isolator and sealing washer.

1) isolation diaphragm material:0Crl7Nil2Mo2(316)Monel alloy;(Cu30Ni70)Haht alloy(H276C)Tantalum;(Ta)Fluoroplastics(F4)

2) isolator materials: acid resistant stainless steel, molybdenum containing stainless steel, fluoroplastics, stainless steel lining fluoroplastics(316+F4)

3) NBR; fluoroelastomer; silicone rubber and fluoroplastics.

Description of liquid level difference

A schematic diagram of the influence of liquid level difference

When the diaphragm pressure gauge is installed, the pressure difference between the pressure gauge and the pressure gauge will form a pressure difference.ΔPThe influence,ΔP=Gravity of sealing liquid×The liquid level is poor.

Thread connection size

1M20*1.5(G3/8″ G1/2″)

2) customized according to user needs

Normal working conditions

  (1) temperatureEnvironmental temperature- 20~+55Measured medium temperature-20~+55

  (2) working pressure: static load: used to the upper limit of measurement3/4

(3)Alternating load: used to the upper limit of measurement2/3

(4)Short time pressure: used to the upper limit of measurement