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Numerical control milling machine of CNC milling machine in Longmen machining center

The structural features of the machine tool are fixed bed and worktable movement. The spindle box moves along the slide plate. It can also move along the crossbeam to achieve three axis linkage. The 15kw main milling head is configured. The machine has milling, boring, drilling, countersinking, tapping and other functions, suitable for machinery, iron and steel, energy, automotive, aerospace, weapons, ships and other industries of large and medium-sized parts processing. Equipped with accessory milling head, the workpiece can be installed once. The installation of right angle milling head can be processed in five sides.

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  Hebei Tai Zheng NC Machine Tool Co., Ltd.For Shenyang machine tools, Dalian machine tools, Beijing a machine tool and other large enterprises to supply machine tool bed castings, material for the year.HT300There are advanced domestic high temperature tempering aging furnace, processing equipment4riceX 11Mi large import precision Longmen processing center,2riceX 10Precision CNC Longmen grinder, machining precision straightness0.01/2000MMWith Foxconn's production mode, our company can provide all the customers with the finished bed, optical machine and the whole machine in Longmen. Our company is prepared for the year.1212181323122316251727403022The Longmen CNC milling machine and lathe machine, drawing machine designed by Taiwan designer for Longmen heavy machine, motor for high power servo motor, ensure in depth1.5MMAbove, all of our optical machines only10%The quality of the profit is not good enough. We are responsible for the maintenance. The problem is bigger. We guarantee to replace the new optical machine. The agent dealer or machine tool manufacturer will enjoy the ultra-low price within the business license.



   TAIZHENG-3022The model is a heavy and high-precision CNC Longmen designed by Taiwan Design Engineer for our company. Total weight of machine tool34ton,Heavier than the machine tool manufacturers such as Taiwan Association and Li Yang6Tons or so. Machine tool worktable is equipped with German Rover8016Heavy ball screw, three55Germany BOSCH Rexroth precision roller linear guide pole. The spindle can be matched with GermanyZFHeavy-duty, Taiwan imported with right angle milling head and universal milling head spindle can be equipped with Taiwan24000Turn off the spindle. profile dieBT50Corner cutter to the carving processing, reduce manual polishing, achieve maximum mold mechanization, improve efficiency, increase the utilization rate of machine tool.TAIZHENG-3022Machine tools in precision, rigidity, the configuration is significantly better than the other manufacturers of machine tools, especially the price is more obvious, our company is equipped with the British Renishaw laser interferometer and computer directly show the accuracy and repeatability of positioning precision machine linear error and positioning machine, factory acceptance test together with the customer machine accuracy, to ensure that each customer to buy my steadfast the products of the company.

   TAIZHENG-1813According to the development direction of the machine tool, the heavy cutting and the high speed milling machine multi purpose machine tool machine tool is the three axis rail structure.As we all know, the rigidity of the rail is not as good as the hard rail, but the moving speed is many times that of the hard rail, so my company is in the design.ZWhen this factor is considered, two of the other manufacturers now become four.55Roller linear guide, each with three long sliders, the spindle can be avoided.BT50  6000Turn andBT40 12000Turn the spindle, the spindle can be equipped with Taiwan24000The weight of the machine tool is about nineteen tons, the rigid processing speed is fast, and the advantages of the steel mould processing are obvious. This type of machine tool is also available13151318The regular supply of spot light machine, machine tool manufacturers, price concessions.


   TAIZHENG-1417It is the only one of our company's high value and cost value carving and milling machine, the main axis is used.BT40Mechanical spindle, the whole machine eleven tons, the new generation of Taiwan21MAVersion, equipped with three axis Yaskawa servo spindle motor.9.5KWIt has a good rigidity, and the most important one has a great advantage in the same kind of configuration products. The price of this product in the market is34reach37Ten thousand, the price of our company is28ten thousand.Agency dealers or machine tools manufacturers enjoy internal ultra-low prices on the basis of business licenses.


  All the accessories we use are working with the world-class precision machine parts manufacturers, and you will be stronger with the strong team. This is the criterion of company development. Because we have a high starting point, so we can do well.


  Our company developed a hydraulic power head CNC Longmen--The die is a rough king, and we use a more durable hydraulic drive to replace it.ZFGear box,Easy cutting8Above millimeter, the biggest advantage is that the economy is durable, even if it is broken, the maintenance is convenient and the maintenance cost is compared.ZFThe gear box is a lot less.


TAIZHENG-2316The machine tool is the latest model developed by our company according to the demand of the mould industry. The spindle sleeper adopts the German Demargi heavy-duty LongmenU600-PThe ram spindle structure, this structure can enhance the rigidity of machine tool, and cutting machine in heavy metal to reduce the vibration, customer satisfied, especially in heavy cutting and surface finish of mold can be compared with the machine tool and the Haitian sheng. Our machine tools are in the form of zero down payment,Machine tool acceptance, re payment, do not have to worry about the quality of machine tools, and the deposit is not given the unscrupulous situation. The machine is mainly used in the processing of large iron and steel obviously effect, fast processing speed, machine assembly process and strict inspection means, to ensure the quality of this machine, the machine only after payment of customer acceptance, approval before a penny deposit, is the first use of the payment of the manufacturers, to promote the survival of the fittest, purification of domestic Chinese machine tool market, improve the quality of domestic machine tool machine tool Chinese let go.


  The company's development goal is to cooperate with strong suppliers. You will be stronger with the strong partners, and your attitude will be highly determined. Because we will do better because of the high starting point.

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