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Intelligent controller, boiler heating, floor heating hot water circulating pump, temperature controller, water pump temperature control switch

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Function: when the boiler or boiler water, heating or heating water inlet temperature rise, the thermostat issued instructions to start the cycle; when the temperature is lower, the thermostat issued stop instruction, cycle stop, to avoid the low temperature water continues to cycle, leading to room temperature reduction. In the central heating, when the Thermotics Inc stops heating, the pipe temperature is reduced. When the pump is circulating, it can protect the water pump and avoid the damage caused by dry operation.

technical parameter

Rated voltage: 220V frequency: 50Hz

Rated operating current: 3A/8A

Standby power consumption is less than 2W

Probe normal temperature range: 30-100

Effluent setting range: 30-100 C

Low temperature cycle temperature setting range antifreeze type: 0-15

Temperature measurement accuracy: + 3

Control temperature return: 2 degrees centigradeSetting high temperature startSet the first start temperature and set the second stop up to 99 degrees. The temperature that needs to be stopped is set back. For example, to start 50 degrees, 40 degrees to stop, the first set 50 (working temperature), second set 99 (stop temperature), fourth set 10 (back difference temperature). Need 50 degrees start, 45 degrees stop, the backlash is set 5 degrees.

  Start with low temperatureThe first start temperature is set at the lowest temperature range, and the second is set as the upper temperature required to start, the stop temperature or the return difference. For example, the return difference is set 5 degrees, the working temperature is set 50 degrees, the stop temperature is set 80 degrees, then the working temperature range is between 50 and 80 degrees, but the stop temperature is lower than 80 degrees to 75 degrees, and the temperature drops down to 45 degrees to stop the working temperature. This is the work principle of backlashAntifreeze temperature is set between 1-5 degrees

Function: floor heatingAutomatic cycle;Waterproof protection;Delay function;Antifreezing function


Technical parameter:


Rated voltage: 220V

Current capacity: 10A

Temperature control range: 0-100

Frequency: 50Hz

Temperature measurement accuracy: + 1

   Real time display of temperature: real time temperature of liquid crystal display detection point

The power line is about 50 centimeters long,

Strong magnetic suction temperature probe, probe length of about 1.5 meters.

Waterproof temperature probe, length of 1.5-2 meters.

This sectionSet memory function: temperature controller will store your settings, to ensure that the power outage settings will not be lost, no additional settings


 Suitable for power 1.5KW equipment connection use!


The use is simple, convenient and practical! The temperature sensor (probe) is adsorbed on the site where the reaction temperature can be measured. (the ambient temperature is less than the set temperature; no corrosive gas)

The thermostat is widely used in electric heater, electric furnace and electric heating type electric equipment and boiler circulating pump, refrigeration machine, exhaust ventilation equipment recycling.

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