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40WDC-AC inverter 12V step-up 220V step-up transformer step-up module inverter (C4B1)

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National freight 4 yuan, only rhyme Express (less than 1 kg, overweight need to add postage), small profits, quick turnover, thank you for understanding!


Buyers must read:

The module series is designed to meet the needs of the majority of DIY enthusiasts, so the use of this product requires a certain hands-on ability, do not have a certain electronic knowledge and hands-on ability, please do not shoot. We will carefully test the integrity of the product before delivery, to ensure that the goods are handed to the hand is a normal product. If you don't understand the electronic technology, find the wrong person, wash the belly, deliberately make trouble, please detour, otherwise, the store will fight against it at all costs!

The owner explained: small products, profits thin, I hope you do more, do not give bad review Oh, encounter any problems in the process of using our technology can be directly to the phone (contact customer service in the home bar) we will patiently help you solve!

Please note: This product high frequency module, please don't use multimeter test

       The actual voltage of the product is between 210V~240v, which meets the safety voltage of the electrical input. Current upgrade is dual mode output,

Output DC and AC double output, can output DC and AC voltage, fully compatible with all kinds of more electrical appliances

Without connecting wires, it is necessary to weld the input and output lines independently.

Instructions: This product can convert the DC power of 8V-13V battery into 220V AC power and DC output dual output

Output AB220V with overload protection 1--20w

AC220V with overload protection 1--15w

BD220V no overload protection 1--35w

Maximum Power 40W is recommended for maximum power 35W devices

This product is the newest 4 generation boost module and step-up transformer. Input 12V DC, and the other end can get 220V AC and 220V DC voltage. The frequency is high frequency, the output power is bigger, can drive the 40W energy conservation lamp.

Power cut (outdoor) for power supply 

Modem modem broadband cat Internet catTelecom cat router satellite receiver

Call her machine  Mobile phone charging, energy saving lamp lighting, fluorescent lamp lighting, IED lamp lighting

DVD machine, \\VCD machine, \\EVD machineSpeaker, sound switch power, mobile phone charger

Electric soldering iron

It worked very well.

This product can be used on the circuit board of any household appliance; for example, it is perfect for energy-saving lamp, stronger performance, more stable power, better effect, and more durable quality than the old one:

The circuit can be made by oneself; the maximum power of a circuit board is 40W; if the power is too small, the circuit board can be connected in parallel; the 10 circuit boards are connected in parallel; the power can reach 120W-200W; it can be used in other high power home appliances! When the power goes out; can be used for any electrical appliances; household appliances use more power, only can be used in parallel; parallel still belongs to automatically transform the current state, not because the current is too large to burn out electrical! Parallel still than other similar products "12V-220V inverter booster" to save electricity up to 48.26%!

Power available: 220V0.1W-40W

In this statement: LED lights are divided into 2 kinds (cross flow power drive and resistance capacitance drive)

The circuit board can only be used on the market with better quality cross flow power driver.

For low cost and low quality resistance capacitance drive, it is not suitable for use.

Because the resistance capacitance drives the voltage of the high voltage circuit board. Lead to a high voltage, resistance capacitance drive resistance.

(powerFactor line LED lights drive any inverter can not be used within "10W", plastic shell LED lights, it is possible:powerLED lamp with factor circuit

(Note: the actual consumption of this circuit board40WThe output uses actual power40WThe energy saving lamp can instantly activate the energy saving lamp by 50W; then the ground current is automatically reduced; the current is kept at the optimum level40WBut the brightness effect of energy saving lamp follows40WSame)


The best fit 220V actual power consumption is 0.1W to40WEnergy saving light! Compatible with 21W-50W energy-saving lamps; brightness after startup40WAbout!

The product uses voltage DC12V: inverter output voltage AC220V, the maximum power output is 36 watts; the actual power consumption40W

(Note: "this circuit has been patented, please pay attention to the way to use", the actual consumption of the circuit board40WActual power use40WCan be used for40WInternal household appliances; small power; can be used in parallel; automatic transformation of the current!

The 10 circuit board power in parallel can be as high as 12W-200W; 12W-200W can use electric lamps; 12W-200W household appliances! (Note: support all the "electronic products") such as "energy-saving lamps \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ audio speaker solder switch power satellite TV receiver \\LED \ \ \ \ \\LED energy-saving lamp bulb lamp fluorescent lamp \\DVD \\VCD machine \ \ \\EVD \ \ LCD TV black and white TV color TV \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ notebook computer flat screen TV all kinds of computer monitors all the electronic products \ \ \ \" and so on the charger can be used to purchase; customers can contact the owner!

Appliances that do not meet the requirements shall not be used:

The first is that the transformer cannot be used on the iron core! No pure inductive load such as electric fan can be used.

Second; can not be used in; non electronic products!

Third. Notebook power supply, adapter and charger with lightning protection fittings. Dismantle lightning protection parts can be used.

Fourth; can not be used in the resistance capacitor power LED lamp!

Note: please load test output voltage, easy to burn voltmeter without load.

Strict requirements for each shipment must be carried out before leaving the factory40WOn load test; used in normal range for more than 2 years!

The circuit board outputs "voltage AC220V: power 0.1W to"40W! 

Range of use "less than or equal to"40W