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WDS-200 liquid crystal display electronic tension tester

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韦度 WDS-200液晶显示电子拉力试验机 万能试验机 拉力测试仪

First, product introduction:

WDS-200The micro control electronic universal testing machine is a new generation of microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine designed specially for institutions of higher learning and scientific research institute. The design of host and auxiliary reference to international advanced technology, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, stable and reliable performance.The high precision step motor and driver are adopted, and the screw pair is loaded after deceleration.Complete, the tensile, compression, bending, shear and other mechanical properties, suitable for plastic film, composite film, soft packing material, adhesive, adhesive tape, adhesive, rubber, paper products such as tensile, tear stripping performance test, is the ideal test equipment for scientific research institutions, universities, industrial and mining enterprises technical supervision, arbitration and other departments.

Two. The main technical indicators:

1. Zui large test force: 200N

2. Measuring range of test force: 2%--100%FS4N-200N

3. The accuracy of the test force indication is superior to the indication value.1%

4. Test force resolution:1/300000

5. Measurement accuracy of beam displacement: higher than resolution0.0025mm

6.  Test speed range:1500mm/min,Stepless speed regulation

7. Speed control precision: better than +0.5%

8Distortion accuracy: better than +01%

9.Test space:700mm   

10. Power supply for the whole machine: single phase,220V±10%,50Hz

11. Working environment: room temperature -35,Relative humidity does not exceed80%

12. Host size:530×270×1400mm

13. Weight:100 kg

Three,Scheme description


1.1The main machine adopts high steel single arm structure with beautiful appearance.

1.2 Imported high precision ball screw, high efficiency and smooth transmission

1.3 The transmission part adopts the circular arc tooth synchronous belt transmission, and the two-way no gap in the transmission process

1.4 High precision step motor and driving system are adopted to ensure smooth transmission and precise control.

1.5 The clamp is specially designed, clamped firmly, easy to operate, without the slip of the jaw.

1.6 Special processTo ensure the coaxiality of the test machine, the influence of irregular sample on the sensor is eliminated.

Control system

2.1 Including load measurement, displacement measurement and deformation measurement system

2.2 Real-time display control parameters and measurement results of large screen LCD screen

2.3 With overload protection and other functions

Four. The basic configuration of the system

1Test machine host  (Single arm structure)                                        

2High precision step motor and servo drive                             

3High precision load sensor                                   

4Imported precision ball screw pair                          

5Deceleration system (circular tooth synchronous belt drive)                             

6Photoelectric encoder (2000Line)

7Large LCD screenDigital control system (micro printer selection, need to add800Yuan)                                     

8Technical information: Manual of use, manual of use of software, certificate of qualification, packing list

Five,Confidentiality of technical information and information

1The technical scheme belongs to our company's technical data, and users should undertake the obligation of confidentiality in response to the technical information and information provided by us. Regardless of whether the scheme is adopted, the term is valid for a long time.

2The technical information and information provided by the user should also be under the obligation of confidentiality.

Terms of service

Wenzhou weid Electronics Co., Ltd.


The equipment provided by Wei is the original machine for the user to order the model, and will never provide the prototype, the assembly machine and so on.
Wei has a fixed maintenance service center and a professional maintenance engineer.
The equipment enters the free warranty period after the final acceptance of Zui, and Wei provides one year free maintenance and warranty service to the equipment.
Install and debug:
The place of delivery is designated by the user. Within 2 days of written notice to the user, we will install and debug at the site.
After the installation and commissioning, Party B will provide the concomitant service for one week at the site of the equipment.
Our installation and commissioning personnel shall comply with the site and safety regulations of the user and be responsible for their own safety.
Technical data: we provide a complete Chinese version of the operation manual, maintenance manual, packing list, software backup CD-ROM and other related materials two.
Equipment acceptance:
Acceptance criteria: in accordance with the technical agreement and the relevant national standards for verification (the import equipment is higher than the national standard).
Acceptance time: within 2 days after the installation and commissioning of the equipment, the personnel of both sides are carried out on the site.
Wei promised to finish the delivery.
After-sale service:
1 hours response to user complaints, 2 hours for the user to provide solutions, 12 hours to reach the user site, troubleshooting. During the warranty period, except for equipment damage caused by human factors, equipment and accessories cannot work properly due to quality problems. We promise to arrive at user site within 8 hours, free repair or replace parts. When the maintenance is not in time, and the equipment can not be used normally, the warranty time is prolonged with the length of the shutdown time.
We provide lifetime maintenance services for the equipment warranty period, only charge the cost of repair, and enjoy preferential treatment to buy spare parts.
The computer management of the user files. 100% worry phone call back, active tracking of dynamic service.
Our service outlets are all over the country. In Zhejiang, Shanghai and other offices, there are permanent after-sales service technicians, and professional and technical service personnel come to service within 48 hours, giving users no worries.
Training programme:
We are responsible for the preparation of free (including travel and accommodation) training programs:
During installation training: our installation and debugging in the instrument to the owner during the use of personnel technical training in 1-2 days instrument debugging, make use of the buyer personnel can operate independently, master instrument instrument installation, opening and closing procedures and routine maintenance and maintenance, system operation and control.
After the final acceptance of the equipment installation and commissioning Zui, our professional and technical personnel for the user to arrange 1~2 days of operation training and free training on the site of the maintenance personnel. It mainly trains operators to understand and apply the basic principles of equipment, software operation, operation and maintenance, and achieves the independent operation of equipment operators, service production, sample inspection and analysis work, and maintenance personnel perform basic maintenance services independently.
Convenient service:
Wei of customer service service center will promptly send professional and technical engineers will solve the problem in a working day, appear in the equipment warranty period, we do not charge any fees, after the warranty period will only charge the cost of fees we have to provide users with accessories at cost price, we set up a user for each user profile, a person responsible for the user to contact, we will provide users a free upgrade test software.