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1500W DC regulated constant current adjustable switching power supply DC voltage output 0-220V7A transformer

1500W high power switching power supply 0-30V-32V-36V-48V-56V-90V-120V factory direct sales

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A, Summary

1.1   Product features

1.1.1   Using the technology of switching power supply frequency transformer, which has AC and DC compatible input function, and wide input voltage range; switching power supply using advanced control technology and components, and elaborate design, small size, light weight, high efficiency, long term to ensure that the load operation is stable and reliable.

1.1.2   The maximum output is voltage:DC:0-Ceiling voltage Electric current:0-Maximum current value Maximum output power3000W

1.1.3The output voltage of this power supply is stable(The output voltage when the output current is less than the output constant current value)Constant current value(The output current when the output voltage is less than the output voltage regulator)Can be continuously adjusted in the range of their maximum value. The output constant current value can be adjusted to bring convenience to many applications, such as many debugging applications, adjustable small constant current value can effectively and effectively protect the safety of load equipment.

1.1.4  It has perfect protection function. Built in temperature control cooling fan, not only can effectively heat dissipation, but also can effectively extend the fan life; overheating automatic shutdown protection; output over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection. Soft start of startup delay to avoid switching on output voltage overshoot.


1.2   Main purposes: power supply is widely used in power DC display system, industrial control, communications, scientific research, battery charging and other equipment.

1.3   Environmental conditions: storage temperature:(-2050)Working temperature:(-545)

  Relative humidity:90(40±2)Atmospheric pressure:(70106)kPa


Two. Brief introduction of working principle

AC or DC input voltageInput notchCircuit back toRectification filterThe circuit gets high voltage(about300V)DC voltage.Power conversionThe high voltage DC inverter into35kHzThe high frequency AC is converted to the voltage required by the high frequency transformer, and then the output voltage is obtained by high-frequency rectification and filtering. The control circuit samples the output voltage and the output current, and the pulse width modulation is generated after closed loop feedback(PWM)signal controlPower conversionA circuit that keeps the output voltage or current stable.

Auxiliary power supplyIt is also made up of switching power supply. Because the power frequency transformer is completely cancelled, it has the function of AC and DC compatible input. The output voltage regulator and constant current are stable and reliable from the output side.

protection circuitProvide fan temperature control, overheating protection, output over-voltage, over-current, short circuit and other protection functions.


Three. Main technical parameters

3.1   Input voltage:AC220V±15%50Hz

3.2   Adjustable range of output voltage regulator:(0V-Ceiling voltage)

Output constant current range:(0Maximum current value)A

3.3   Source voltage regulation rate: steady voltage≤0.5Load regulation rate: constant voltage≤2Constant current≤3%。

3.4   Overall efficiency:≥86Ripple voltage: total ripple voltageVpp≤3%

3.5   Output voltage: display accuracy±1.5%Output current: display accuracy±2%

3.6   Switching on output voltage overshoot:≤2%。

3.7   Insulation resistance: input output:≥20MΩ

Input chassis:≥20MΩ

Output housing:≥80MΩ

3.8   Insulation strength: input output:AC1500V10mA1Minute;

Input chassis:AC1500V10mA1Minute;

Output housing:AC1500V10mA1Minute。

3.9   Temperature threshold of whole machine overheat protection:(7585)

3.10   Mean time to failure:≥50000h

3.11   Outline size:300(long)*150(width)*115(high) weight: about net weight6kg

3.12   Cooling fan:45Degree fan start up.


4, Operation methods and precautions

4.1   Out of the box: check out the random accessories in the box when opening the box: one instruction manual.

4.2   Check before power supply: before storage and transportation, the power supply should check the damage during transportation, such as whether the screw is loose, the appearance is not unusual, whether the power line, the connection column is off, and whether it is damp, etc., if the above phenomenon occurs, it should be timely and properly handled.

4.3   Front panel layout: LED, voltage regulation, current modulation potentiometer, output voltage,.


4.5   “OverheatedThe power is in the state of temporarily overheating shutdown, and will be automatically restored when the internal temperature drops.

4.6   Boot up(15)Second delay process.

4.7   Using operation method

4.7.1   The output voltage should be preset before the output is out of load, or whether the output voltage is checked properly before the power is switched on or firstVoltage regulationPotentiometer pre set to minimum;

 4.7.2   After checking the output voltage, it should be in the output voltagePower switchDisconnect the connection load device, and then switch onPower switch. If the output voltage regulator is pre adjusted20(10V)The following is to check whether the overshoot voltage exceeds the allowable range. The method is to preset the output voltage before connecting the load equipment, or to adjust the output voltageVoltage regulationandCurrent regulationAll pre rotation to a minimum, repeated several times in the boot process to check the output voltage overshoot of the size, confirm the overshoot voltage does not exceed the allowable maximum range in order to connect the loads to boot, boot stability after rotation to the required voltage value, in order to avoid damage to the load equipment voltage overshoot.

4.7.4   During the operation of the power supply, the front panel can be adjusted at any time2Only potentiometer, change the output voltage regulator and output constant current value.

4.8   The internal cooling fan is controlled by temperature. The fan will rotate only if the temperature is too high, and the temperature will stop when the temperature drops.

4.9   The internal heat dissipation air duct should keep the air convection on the left and right sides of the power supply during the use, and there should be no other objects blocking the convection circulation of the air nearby.

4.10   When the fault occurs: if the work is abnormal after starting, it should be disconnected in timePower switchAnd cut off the input power line, carefully check the power input line connection is correct and reliable, the terminal nut is loose. Don't open the case if the user is difficult to deal with. Because the machine has high voltage, not familiar with professional knowledge, don't open the shell repair, should promptly with our company or dealer contact repair matters.


Five, warranty matters

5.1   This product is guaranteed for two years and lifelong maintenance.


5.2   In the process of using the product, if there are problems, please check the instructions according to the instructions. If it is still unable to solve, please contact with my company as soon as possible.

5.3   In the course of the use of the company's products, if the following circumstances occur, the company does not undertake the warranty obligations:

a) Violation of the use of the product instructionsb) Lead to product damage;

c) Due to installation and assemblyd) When the damage is caused;

e) Beyond the permitted use of the environmentf) Product damage caused;

g) Change or repair without authorizationh) Product damage caused;

i) Due to abnormal external forcesj) Product damage caused;

k) Because of natural disasters or others notl) Force majeurem) Product damage caused.

5.4  For the quality problems caused by the warranty, the responsibility of the company is limited to the product itself, and does not undertake joint and extended liability