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XMTD-6000/7000 intelligent temperature control instrument, temperature controller, XMTG-6000XMTAXMTE temperature instrument

Temperature control instrument size description: XMTG:48*48mmXMTD:72*72mmXMTA:96*96mmXMT:160*80XMTE:48*96mmXMTF:96*48mm company specializing in the production of temperature controller thermocouple: all spot supply Pro confidence beat!

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  DearThe following is a temperature sensor

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(link 1) probe type Graduation number: KEPT100CU50 probe length, default 200mm,Need other length to leave a message


(link two) press spring type, screw type  Graduation number: KEPT100 CU50   Probe length defaults to 200mmOther lengths are required to leave messages





-6000A series of intelligent digital display regulator is designed with humanization and intelligence as its design concept. It integrates microcomputer and automation controlCPUFor the calculation center, the whole machine has no adjustable parts, stable performance, good reliability, is the traditional moving coil, electronic, digital instrument updates, upgrades, replacement products. It is also easy to match with a variety of sensors to display and control the flow, level, pressure and other parameters.

Technical index


2Data storage time of power failure≥2year

3Power consumption≤3W

4Working environment: temperature0-50℃Relative humidity=85%

5Alarm mode: full range setting, absolute value/Deviation value

6Output contact capacity of relay:AC220V3A

7Solid state relay trigger signal: voltage≥12VCurrent≥15mA

8SCR trigger signal≥100mA

Model naming

XMTmouth—6Mouth mouth mouth

 ①②  ③④ ⑤ ⑥ ⑦

①—Intelligent double digit display adjustment instrument code

②—Instrument dimensions (width)×High)







③—Design serial number 6000 Series

④—Output mode:

0、1The position adjustment of output contacts (contact capacity)220V3AResistance)

2The two bit of the output contact is brokenPIDRegulation or time scale adjustment

3Three bit PID adjustment or time scale adjustment of output contacts breaking

4Output continuityPIDRegulation control

5Output drive solid state relaySSR).PIDadjust

6Phase shifting trigger signal of single phase silicon controlled rectifierPIDRegulation (SCRVoltage regulation)

7Output zero crossing trigger signal of single phase thyristorPIDRegulation (SCRPower adjustment

8Output three phase SCR trigger signalPIDAdjusting additional distributor (three phase power regulation)

9The output DC is 0 ~10mA、4~20maContinuity of current signalsPIDadjust

⑤—Alarm mode

0There is no alarm

1With the upper limit contact output deviation alarm function (contact capacity)220V3AResistance)

2It has the alarm function of lower limit contact output deviationEnter the A1T menu, the upper and lower alarm can be changed to the absolute value alarm

3It has the alarm function of the upper and lower limit contact output

4: the user's other requirements of the alarm (ordering text description)

⑥—Input signal


2Thermal resistancePt100Cu50Cu100BA1BA2GEtc.)

3: user other special requirements signal input

⑦—Instrument additional function

VWith:24VDC feed output

TTiming function

PWith thirty stage program control (curve heating)

BVariable output current and voltage signal (corresponding to input can be isolated)

QOther special functional requirements of users

Price standard:

Standard current 0-10mA and 4-20mA input130Yuan / Taiwan

Standard voltage (such as: 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V) input130Yuan / Taiwan

PIDRelay contact output, with one way alarm62 yuan/ Taiwan

SSRSolid state relay output, with one way alarm62Yuan / Taiwan

Relay position adjustment output, with one way alarm62Yuan / Taiwan

4-20mACurrent transformer output, with one way alarm150Unit / stage, control output, 89 yuan

SCRSingle phase thyristor signal zero output (power adjustment), with one alarm110Yuan / Taiwan

SCRSingle phase silicon controlled phase shift signal output (voltage regulation), with one way alarm130Yuan / Taiwan

SCRThree phase thyristor zero signal output (power adjustment), with one way alarm150Yuan / Taiwan

If two alarms are needed (for example, the upper and lower limit), the alarm will be added:10Yuan / Taiwan

Other models, please contact directly with the treasurer,When purchasing, according to "model name", select the required type, and Turing instrument contact customer service to change the price.

Selection example:

If the size is 72*72mm, the input is K thermocouple, the temperature range is 0-400 degrees, the output is the relay, with the upper limit alarm, the specific model isXMTD-6411 K 0-400℃