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Wireless monitoring remote mini camera phone WiFi smart micro camera home card sending double side paste

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DV 960P普清版,DV 1080P高清版

WIFI 480P普清版,WIFI 720P高清版!

四个版本可选购。送强磁片 送双面贴!!!




DV 960P普清版,DV 1080P高清版

WIFI 480P普清版,WIFI 720P高清版!

四个版本可选购。送强磁片 送双面贴!!!




DV 960P普清版DV 1080P高清版


WIFI480P plain EditionWIFI720P High Definition Edition


Four versions can be selected



送强磁片 送双面贴!!!





1.HD99SWIFI 720P高清主控OV9712高清镜头(是老款MD81SWIFI的升级版,更高清更稳定)



2..HD99SWIFI new mobile detection phone alarm function (old MD81SWIFI no alarm function)



3. short range viewing (the WIFI name HD99S sent by the phone search machine is directly connected to open the point to point view without the network)


4., remote viewing (on the premise of point to point can be viewed, mobile phone software set up the WIFI name and Password issued by wireless router, that is, mobile phones, tablets and computers can be viewed remotely, without distance restriction. The machine is at home, and you also watch it abroad.


5. card automatically boot loop recording, video is stored in the memory card, the card can be connected to the computer video playback, video recording synchronization.


6. another way of video, the mobile phone open software, directly on the software can be videotaped or photographed, video files and photos will be stored on the cell phone memory card.


7. side charge edge use, support charger or charge treasure, side charge edge use, never power off, automatic networking! (the machine's built-in lithium battery supports work for about 1 hours)



Thoughtful: send back clamp, a lifting bracket, small universal bracket, sling, card reader with!


The storage card is purchased separately, and the charging treasure is purchased outside.





HD99S WIFI 操作方法:


1. mobile phone scan box on two dimensional code download APP or open the mobile phone market search 9527 direct download. The machine charge the electricity, insert the card, start the machine, the machine hits the WIFI.


2.手机打开WIFI查找,会查到一个WIFI名:HD99S,连接它输入密码:12345678 显示已连接


3. open the software point on the top of the display online, the point online can be seen in real time, without the network, this is the WIFI of the phone and machine directly watch


4., open the software and display it online locally. There is a pinion on the right side of the point online. Then there is a wireless configuration, wireless configuration, set the WIFI name and Password issued by your router. Preservation。 Machine to IP file. Wait a minute or so.


5., open the software point, and enter the user name password on the sticker behind the machine. After that, login can be monitored remotely, or you can scan the two-dimensional code added automatically behind the machine.


6. if the dead machine can be tried by the reset hole, take the toothpick in the case of the power opening. The memory card is formatted.

Note that the memory is to use a high-speed card, to be compatible with the machine.



The network monitoring camera contains three functional modes:


1.近程监控功能:就是指手机、平板电脑、笔记本电脑可以通过自己的WIFI信号直接搜索连接摄像机,查看实时视频图像,范围高达30米左右。(如果机器内放置了内存卡,实时视频会自动保存 到内存卡中,您可以取下内存卡翻看视频。)


2.网络远程监控功能:就是指手机、平板电脑、笔记本电脑可以通过异地的普通网络远程查看监控摄像机的实时视频画面。只要能上网的地方就能看到,即使你远在异国他乡!!(如果机器内放置了内存卡,实时视频会自动保存 到内存卡中,您可以取下内存卡翻看视频。)


3., the third is direct recording video surveillance mode: when you are not convenient to use real-time monitoring, you can directly insert the memory card into the camera and plug in the power, which is equivalent to the ordinary monitor camera storage one.




Machine features:



> small fuselage, the whole machine size 56mm*20mm*20mm



> this machine inserting video, opening or charging will automatically video stored in the memory card, audio and video synchronization record;



>无线网络远程监控功能,摄像机通过wifi连接无线路由器连网,其他任何地方, 手机、电脑、平板都可以远程监控,有网络,无限远;



> WiFi point to point monitoring, the camera itself sends out WiFi signals, and the mobile phone connects to the WiFi point to point monitoring, without the need of network;



Mobile phone, computer remote can save monitoring video at the same time, convenient playback view;



Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, without external power supply, sustainable monitoring video for about 60 minutes.


> can be charged by external power supply.


Power break automatic recovery function, after breaking network, restore network automatic connection remote monitoring;



> intelligent mobile frame reducing function, picture still, reduce frame saving, reduce memory occupation, save video time longer;



>【HD99S WIFI 采用9712高清低照度广角镜头,稳定性好】【来电自动工作、有网络自动连接】


>【插卡录像录音同步,支持8G 16G 32G高速存储卡,32G可保存7-8天录像】



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