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KSD301M3M4/M5/M650 normally closed copper head ceramic temperature control switch temperature controller 10 PCs.

Threaded copper head temperature control series can be customized according to customer requirements, order cycle 3-5 days, fast order closed normally, 40 degrees, 45 degrees, 50 degrees, 55 degrees, 65 degrees, 70 degrees, 75 degrees, 80 degrees, 90 degrees, 95 degrees, 235 degrees, 100 degrees,.230 degrees, 240 degrees, 245 degrees, 250 degrees, 255 degrees, 85 degrees, 260 degrees M3M4M5M6M10 thread, please describe accurately. 60

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 Hot recommendation  

       Product Name: sudden jump type temperature control switch

Model: KSD301
Bulk material: Ceramic

Operating voltage: 110V, 250V, 400V (V)
Overload current: 5A, 10A, 15A/16A20A, 40A, 60A
Action temperature: 0 degrees to 260 degrees Celsius
Life: 50000 (Times)

Product features, uses and working principles

The company specializes in the production of various series of bimetal thermal protector, temperature controller, temperature switch and RH low melting point alloy type thermal fuse products, using a variety of imported materials assembled, sophisticated production equipment, detection means complete, the company has strong technical force and rich production experience as a strong backing for quality assurance the.

Product features: bimetal chip, contact sensing, fast moving, sensitive, reliable, safe, fixed temperature, long service life, no arcing phenomenon.

Product use: mainly used for motor electric heating water dispenser, water bottles, disinfection cabinet, coffee shell, electric iron, dryer, air conditioning, water heater, electronic cooker, heater, disinfection cupboard and motor cleaner etc..

Working principle: due to the disc double sheet metal as temperature sensing components, working principle of the thermostat is: when the temperature rises, the dish will produce the corresponding deformation, and when the temperature reaches the disc sheet deformation value, disc sheet jump mechanical transmission on other devices. The contact action quickly to connect or cut off current.

Technical specification:
1) rated voltage: 250V/10A, 125V/20A, 250V/10A, 250V/16A400V/20A, 400V/60A
2) accuracy of movement temperature: + 3, + 5
3) operating temperature range: 0 -300 C (other specifications can be specially designed according to the needs).
4) contact life: more than 50000 times (times of action)
5) contact resistance: less than 100m (depending on the design requirements)
6) electrical strength: AC50Hz, 2000V/min without breakdown and arcing phenomenon.
7) insulation impedance: greater than 100m (DC500V Ohm)
8) contact state: room temperature often closed (Chang Kai), when the temperature reaches the preset point, the contact opens (closed)
9) heat resistance: action temperature +35


Because it is a mechanical switch, according to the industry regulations, every 5 degrees for a file, the following is the parameter table:Reset temperature description:

When the operating temperature is below 75, the reset temperature is 20 degrees centigrade and 10 degrees centigrade
When the operating temperature is 75 ~100, the reset temperature is reduced by 30
When the operating temperature is above 100, the reset temperature is 40 degrees centigrade and 10 degrees centigrade

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