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Switching power supply JL-250S12250W DC 12V20A monitoring station transformer adapter

[] based switching power supply for more than ten years of excellent brand products. Absolute use of high quality electronic components, high quality solder, qualified materials, reasonable circuit design and production. Each product must be strictly tested before it is sent to the factory. Ensure the production of a safe, stable, efficient, anti-interference, multi protection durable products. It is suitable for high-end medical equipment, security equipment, industrial machinery, communication field, advertising signs, LED and so on.

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-250W-12V-20A based switching power supply (single group)

Size (mm):220 x 115 x 50

Weight (kg): 0.9 kg

Small output ripple
Output overvoltage overload protection;
Output continuous short circuit protection. (shutdown)
Air cooling (temperature control), over temperature protection

Protection function:Over output voltage protection 115-135%
Over output current protection 110-150%
Input voltage 85V-130VAC170V-260VAC
Frequency 47-63Hz
Leakage current <0.5mA/ AC 230V.
Insulation test:Input and ground 1500VAC.1 minutes
Input and output 1500VAC.1 min.
Output and ground 500VAC.1 minutes
Output:Ripple and noise (MVP-P) <1% output voltage.
Output stability is 0.5%max
Output voltage trimming range + 10%
The start time of less than 1S (230V input)
The hold time is larger than 20ms (230V input)
Efficiency (full load) 75%-80%
Insulation resistance:≥50MΩ
The working environment temperature is 0-50 degrees centigrade
Storage environment temperature: -20-85
Cooling form: natural cooling
output voltage
Output current
output power
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A. Performance index of switching power supply:

1. input AC voltage range, 220V + 15%/110V + 15%, frequency 46HZ-63HZ.
2. internal EMI filter refers to voltage fluctuation of power grid. Isolation between input and output to avoid interference between power grid and output DC voltage.
3. load regulation rate <0.2%, overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection.
4.: input and insulation resistance, input and output, output and more than 50M DC 500V.
5. time: full 20MS (230V input).
6. rise time: typical value 50MS at full load.
7. working environment temperature -10 to 50 degrees celsius.
8. cold pressing current 15A/110V; 30A/220V.
9. dielectric strength: 1.5KV input and output, input and 1.5KV, available higher voltage, and input to 500V.
10. single power supply ripple and noise (MVP-P) <1% output voltage, multi group power supply +5V ripple <60MV, other output ripple <20MV-100MV.

11. the power supply 100% aging, testing qualified before leaving the factory.

Two. Switching power supply instructions:


Choose the right type and size of the product.
According to the actual use environment, choose cost-effective product level.
Before using the power supply, be sure to confirm the input voltage specification (110VAC, 220VAC, 24VDC or 48VDC), and the nominal value of the power supply is the same.
Cut off the input power when wiring. Carefully check whether the input and output lines are connected properly and firmly before power supply, to ensure the reliable power supply.
Check whether the mounting screw and the power board device have contact, measure the insulation resistance between the power supply shell and the input and output, so as to avoid electric shock.
In order to ensure the safety and reduce the interference, make sure that the grounding terminal is reliably grounded (the diameter of the earth wire should be greater than AWG18#).
In order to make sure the power supply works normally and reliably, please don't overload the users when using the power supply.
Multi output power supply is the main and auxiliary output, and the main output characteristic is better than the auxiliary output. In order to ensure the output load adjustment rate and the output dynamic, it is generally required that each road has at least 10% load. If the auxiliary road does not use the main road, the main road must be loaded with more than 500mA.
For the power supply with high output power, there are many terminals at the output terminals, and the terminals connected to the terminals are uniformly connected to the load when the user is in use.
The output power of the power supply mainly depends on the power device. In order to ensure the reliable work of the power supply, we give a certain amount of power when there is a certain margin, customers should be consulted before overloading, in order to achieve the best use effect.
For the occasion of capacitive load and inductive load, the starting output current is too large at once. Our company has special design considerations in the development of power supply, please explain in advance.
The frequent switching of the power input (i.e. frequent opening and switching off of the input voltage) will affect the life of the power supply.
When working at high temperature and low temperature, the power supply can work normally only if the output power is reduced.

It shows that named switching power supply:

For example: JL-15S5
Series name of JL----- switching power supply
Output power / watt of 15--------- switching power supply
S----------S single output; D dual output; T three output; Q four output
5---------- output voltage Volts

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