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High power LED LCD TV backlight tester 300V highlight with power switch LED backlight tester

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Without removing the LCD TV screen LED backlight lamp lamp test tool 300V highlight the version of the LED tester
-------------Chinese version of highlight free screen: input voltage: 85-265V (International), output voltage: 0-300V, power 18W. Automatic detection of output voltage and current. Any size can be testedLED and backlight lamp. High brightness, no need to disassemble the screen to determine the quality of backlight
LED backlight tester without disassembly screen is easy to operate and easy to use! Do not burn the lamp, electric shock! Single chip microcomputer automatic control output voltage, output voltage 0-300V, brightness version, without the need to disassemble the screen to determine the quality of the backlight strip. Unlimited unlimited size size LED TV backlight detection to 100 inches or more light, small single lamp, can test the quality, but also can test the capacitance and voltage stabilizing diode voltage valueLCD TV, LCD, laptop screen, LED backlight, screen and testing tools
Why do we need to buy the LED backlight tester?
LED backlight tester, to light more than 100 inch, small single bulb, can be measured, automatically adjust the output voltage, we generally engage in the maintenance of the lamp is bad for the light, but for a large screen lamp is better if dozens, use this tool to test not only can measure the light quality, but also the lamp light bar on the measurement of bad bad bad beads is led directly to replace the line, a lamp about 1 cents, 10 to 1 dollars, tens of dollars and 1 dollars to the cost, a lot of difference. A switch with a high brightness 300V market, usually at around 150 dollars, I only do the 109, cost of sales, is a liquid crystal display, backlight TV maintenance testing tools.
First, product characteristics
1, using 8 bit high speed chip voltage sampling test, and drive the LED digital display voltage (other products on the market by the voltage meter, buy separation installation) board to achieve the integration, reduce non-performing rate (due to constant current, only the voltage display function.) All lines are public, the circuit is simple and clear, never glue.
 2 intelligent identification function of the lamp bulb and the lamp. When the test lamp, single chip microcomputer automatic identification start low current, when the test strip, microcomputer automatic detection and sampling start time, ten seconds after high current output. The long-term working power is 18W and the peak power is 24W, which is three times as much as that of the similar products in the market. The current is greater, and the voltage of the tested strip is closer to the actual voltage of the constant current board, and the error is about 1%.
3, 0-300V (1% error) adaptive voltage, suitable for the majority of the series parallel lamp test. When the test voltage automatically adapt to, will not burn beads, low current test lamp, lamp recognition for high current, single chip timing after ten seconds can reach normal brightness. The positive and negative poles of the lamp strip are connected, and the lamp strip is not burned. A single lamp of poor quality (or serious aging) reverse polarity may burn beads, beads to make individual of positive and negative.
4, digital display real-time voltage output (actual error 1%), digital tube using red light-emitting tube, display as 00 is short circuit, show that 300V is open circuit. The same LCD TV each group of LED light bar display voltage should be the same, not the same can judge the light bar problem.
5, the use of self recovery insurance, chip comes with overheating protection, over-current protection, isolation hot and cold, never electric shock.
6, you can not remove the screen, lit LCD TV screen. (a bad bulb screen like lights, LCD TV is generally divided into several groups by parallel voltage to see which group voltage is different, in order to determine which group LED lamp damage). Do not dismantle the screen test, please disconnect the LED backlight of Kaiyuan machine, other normal boot, let the TV in the boot state, and then test to achieve better results.
7, test, because the highlight version, 10 seconds later do not open lamp. So as not to hurt the eyes
8: soft start design, current from small to large until stable constant flow.
9: voltage adaptive, no burning lamp, no electric shock.
10: can detect any size LCD TV LED backlight.
11: high brightness, no need to disassemble the screen to determine the quality of LED backlight strip
Two or three major functions:
1. can test the resistance value of electrolytic capacitor (completed within 5 seconds)
2. can test the zener diode voltage regulator (completed within 3 seconds)
3. lamp lamp plate voltage test value
Note: for the long-term use of the product, please do not use this tester for charging and discharging equipment charging (such as: capacitor battery), to prevent the test equipment reverse discharge burnout tester, thank you.
Three, buy one send two
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 Quality visible(different batches of pens and there is little difference between the linear power supply, all the above pictures are for reference only, in order to prevail in kind)

Four, the use of methods:

1, the red pen tester inserted red transposon, inserted into the black pen tester in black base.
2, to test the instrument to connect AC 85-265V (International Standard) AC, waiting for 3-5 seconds, to be tested instrument voltage indicating that the number of stable and unchanging, both can be tested.
3, the red pen access table lamp strip or the anode of the diode, the black pen access lamp or light emitting diode cathode. At this point, the light bar or light emitting diode will gradually brighten until the tester voltage is stable
4, light the measured product, after the voltage regulator can see the output voltage value
5, after use, unplug the product power supply
Five. Brand new year warranty,Repair and return buyers bear back and forth freight, one hundred percent of the measurement, and then shipped.