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Air compressor pressure switch / electronic shock adjustable start and stop the pressure switch of air compressor

discount 70% in 2018-09-22 to 2018-09-24
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The mechanical switch pump, air compressor can replace the pressure switch we display, such as use or other problems, please communicate with our customer service before buying.

We have the spirit of mutual learning attitude, please do not blindly take the product, follow after the purchase, the sale of conscience truly hope!

Before we buy all of this product, please read the following carefully:

        The air compressor principle by the nose of compressed air through the one-way valve into the gas tank, to stop the motor set pressure. In order to start the next time is more stable, at this time head off (we need inside pressure in the air compressor shutdown can be heard "puff out" sound is the exhaust)!

     If the mechanical switch air compressor on only then the gas tank, another hole is not connected, then the air compressor is equipped with a solenoid valve (below), so we can replace this product directly! We will be equipped with accessories for your good!

If you use the mechanical pressure air compressor on a switch hole is connected with the gas tank, and a hole (by fine brass) is directly connected with the one-way valve(below)Then, we buy the products at the same time, you also need to be equipped with a solenoid valve for exhaust. Buy electromagnetic valve please pay attention to the use of voltage!

According to the mechanical switch connected to the exhaust pipe in different ways, please note what kind of accessories when photographed products: if only copper, please select "straight turn card", if there is a nut copper tube, please select direct head"

The wiring is as follows:

Several features of this product:

1, good mechanical shock resistance ratio;

2, display control one, does not need the addition of pressure gauge;

3, from 0~16 kg can arbitrarily set the starting pressure value and stop pressure value, this is beyond the reach of the mechanical switch;

Can replace the mechanical pressure switch and pressure gauge air compressor, both air pump, screw compressor, piston compressor, oil free air compressor of large and small, can control!

       The general air compressor pressure is 6-8 kg, product default is 16 kilograms, if air compressor control need more pressure, please click here:MD-S800

Note: 1, this product for joint M20*1.5;

  G1/2 (4 wire, large diameter is about 20.9mm);

  G1/4 (2 wire, large diameter is about 13.1mm);

    G1/4 (2 wire, which is composed of 2 special silk and direct head turn);

  G3/8 (3 wire, this is with the adapter turn);

2, product supply 24VDC (24V DC), 220VAC, 380VAC three;

3, air compressor if the solenoid valve, this product can directly control; if there is no solenoid valve solenoid valve, the proposed matching

Common pressure conversion:


10KPA about =1 meters water column 1Psi=7KPa

Product features

  • 4 LED real-time digital pressure value, convenient for the user to observe.
  • On the lower limit of two pressure control points can be set freely adjusted, meet the requirements of different control.
  • Using the high precision pressure sensor, built-in relay signal output is better than that of 0.5%FS.
  • A variety of pressure and power supply unit, key operation, scene setting, easy to use.
  • Equipped with a variety of functions: delay, overpressure alarm, password protection.
  • Have a clear function, long-term use of the deviation can recover after accuracy.
  • Shock resistance, strong anti-interference, fast response, stable performance, long service life, no noise, especially suitable for air compressor and other violent vibration occasions!
  • CE certification, safe and reliable.

Matters needing attention:
1. after receiving the product, please check whether the packaging and good appearance, and check the types and specifications with your purchaseProduct line.
2., according to the process of connecting products provided by the electrical connection and installation, the product installation is correct and reliable.
3. in the course of use please pay attention to the product specification and use conditions, such as temperature, pressure, allowing for overloadElectric voltage.
4. pressure switch / digital pressure meter is a precision device, please do not disassemble the user when in use, but can not use hard touch sensing filmFilm, so as to avoid product damage.
5. during the installation process, pay attention to the protection of products, not strong to install and remove, or easy to damage the product, especiallyIs the installation thread.
Please use the appropriate wrench to install or remove 6. installed, can not be forcibly screwed by hand to tighten or remove the shell,Otherwise, the damage caused by the warranty is not the scope.

Electrical test 7. after installation, the abnormal phenomenon, unless have regulating equipment and skills, otherwise will pleaseProduct contact customer service technical personnel of our company.

We welcome the exchange of learning!

We are factory direct shipping, can provide OEM OEM service, quality assurance!

The bulk of the hope of long-term cooperation customers please inquire, better prices!


Customer service / technical advisory services: 13658383113 Qiu Jiang

Pay special attention to:

1, if this product does not include post, according to the system default freight; if this product for shipping products, the courier into the provinces and the price is not uniform, our products are not all provinces in the country including shipping, shipping area(Xinjiang, Tibet, Hainan, Ningxia, Qinghai, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, China), other areas can be shipping!

2, this shop sells all the business with a small capital, products are not including tax price, if must start playing general ticket invoice plus 5 points; the need to open 17% VAT invoice, need to buy more than 2000 yuan, plus 12 points.