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Temperature relay KSD-01FD060 degree 60 degree normally closed T0-220 temperature control switch temperature controller

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1. conditions of use
(1) relative humidity: 95% under +20 centigrade environment
(2) atmospheric pressure: 86-106Kpa
Working position: arbitrary
2. technical parameters
Point form: 1D or 1H
Contact load: 220VAC1.5A or 24VDC1.5A
The insulation resistance: normal temperature and humidity is greater than or equal to 50M.
The contact resistance is less than or equal to 100m.
The dielectric strength is not less than 500VAC
The weight of <2g
Features: stable performance, high precision, small size, light weight, high reliability, long life, small radio worries and so on.
Matters needing attention:
1, the contact temperature sensor installation, should make the metal cover tightly controlled surface mounting apparatus, in order to ensure the temperature effect, temperature should be coated with thermal grease or other similar properties of the heat medium.
2, the installation can not be loose or cover top collapse, deformation, so as not to affect the performance of.
3, the liquid can not be infiltrated into the thermostat, not to crack the shell, not arbitrarily change the shape of the external terminal.

4, the products are used in the circuit is not greater than the 5A current, should choose the copper core section is 0.5-1 mm 2 wires; use the circuit is not greater than 10A current, should choose the section of the 0.75-1.5 2 mm copper core wire connection.

5. The products should be stored in warehouses with relative humidity less than 90%, ambient temperature below 40 degrees, ventilated, clean, dry and non corrosive gas.


When the product is installed, the temperature control switch should be close to the installation surface of the controlled appliance. So as to avoid temperature inaccurate.

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