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Long HS65010KW three phase 380V single phase 220V remote control temperature controller, high power temperature control switch

380V, 220V can be used, the maximum control power resistance 10kW, inductive (motor class) can not exceed 4.5kw with remote control, remote control distance of 10-15 meters

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380V, 220V can be used, the maximum control power resistance 10kW, inductive (motor class) can not exceed 4.5kw with remote control, remote control distance of 10-15 meters

The temperature of the customer must use blind tube can, extend the life of the probe, you can take a piece of 5 yuan 1, 20cm long, as the figure:

There must be a zero line to use the 380V voltage, because the thermostat itself needs a zero line to work

Control type:temperatureInstallation type:Wall hanging typeTemperature range:3~99(℃)    Working voltage:220(V)380v    Processing customization:yesHole size:80(mm)       Weight:0.55(Kg)               Temperature measurement error:±1(℃)     Model:HS-650       Control mode:Intelligent temperature control regulatorBrand:Dragon BayMeasurement object:Temperature of various objects and surroundingsOutput signal:45(A)       Outline size:160*130*50(mm)

With remote control, remote control distance of 10-15 meters



4 point thread probe (3cm length, 20cm length)


4 point thread probe (3cm length, 20cm length)

Top intelligent thermostat:

Characteristic1High reliability design -- the main control chip adopts imported industrial gradePCUThe design of the strong current control circuit is higher than the rated power1/3This.2It completely eliminates the interference caused by the crash, control failure and output circuit load pressure;

Characteristic2Design of advanced safety circuit -- weak current and strong current circuit2Block circuit board design, strong electricity, weak current completely isolated;

Characteristic3Multi use of one machine heating up/Cooling mode can be used, warming up*It can control heater, hot water circulating pump and so on*It can control the ventilation device or refrigeration equipment;

Characteristic4Double temperature control point setting -- opening temperature/Closing temperature between2A control point can be set free (such as: the distance is less than or equal to28C, or open output33Close the output or less than 9 DEG CC, or open output47To avoid the frequent trouble of starting and stopping the ordinary temperature controller;

Characteristic5The operation is simple and powerful. The permanent memory is set after the temperature control value and the temperature control return difference are set/Shutdown;

Characteristic6Regular appointment temperature control - timing opening, temperature control, timing closing, temperature control can be set up.

HS-650 three phase temperature control protector manual

A, Basic configuration:

1.         External power supply:220VACControl output:220VAC/380VAC

2.         Control object: a set of output control, maximum power10KWResistance.

3.         Temperature display: three groups of digital tube display, a group of display detection temperature (hereinafter referred to as temperature measurement), a group of display display settings (hereinafter referred to as open temperature), a group of display closed settings (hereinafter referred to as closing temperature).

4.         Temperature detection: one temperature detection, temperature range:-9~99(thermistor)10K 3435)。

2, Basic functions and parameters:

1.         Heating/Cool two temperature control mode can be selected for use with controlled temperature parameters: (default heating mode)

1)        Heating mode temperature control parameter setting rules: open temperature value < turn off temperature value, rise temperature lamp light, namely: low temperature open, high temperature shut down.

2)        The setting rules of temperature control parameters are: opening temperature > temperature value; cooling lamp is lighted; that is high temperature opening and low temperature closing.

2.         Operation mode of two temperature control modes of heating and cooling:

1)        Heating mode: detection temperature less than open temperature value on output, the temperature detection temperature is more than or equal to shut off output.

2)        Cooling mode: detection of temperature is more than or equal to open temperature value to open the output, the temperature detection temperature less than shut off output.

3.         Default temperature control parameter: open temperature value:35Temperature value:38°

4.         Range of temperature control parameter adjustment:3~99°

5.         Maximum upper limit setting range:30~99Default (factory default)38For details, see advanced settings1)。

6.         Infrared remote control operation: straight line remote control distance15The keyboard function is the same as the temperature control host, but there is no long press function.

7.         Long term temperature control: after running, the temperature control parameter is operated for a long time.

8.         Timing temperature control: standby can be scheduled to open the temperature control, temperature control can be scheduled to close the temperature control.

9.         Antifreeze protection: standby when the detected temperature is less than or equal to3When the opening degree C = output.5Turn off the output at the temperature and open after the output is turned on10Minutes do not raise, stop output, and then each10Open output per minute1Minute。

10.      Check the temperature calibration: if the temperature is not measured, the system can be calibrated and adjusted according to the actual temperature (see advanced settings)2)。

11.      Factory defaults can be restored: if the user does not operate properly, so that the controller can not run properly, can be restored to the factory default parameters (see advanced settings)3)。

12.      Temperature measurement circuit fault alarm: when a temperature sensor circuit short or open, buzzer alarm, the corresponding screen displayE1Circuit restoration runs normally.

13.      Permanent memory: all parameters set up at the end of the memory need to be stored, run when the power, in the restoration of power supply, according to the state before the operation of power.


Three,Various displays and hints:

1.        Power on display and prompt: after power on, the digital tube full screen display and all the lights are lighted2Seconds, while buzzing2Sound tight followed by relay pull in2Time.

2.        Standby display: standby display after initial power on display (see Figure)1Temperature display, detection temperature, opening temperature and temperature displayGAll the lights are extinguished.

3.        Temperature control operation shows: after opening and controlling temperature, the 'running' indicator lights, when the output is open, the output light is bright, and the output lamp is extinguished when the output is closed.

Four,Common operation:

1.        Switch machine operation: open the temperature control operation according to 'open key' when standby, and turn off temperature control when running according to 'open key'.

2.        Temperature control value adjustment:

1)       Temperature control value adjustment: when the standby or operation is short, press the setting key to open the temperature value flashing display, the temperature rise lamp is lit, press'+or-The button is adjusted, and then the "setting key" is opened. The temperature is not flashing+or-Button 'adjust', then press' setting key 'to save settings and return to standby or running.

2)       The temperature control mode indicating lamp: when the temperature is closed, the temperature value is higher than the open temperature value, the temperature rise lamp is lit, the temperature value is lower than the open temperature value, and the temperature lamp is lightened.

Five,Advanced settings: (the long action of the following settings must be operated on the thermostat host)

1.        Maximum ceiling limit setting: (range of adjustment)30~99When you stand on standby, press+Key. "5Second, open temperature flashing display38Press...+or-The key is adjusted, and then the key is set to save the settings to return to standby.

2.        Check the temperature calibration: when the standby time is long, press the temperature-The key is to measure the temperature and display the temperature+or-The key is adjusted, and then the key is set to save the setting to return to standby15By degrees15°)。

3.        Factory default value recovery: standby time, press the key to open5After 2 seconds, all the display and indicator lights are lighted1Second, at the same time the buzzer ringing3At this point, the user clears the settings and then returns to standby35Open degree38Clearance of parameters for calibration of temperature measurement.

Six,Appointment temperature control settings: this function in the thermostat host operation (timing adjustable time)1-24Hours

1.        Make sure the temperature is controlled5The second 'timing' indicator light, temperature flashing display1Press...+or-Adjust the required keys' time, after a short press "set" to save the settings return to standby, the thermostat to start the countdown, countdown to the end of "time 'lights out open the temperature control (temperature control parameter is finally set).

2.        Closing temperature control: when temperature control is running, press' setting key '5The second time indicator lamp is lighted and the temperature is flashing1(running continues), press'+or-Adjust the required keys' time, after a short press "set" to save the settings to restore the display temperature detection temperature, the temperature controller to start the countdown, countdown to the end of the "timing" closed control lights out return to standby.