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Industrial control chassis, server chassis, DVR monitoring video chassis, 4U economic cost-effective chassis Hefei

Industrial control chassis, monitoring chassis, server chassis, 4U economy type industrial control chassis, high cost-effective chassis economic and practical, beautiful appearance, strong structure, high cost performance

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Industrial control chassis, monitoring chassis, server chassis, 4U economy type industrial control chassis, high cost performance chassis



The head of the shop recommends the original sale price of 480 sales promotion period330 yuan in Li Province

Industrial control chassis, 4U industrial control chassis, server chassis, economic industrial control chassis 4u45063,

4U industrial control chassis, 4U server chassis, economic industrial control chassis 4u45063, high cost performance

4U upper frame type standard industrial control chassis 4u45063

4U industrial control chassis, 4U economic industrial control chassis, 4U ordinary type industrial control chassis, 4U economic DVR video surveillance machine box, 4U economy type hard disk recorder chassis. It is widely used in military, radio, television, server, data storage, industrial control, CTI system, DVR video surveillance system and so on.

4U19 "upper frame type standard industrial control chassis 4u45063"

4U high industrial chassis, 19 "upper chassis, conform to the EIA-310C standard, support a variety of ATX12" *9.6 "common business computer motherboard, support 6 3.5" hard disk, 3 5.25 "CD driver, 1 floppy drive drive space", support ordinary standard ps/2 power.


The characteristics of the industrial control chassis:

  • Friendly user interface with a preheated plug and filter device, easy to clean and maintain
  • Visual power and hard disk indicator light, which can enhance the utility of the system
  • The advanced cooling system puts the cooling fan in the best place to cool the important parts of the system.
  • A easily maintainable 86-CFM cooling fan with sufficient cooling capacity
  • Shockproof design of a drive chamber that can accommodate 3 5.25 "and 6 3.5" drives or 9 3.5 "drive spaces"
  • Flexible mechanical design support ATXPS/2 power supply
  • Optimization characteristics of industrial control chassis


Introduction of industrial control chassis products:

4u45063 is a 19 "rack installed industrial computer chassis, designed for the application of key tasks." The solid steel chassis is in conformity with the EIARS-31019 "shelf standard". This chassis can accommodate a standard ATX motherboard or 14 slot PCI/ISA bus passive backplane (maximum can support up to 12 "X9.6" or M/B architecture supports up to 14 expansion slots, suitable for high density applications need more expansion slots), and supports a variety of power (flexible mechanical design system can be used to a single PS/2 power supply by changing the power supply bracket). A locked panel door prevents access to the chassis without permission. 1 maintainable 86-CFM cooling fans, which provide sufficient cooling capacity, can keep the air in the chassis positive. A pre - hot plug filter is easy to clean and maintain. Through its screw clamp and anti vibration mounting bracket, it can resist shock and shock. A variety of peripherals can be installed in the machine to better meet the needs of 7X24 continuous work for different development applications on key task platforms. 4u45063 can work steadily under the harsh environment of shock, vibration and more dust. Application: server, data storage, industrial control, CTI system, DVR system.




Component name




4u45063 box

4U(W482mm ×H177mm ×D450mm)



Driver number

Hard disk rack




Optical drive frame




Floppy drive














Power Supply

Standard AT/ATX power supply







Expansion slot

7 or 14 expansion grooves



Slide rail component

Three section full spread slideway



Metal guide



EMB connection

Temperature sensor with temperature



Floppy disk drive




CD drive




Suitable for the main board

Industrial main board or ATX12 "x 9.6"





Industrial control chassis specifications:

The structure of industrial control chassis:

4U height 19 "shelf type standard industrial control chassis, conforming to EIARS-310C shelf standard"

Color: computer white, black

Structure:High strength structural steel plate box
Support a variety of common commercial motherboards and 14 slot ISA/PCI/PICMG industrial passive floor

Support standard AT/ATX power supply

Rear panel can be assembled for industrial rear window and commercial rear window

Lock door protection control unit

Drive rack:

Support 2 optical drive bits (compatible 3.5 "hard disk bit"), 1 floppy drive bits (compatible 3.5 "hard disk)
Support 6 3.5 "hard disk space"

Heat dissipation system:

In front of the chassis, 1 large power cooling fans (hot plug) are installed on the CPU position of the main board, and the whole heat dissipation system is formed with the power fan to ensure the heat dissipation of the chassis.
The dust filter net is installed in front of the chassis to ensure the dustproof of the chassis.

A special 2mm narrow cooling hole on the rear panel of the chassis

Shockproof system: a patented drive damping technique; a shock proof bar to prevent the vibration of a card.

Switch: front panel with power switch, CPU reset button, keyboard lock switch

Indicator light: power switch LED and HDDLED
USB interface: 1 front-end USB interfaces;
Keyboard interface: Standard PS/26Pin interface, front and rear panel with keyboard interface;
Dimensions: 482.6MM (wide) x177mm (high) x452mm (deep) (19 "X7" x17.8 ")

Package size: 523mm (wide) x245mm (high) x560mm (deep)

Net weight: 9.5Kg

Gross weight: 10.5Kg



The physical parameters of the industrial control chassis:

Working temperature: 0 to 60 degrees centigrade
Storage temperature: -20 ~ 70 C storage
Relative humidity: 10% ~ 95%@25 C (not condensation)
Impact resistance: peak peak acceleration (11ms) of 10G
Anti vibration: 5-17Hz, 0.1 "Shuangfeng displacement;
17-640Hz, 1.5G peak peak acceleration
Electromagnetic interference: conforming to FCC/VDEA standard




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