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New red kitchen timer student timer kitchen reminder timer tomato clock reminder

[instructions for use]: turn clockwise to 50 minutes or so, do not let go and turn to the time you want to set, for example, 10 minutes. Notice that these two actions are continuous.

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                                                             The correct operation method of the timer:

(1)First of all, turn it up clockwise55Go up, and then go counter clockwise to the timed minute you need, when you go0It was ringing.

(2)When the timer rotates, it should be rotated gently, not too hard to turn to the end, so it will be damaged.

(3)Please be sure to pay attention to the use of the timer:If the time is to be fixed8In minutes, you need to turn the timer around a week.55In the minute, it's the first to go to the end(Plump the hair, and then return to it8In the minute,8The timer then sends out crisp ringtones, such as rotating to30Back in minutes8In the minute, the ringtone will be shorter.55Back in minutes

【功 能介绍】:排骨要煮半小时,螃蟹要蒸十分钟,牛奶五分钟就劈里啪啦了,当你在厨房里忙得团团转时,如果能随时提醒你时间到了,该有多好。这些小定时器就可 以帮助你,你再也不用担心水煮干了,菜烧糊了。午睡半小时就够了,头发?油20分钟,孩子定半小时完成一套数学练习,20分钟背英语单词,早上锻炼起码半 小时……

[special explanation]: the timer product will lose its timing function due to accidental customer reverse operation. Therefore, this product has no after-sales service and does not accept any reason for return. Please purchase it cautiously. If you do not operate according to the method described in the above description, reverse operation will result in the loss of the product.