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Mail high power 10KW three-phase 380V breeding fan 220V remote control thermostat temperature control switch 650

1. two kinds of heating and cooling temperature control mode; three digital display temperature control group respectively, at a glance; 2. single 220V, three-phase 380V universal 3.; maximum power control for the 10KW; 4. timer switch 1-24 hours set; 5. -9 temperature range of -99 DEG C; 6. dimensions: 160*130* (50 mm

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Top intelligent temperature controller 380V three-phase electric, 220V single-phase electric universal thermostat


HS-650 three phase temperature control protector manual

First, the basic configuration:

1. external power supply: 220VAC, control output 220VAC/380VAC.

2. control object: a set of output control, maximum power 10KW resistance.

3. temperature display: three groups of digital tube display, a group of display detection temperature (hereinafter referred to as temperature measurement), a group of display display settings (hereinafter referred to as open temperature), a group of display closed settings (hereinafter referred to as closing temperature).

4. temperature detection: one temperature detection, temperature range: -9~99 degrees, (thermistor 10K3435).

Range of temperature control parameter adjustment:3~99°

Characteristic 1:High reliability design, the main control chip adopts imported industrial grade PCU, strong electricity control circuit design, higher than the rated power of 1/3, these 2 completely stop interference caused by the crash, control failure and output circuit load pressure;

Characteristic 2:Advanced security circuit design -- weak current and strong current circuit are 2 circuit board design separately, strong electricity and weak current are completely isolated;

Characteristic 3:Heating and cooling mode can be used, temperature control can control heater, hot water circulating pump, cooling * can control ventilation device or refrigeration equipment, etc.;

Characteristic 4:Double temperature control settings: open 2 Temperature / temperature shutdown temperature between the distance can be freely set (such as: open the output is not higher than 28 DEG, less than 33 DEG C or less than 9 DEG C open close output output, close the output of more than 47 DEG C, etc.) to avoid the common thermostat and frequent stop ills;

Characteristic 5:The operation is simple and powerful. The permanent memory is set after the temperature control value and the temperature control return difference are set;

Characteristic 6:Regular appointment temperature control - timing opening, temperature control, timing closing, temperature control can be set up.





 Two. Basic functions and parameters:

1. two kinds of heating / cooling temperature control mode can be used with controlled temperature parameters: (default heating mode)

1) heating mode temperature control parameter setting rules: open temperature value < turn off temperature value, rise temperature lamp light, namely: low temperature open, high temperature shut down.

2) the setting rules of temperature control parameters are: opening temperature > temperature value; cooling lamp is lighted; that is high temperature opening and low temperature closing.

Operation mode of two temperature control modes of 2. heating and cooling:

1) model of heating operation mode: detection temperature less than open temperature value on output, the temperature detection temperature is more than or equal to shut off output.

2) cooling mode operation mode: detection of temperature is more than or equal to open temperature value on the output, the temperature detection temperature less than shut off output.

3. factory default temperature control parameters: open temperature value: 35 degrees, temperature value: 38 degrees

4. adjusting range of temperature control parameter:3~99°

5. maximum limit setting range:30~99 degrees (factory default 38 degrees, see advanced settings 1).

6. infrared remote control operation:Linear remote control distance of about 15 meters, the keyboard function with the temperature control host, but there is no long press function.

7. long-term temperature control:After running, run according to the temperature control parameter for a long time.

8. timing temperature control:Standby temperature control can be reserved, temperature control can be scheduled to shut down temperature control.

9. antifreeze protection:Standby, detection temperature are less than 3 degrees when the road open output of more than 5 DEG C to close the output, output after the opening 10 minutes not stop heating output, then every 10 minutes to open the output of 1 minutes.

10. calibration of detection temperature:If the temperature is not measured, the system can be calibrated and adjusted according to the actual temperature (see advanced settings 2).

11. factory defaults can be restored:If the user does not operate properly, so that the controller can not run properly, the default parameters can be restored to the factory (see advanced settings 3).

12. temperature measuring circuit fault alarm:When a temperature sensor circuit is short or open, buzzer alarm, corresponding screen display E1, circuit restoration is normal operation.

13. permanent memory:All parameters set up at the end of the system need to be kept in memory. When the power is in operation, the power is cut off and the power supply is operated before the power is cut off.