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Pure sine wave inverter, digital display, high power home car power conversion, 80000W8000W drive refrigerator

Official genuine multiple protection cost-effective, high efficiency conversion voltage has 12v24v48v60v72v36v80v96v, specific voltage need to contact customer service, this shop dispensers, welcome to consult! How many V bottles do you have? How many V inverters do you buy? Our shop sells 3 years warranty

discount 70% in 2018-07-18 to 2018-07-20
price: USD$ 1579.20
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Battery connection line




Please note: Shop picture for reference, to the actual picture sales of the product, there are differences in the shell, to bring inconvenience to you, please forgive me


This shop default bes sinks, Shen Tong, every day courier, for other courier, please contact customer service to communicate well, thank you for your cooperation!



Customer service: due to low profit sales, so the warranty generated by shipping shall be borne by the buyer, please ensure that you need to return the appearance intact, complete accessories, does not affect the two sales, and bear the cost, please see their parents to shoot, you shoot that you agree to the above terms, thank you for your cooperation!

About evaluation:

When the customer receives the product, the first time. Folding inspection. If you find product quality or errors in transportation process (such as less products, crushing / breaking products), please reject directly, and timely contact with us.

We will give you a satisfactory answer and a solution to the problem. Until the customer is satisfied.

Don't just feel a bit wrong. For a moment of emotion. In the absence of communication and negotiation with the seller. Give a bad review or a comment. If such a situation occurs, all malicious evaluation should be dealt with. And goods are not warranty and exchange






Purpose: honesty, service first, your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit. If the parents have any dissatisfaction, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly. We value your evaluation very much. If we give it to the poor without any reason, we will complain to the end.

This shop sells goods declined to bargain, clearly is not only for my store credit management is sure to protect you even bargain, bargain shop has the right to refuse to reply, do not repeat the transmission of vibration alert.

This shop commodity price excluding tax, do not buy the product after ambiguity.

Within 72 hours of delivery at the store after the payment of goods, except for special needs, customized according to the needs of time (usually 17 points before the day of the payment will be issued, except in special circumstances, please contact customer service dispatch instructions).

This shop puerile, please buyers get the goods quickly to confirm, to the normal operation of the shop.

I love to the poor do not take any questions, please contact us, I believe it does not solve the problem, in cooperation. The hotel has the right to terminate the purchase of products and services after customer service.

Special reminder:
1, please sign for the buyers before open express mail or parcel check whether the goods are damaged, missing, damaged, missing, wrong items; the risk of incorrect items, in the delivery of the goods (the buyer accepted) before delivery by the seller; (buyers sign) followed by the buyer, the seller is not responsible for the risk;

2, if the first sign and then open the package to see the situation, the buyer should ask the courier to supervise and open the package to view; if found inconsistent, should promptly contact with the seller and in the receipt of the note details, and let the courier personnel signature confirmation. If the buyer does not contact us on the premise of receipt of the goods, which means default and accept the Taobao rules in the surface consistent rules.

3, the family, the gatekeeper and other signs and acceptance of the receipt, after the receipt reflects the appearance of damaged or less pieces and so on, we will not pay compensation!!!




Please note that:

1. of the stores by default every day. Shen Tong, rhyme, BES Huitong express, if you need other express, please contact customer service to remote areas, need to make the freight difference. Excuse me!

2. this product image for reference, due to the replacement of the mold. Therefore, the appearance and the actual sales of pictures inconsistent, the store to the actual product sales picture as the standard, to bring inconvenience to you, please forgive me, thank you

3., the use of electrical appliances is not the same, the choice of the inverter range also need to be different, please buy before to communicate with the customer service, choose your products! After the purchase, if the product objection, the shop will not return, only warranty! Thank You for Your Cooperation!

4. due to the sale of small profits, all the product returns are required by the buyer to pay back and forth freight! Please think clearly before buying. Thank you for your cooperation!

5. this shop some products need to be customized, customized products delivery needs 5-10 days, customized products, this shop will not return, only to guarantee, thank you for understanding!


Thank you very much for shopping in our shop. We are committed to the pursuit of perfect products at the same time, pay more attention to convenient, quick, intimate service!

6. all the products in this shop are not damaged by human beings. The manufacturers promise to guarantee for one year, and provide 2 years maintenance (very low repair rate, which requires buyers to pay back and forth freight).

7. quality issues should be returned within 48 hours, 48 hours after the replacement or warranty, the return product accessories and packaging must be intact and does not affect the second sales (buyers need to pay back and forth freight).

8. accessories are not within the scope of warranty, please pay attention to the use of the buyer.

9. all the products in this store are meager profits, just to start the brand, please do not bargain, like to comment and bad review buyers please detour.

10. when the buyer receives the express, if found damaged, please notify the owner immediately, in order to avoid unnecessary disputes, thank you for your cooperation.

11. wish you happy online shopping! Family happiness!






Applicable electrical appliance:Mobile phones, PHS, laptops, walkie talkies, digital cameras, cameras, lighting lamps, television, CD/DVD, PDA, game machines, printers, electric shavers, some medical first aid, field detection, * *, emergency equipment and other electrical appliances.

Product features:1, the product with overload, high pressure, high temperature, under voltage, short circuit, reverse connection,. The protection function will not cause damage to the external electrical equipment and the car itself, 100% safety

2, sine wave, output stability, mute frequency conversion cooling fan, in addition to set insurance, easy to change.

3, high quality aluminum magnesium alloy, ultra-thin design, high-grade fashion, wear resistance, scratch.

4, full of power, 3G new electricity, multi electrical appliances at the same time, is driving out business, tourism standing tool.

5, the input and output modes are diverse: 12V input, cigarette lighter input, battery direct input, 220V AC output, etc., fully meet the needs of domestic and foreign users for AC power consumption.

Company profile: the company was founded in 2005, has 10 years of production and work experience, mainly focused on

Export, not domestic, the existing cash production equipment, as well as the production team of more than 1000 people,

The main production inverter, voltage regulator, car inverter, home inverter, so any of the domestic

The wholesale market can not buy our inverter, in order to meet your needs, the company and August 2015

Officially settled in e-commerce, we believe that our work experience for 10 years to bring you not the same shopping


 "Customers" ""

Recently appeared on the market of individual businesses we counterfeit smart king inverter. So we really show the actual operation power and inverter configuration of the genuine doctor inverter. Never let fake and shoddy products mislead consumers.

Intelligent temperature control type - inverter built-in cooling fan is temperature control heat dissipation

Fan, more quiet, more energy saving, more scientific and technological sense.

12V24V48V500W actual power 300W peak power 500W [intelligent temperature control type] numerous obvious

12V24V48V1200W actual power 800W peak power 1200W intelligent temperature control type]Countless show

12V24V48V1600W actual power 1000W peak power 1600W [car home optional] countless obvious

All models 2200W actual power 1200W peak power 2200W intelligent temperature control type]Countless show

All models 2500W actual power 1500W peak power 2500W intelligent temperature control type]

All models 3000W actual power 2000W peak power 3000W intelligent temperature control type]

All models 5000W actual power 3000W peak power 5000W intelligent temperature control type]

All models 6000W actual power 4000W peak power 6000W intelligent temperature control type]


Parents who do not understand the inverter is not important, you can compare, not afraid, afraid of goods than goods