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Package intelligent SM3A lengthened probe, temperature control adjustable temperature controller, breeding crawler temperature controller switch socket

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Temperature control with video presentation, use methods, functions, etc., please move the mouse details of the top of the page, waiting for one or two minutes you can see the video.


Ten years temperature control production experience, the quality is more stable, easy to operate, more popular, rural elderly will use, three plug grounding wire is safer, with 3 meters waterproof probe line. When the market temperature controller has added a variety of flashy super multi-function, is not dizzy, the function is not the more the better, temperature control is temperature control, simple and easy to use, durable, applicable enough is the biggest feature of this product.

The thermostat is widely used in boilers, heating, superconducting radiator, heater, electrothermal film, electric cable, electric heating, electric heating, electric heating kang floor electric heating insulation and thawing, insulation box, fan, hot and cold fermentation, seed germination control etc.

Functional uses
The circulating pump temperature controller adopted in our factory adopts advanced single-chip microcomputer controller, which is easy to operate and highly intelligent. The controller can automatically open and close the power supply of various electric equipment according to the temperature set by the user, and is especially suitable for the control of the water heating and ground heating circulating pump, and can also be used for other automatic temperature control.
Two, product specifications
Operating voltage: 220V frequency: 50Hz
SM3A current: 30ATemperature display: 9-99 control temperature: 3-99 degrees C
Three, product characteristics
1, the installation is simple, without changing the plumbing, floor heating, electric heating pipes and lines;
2, the use of American microcomputer chip, high degree of integration, digital programming, control, anti-interference ability;
3, start temperature, stop temperature, respectively set, respectively display, intuitive reading, simple operation;
4, the new temperature sensor, sensitive response, high accuracy, the sensor can be connected according to user needs, without affecting accuracy
HaveAntifreezing functionWhen the boiler water drops to3When the temperature is below centigrade, the circulation pump is forced to start to prevent the pipeline from freezing. HaveOver temperature alarm function. If the water temperature in the system is more than 90 degrees centigrade, the thermostat digital tube flashes and rings, prompting the user to deal with it in time.



























 Waterproof probe for air temperature and water tide, and for a long time in the water, sea water, please put a probe in a waterproof metal tube, one end of the tube flattening, the waterproof probe into them, so want to put in the place where the probe, are very well protected. It will not affect the temperature detection

The magnetic probe for adsorbed on the iron pipe, such as boiler, electric heating tube arranged some, head inside the magnet, can be adsorbed on the metal, so that it can better detect temperature, the other to pay attention to the magnetic probe can not turn on the water Oh, not waterproof.








Operating instructions

     1Function description

SM3 also has high temperature startup and low temperature startup function, and has three groups of digital display. The temperature is displayed in the middle, and the temperature is displayed on the left side. The temperature is displayed on the left side, and the starting temperature is displayed on the right side.

     2Temperature setting
       When the starting temperature is higher than the shutdown temperature, the computer is in high temperature starting (suitable for circulating cooling of boiler and pump, etc.). When the measured temperature reaches the starting temperature, the "running" lamp is bright and works with electrical appliance. When the temperature drops to the shutdown temperature, the power supply is cut off. So cycle work. When the starting temperature is lower than the shutdown temperature, it is automatically at low temperature (suitable for heating, heating, etc.). When the temperature is less than the starting temperature, the electric appliance works. Cut off the power supply when the temperature is greater than the shutdown temperature. According to the "heating" arrow, the number increases. Decrease the number of "cooling".

    3Forced temperature setting
The manual key can be forced to start (digital tube flashing and ringing), then press once to stop, and press the automatic key to work in the normal setting.

Explanation of thermostat probe:

Temperature control induction probe linePVCMaterial, generally resistant to high temperature80About degree,PVCLine can not be placed directly in boiling water, the temperature can not be too80Degree, over temperature will damage the induction line, if you want to test water, you can use waterproof probe metal parts for testing, must not direct contact.PVCLine。 We don't recommend a thermostat/ordinaryPVCIf you need to control the temperature of the product, please select the high temperature resistant device618Product, controlled temperature9to999Degree.

Temperature control induction wire probe is consumable, no matter what reason, no warranty service is provided

We provide a year warranty service to the thermostat host

Again, the probe is not warranty, only insulation control host.

If the actual temperature is too different from the temperature of the thermostat, it is likely that the probe is broken

You can buy several probes when you purchase temperature control.


Instructions on remote control:

Some products can choose products with remote control, remote control is not wireless technology, infrared, like TV remote control, remote control can not have something blocked, not through the wall, straight / barrier free / empty case, in the case of5-15About meters.

About warranty:Temperature control host one year warranty, accessoriesProbe lineNo warranty,

When you buy the temperature control, buy a few spare, the probe can be replaced or lengthened,

Temperature control, such as with the power line, please do not modify their own, after the modification of the host is not warranty!