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AC / DC dual type 7805 voltage regulator module / direct connection transformer (PCB empty board)

1, with output power indicator.2, linear filtering is good. 3. Wide range of input voltage. 4, output efficiency of 5, the input can be directly connected to the transformer. 6, the input regardless of positive and negative poles. 7, with rectifier bridge, stable and reliable work. 8, working temperature -10 degrees to +125 degrees 9, working humidity 40%~80%RH

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price: USD$ 2.10
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Please note that the price is the price of the circuit board empty board, without components. We provide schematics and related documents, and the PCB diagram only provides PDF format. The original format is not available.

Shipment is as follows:

[brief explanation]

Size: length40mmXThe width of 22mmXHigh 12mm
Two. Main chip: LM7805(can be replaced by other 78 series chips, such as: 7809, 7812, etc.)
Three. Working voltage: input(exchange) orDirect6~18V - output DC 5V
Four. Output current:0.5A
Five, characteristics:
   1, withoutputPower supply indication
  2, good linear filtering.
  3. Wide range of input voltage.
4, high output efficiency
  5The input terminal can be connected to the transformer directly
  6The input ends are positive and negative poles
  7The rectifier bridge is stable and reliable.
8, working temperature -10 degrees to +125 degrees

9. Working humidity 40%~80%RH

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[wiring diagram]




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[AC power supply wiring diagram]


Wiring diagram of DC power supply


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         Bill of shipment

1, circuit board PCB1 block (without component is empty board)




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