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DK control transformer 380 variable 220V to 110V single phase transformer machine power control cabinet transformer

The new high-quality high silicon steel sheet, the main material is 0.35 thick H18, H14, H12, Z11 quality silicon steel sheet, we according to customer requirements and use conditions, choose the right materials, so that the transformer performance design to achieve. (conventional material is new quality silicon steel sheet)

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The technical parameters

Phase number






input voltage



output voltage

Customize voltage according to user's requirement

Accuracy of output voltage


Voltage variation rate


Output waveform distortion

Undistorted (compared with input waveform)

Insulation grade

F class, H class, HC class can be selected (conventional H class)

Work efficiency


Applicable frequency



Y/ Ren Yi delta combination

Overload capacity

Allow more than 1.2 times the rated load to work 4 hours (long term full load)


35dB (within one meter)

temperature rise


insulation resistance


Dielectric strength


Design life

30 years

work environment

Temperature: -20 ~ +45 temperature humidity: less than 95%RH without dew


Non corrosive gas and conductive dust

Safety standards

Products comply with VDE0550, IEC439, JB5555, GB226 and other international national standards

Cooling method

Dry air-cooled

Stock condition

1~300KVA standard models are available in stock, all specifications are standardized production, the price is quite reasonable.

1 cirou, scientific and reasonable design, the voltage change rate control in less than 1~1.5%.

2, the same high quality new silicon steel sheet production, reduce loss, improve efficiency.

3, using the same high temperature resistant high quality wire making, its loss to greatly improve the efficacy.

4, the same with class H insulation, high temperature insulation materials, improve the pressure resistant strength, insulation grade, prolong the service life.

5, high efficiency design, more than 98%.

6, patent appearance design, beautiful, novel, large power density, small size, high space utilization.
7. according to the product structure is divided into open type and door type two, protection type is the use of the steel plate box shell, inside the transformer box shell, shell box outside the outlet holes for the installation of power lines. If necessary, the voltmeter, ammeter, temperature control alarm system and steering wheel can be added according to the user's requirements so as to move


Use condition:

1 for altitude: 5000m
2 environmental temperature: -15 ~ +45
3 relative humidity: less than 90%
4 the installation site shall have no gas, steam, chemical deposition, dirt, conductive dust and other explosive, flammable and easily corrosive substances that seriously affect the insulation strength of the transformer.


Order requirement:

When purchasing a product, please specify the following points:

1. Basic type, specification, capacity and quantity of transformer;

2. Primary and secondary voltage of transformer;

3, when the secondary voltage is supplied, it is better to provide the capacity allocation of each output voltage;

4, the outline and installation size are for reference only. If the required size needs to be changed, it must be explained when ordering.

Note: if the user has special requirements, the company can design and manufacture for it.

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