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XMTD3001/3002/2001/2002 digital display controller digital temperature control instrument temperature controller

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Warm prompt: this temperature control meter does not match the temperature sensor, if needs to purchaseTemperature sensing probePlease click on the picture

3001, 3002 and on the market2001, 2002 function wiring is exactly the same. It's the same typeNumber

Instrument graduation number (thermocouple): E, K, S, B graduation

Instrument graduation number (thermal resistance): PT100 graduation, CU50 graduation

Before buying, please confirm that you need the division number, if notUnderstand, please contact with the owner to determine the division number!

First, an overview

XMTSeries digital display regulator has many characteristics, such as high precision, good reliability, easy installation, strong anti vibration, strong anti-interference ability and low price. A variety of optional dimensions, complete control, widely used in plastics, rubber, packaging, food machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, aquaculture and etc.A variety of industries, in the use of-200C°~1800CTemperature measurement and automatic control in a certain range, such as with the corresponding sensor, can also be used for pressure, flow, liquid level and other parameters display and control....

Two. Main technical instructions

Instrument accuracy1.0Level, set and display is less than or equal to+-1.0%F.S+-1One word.

The compensation error of cold end is less than or equal to+-2CTemperature coefficient is less than or equal to0.05%/°C

The insensitive region of the control point is less than that of the control point0.5%(position control instrument).

Proportional adjustment; proportional zone2~5%Cycle30S+-10SThe zero crossing pulse period is about1~2S

PIDRegulation output0~10mA(or4~20mALoad resistance800Ohm (or250Ohm).Pulse output amplitude is greater than3VWidth is greater than40uSZero crossing pulse or phase shifted pulse.

Contact capacity:AC250/5A(resistive load)driveSSRThe driving current is greater than the driving current15mANo-load voltage is greater than9VPeriod approximately2S

Overrun alarm; input exceeds set value+-Full range2~5%

Working power supply;220V+-10% 50HzLess power consumption5W

Working environment: temperature0~60°CThe relative humidity is not exceeded85%No rot gas occasion.

Three. Instrument dimensions and opening dimensions are shown in the following table (unit)mm


Model Panel width Panel height Meter box width Table box Height Table box depth Opening width High hole
XMTD  72  72  66  66  125 68 68

Four< annex >

2 sets of mounting brackets, one instruction manual.


Five. Working principle:

Six, the use of methods:
1, the installation of a good size, the instrument plug, with the installation bracket fastening;
2, according to the correct wiring diagram, careful inspection;
3, put the temperature sensor in place, pay attention to not with the power line or relay tied in one place;
4, after the power, set the required temperature value of 90% place (dial code type can be given directly, potentiometer type, first switch to "set", turn the knob to the required value, in the switch to "measurement"), after a few action, set to the required value;
5, the green light is heating, red lights stop heating;
6, equipped with silicon controlled instrument, such as the voltage fluctuations at the ends of the load, the terminal can be switched on the pulse output two lines.

Seven. Wiring diagram:

High temperature stop control wiring diagram


High temperature startupcontrolWiring diagram

  Instrument wiring 1, 2Is the answerThermocouple1yespositive electrode2, yesNegative poleThermal resistorYes, 123, 1positive electrode2, 3 is the answerNegative poleThe temperature sensor red connector is usually positive! Instrument connection load, generally can only drive a few watts, so the AC contactor to drive. 

If it isHigh temperature stopAs shown in Fig.1Take the instrument firstLow heelConnect with a wire,Medium and phaseIs the answerPower supply 220VACTotal heel phaseIt's the coil of the contactor, and the two ends of the coil are connected to the load (the heater and so on)

If it isHigh temperature startupAs shown in Fig.2Take the instrument firsttotalWith theConnect with a wire,Medium and phaseIs the answerPower supply 220VAChighWith phaseIt's the coil of the contactor, and the two ends of the coil are connected to the load (like the fan, etc.)   

Eight, after sales guarantee

The warranty period is 12 months. A batch of orders, price negotiable. Small amount, please do not counter-offer.Note: when ordering, the product type, specification, range of adjustment, sensor matching and so on should be specified. If special specifications are required, please also specify.

CU50 specifications are: 0-50, 0-100, 0-150;

PT100 specifications are: 0-200, 0-300, 0-400;

E specifications are: 0-200, 0-300, 0-400;

The specifications of K model are: 0-300, 0-400, 0-600, 0-800, 0-1200


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