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The pressure transmitter of constant pressure water supply pressure sensor 2088 hammer explosion-proof type pressure transmitter

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商品编码 [ 17276794162 ]

Brand: Shanghai Zhengbao pressure meter factory
Specifications: YB-2088 series of hammer type pressure transmitter

壳体材质:304全不锈钢接头 高强度铸铝外壳

Joint size: M20 * 1.5 (non standard)

Measuring range: -0.1-0-100mpa (range optional)

精度等级:0.5级 可以订做0.2级

Core: imported silicon chip

Output current: 4-20mA

YB-2088Pressure transmitter

  • Summary

YB-2088Type pressure transmitter is a high performance pressure transmitter is designed for field use in bad environment, micro amplifier circuit, has the characteristics of earthquake resistance and good impact resistance, high precision and good stability. The measurement and process control is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, food industry pressure and level.

  • Characteristic

High strength stainless steel structure

The shape structure diversification, can be customized according to the requirement

Strong anti-interference, good long-term stability

LEDLCDMeter display options

  • performance parameter

Measuring range:-0.1-0-100MP

Measurement accuracy: +0.2%FS(custom).0.5%FS

Output signal:4-20mADC1-5VDC

Overload pressure is less than or equal to:150%FS

Long term stability: less than0.2%FS/year

Temperature compensation:0-80

Medium temperature:-40-150(up to 2 DEG C50Custom C)

Ambient temperature:-20-70

Temperature drift:.0.03%FS/

Ambient humidity: less than or equal to85%RH

Housing material: stainless steel structure

Medium: gas, corrosion of stainless steel liquid


  • Electrical circuit
  • Matters needing attention
  • All products are supplied with product certificate and manual, including product number, technical parameters, the ground line, the exit date, please carefully check, so wrong.
  • The wiring should be in strict accordance with our instructions.
  • This product is a precision instrument, prohibit disassemble, collision and drop, with a sharp poke sensor apparatus.
  • The transmitter can work after power, but the preheating30Minutes after the stable output.
  • Use if unusual, should turn off the power, stop using, check, or directly to my company technical department.
  • Transportation and storage should restore the original packaging and store in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse.
  • The quality guarantee period24Months (caused by improper pressure overload and wiring error using the damage is not in the scope of quality assurance).