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The automatic induction door glass electric induction door unit automatic sliding door automatic sliding door motor

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A full set of accessories of automatic door units are as follows:

12.08Track two meters (length4.16M)

2And brushless motor1Taiwan (square, circle motor choice)

3Microcomputer controller1strip

4And a terminal group1strip

57Rice belt1strip

6The belt retractor, left and right direction2individual

7Sling, pulley4pay

8And the rear wheel1individual

9And stops2individual

10Microwave sensor2only

With a set of multifunctional remote controller (including remote control2Only, can be locked, half open, normally open, normal induction and other functions)

Product advantages:

First: 24G sensor, sensor Malaysia imported sensor module, stable performance, wide detection range.

Second: the controller adopts imported spare parts, internal controller increased several groups of transistors, a protection switch, ensure the voltage stability.

Automatic sliding door machine features:

1.General: suitable for office buildings, shops, banks, factories, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, laboratories, hospitals and other places, to better ensure the delivery of goods and personnel walking smoothly.

2.Reliability: with remote control, can limit the staff to lock the door, you can exclude no safety worries.

3.Safety: when the door is closed for a fan, if you encounter obstacles or body abnormal condition, the door leaf can be immediately returned to prevent the occurrence of clamping reversal, events or mechanical damage phenomenon, to ensure staff safety.

4.Wisdom: each boot will have self checking program, microcomputer controller will record the last position of the obstacle, the door closed in, near the obstacles, advance slow detection, to ensure safety.

5.Energy saving: design, high quality of production to ensure the flow smoothly, at the same time, good sound insulation, heat insulation, dust-proof effect to ensure the building energy consumption reduction.

6.Appearance: according to your requirements, shape, appearance and function on the design and adjustment, to achieve better results.

7.Convenience: a variety of functions allow you to choose according to normally open, automatic, one-way traffic and lock state; key parameter adjustment way, so you can according to the specific circumstances of the door body, conveniently set up and adjust the opening speed, closing speed, hold open time, always maintain a door body running smoothly.

8. Quiet: the use of special lubricating measures, special reducer; spreader roller structure design, greatly reduces the operation noise.

The related technical parameters are as follows:


The track is made of high strength and wear-resistant aluminum, easy to cut. The height is 12.5 cm, the slot height is 7 cm, the standard track length of 2.1 meters, each machine comes standard with 2 2.1 meter long rail (2 buckle together, convenient transportation). Even in the wide place, also can be adjusted. Install with better size, to 2.1 m for the basic unit of length, according to the different number of single, double configuration. (the other is 3 meters long track selection, suitable for single door use)

Motor: DC brushless motor with small volume and large power (more than the service life of the motor with brush longer, less noise, high speed gear box system) with high transmission efficiency, low noise reduction, and then drive belt. The internal device safety line protection, even frequent opening and closing, also can achieve long-term trouble free operation.

1.The brushless DC motorDC24V65W
2. big start torque

3.The measurement function with optical ruler
4.With a steady rotation speed and torque
5.Long service life, low noise operation


The detection signal receiving sensor or other switch, used to drive the motor control door body movement in the proper way. The controller itself 12V, 24V power supply, without the use of transformer. The new safety protection light, access control, external electric lock, back-up power, double interlocking port, convenient for clients according to actual needs.

1.Advanced microprocessor control by Microcomputer
2.Flexible parameter adjustment
3.Easy connect with access control system
4.Efficient loop control, reactive power loss is low
5.With overload protection device, avoid blockage and wear


1.Advanced structural design, the roller is always close to the orbit, the uniform load, stable operation
2.The door, the door hanging gap height condition, rely on rotating a bolt to adjust, easy to adjust
3. Equipped with anti dropping device, to prevent the door derailment
4.High strength nylon roller
5. High strength, single bearing 150 kilogram door body, carrying 120 kilograms of *2 double door (no pressure indoor case), outdoor installation must consider the problem of wind pressure.

Drive belt: the rotation transformation module for motor to complex motion. Tooth type with high strength, abrasion resistance, special material technology of synchronous belt, high transmission efficiency, so that the door leaf can rely on the computer to set precise control in place.

Tail wheel device: belt tensioner module belt hanging on the belt tensioner module, this module is equipped with adjusting belt tension mechanism.