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The electromagnetic oven panel Pentium PC22G-A membrane switch touch button electromagnetic oven touch button switch

discount 70% in 2018-10-24 to 2018-10-26
price: USD$ 5.95
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:2
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The electromagnetic oven panel switch of the store sales, all the regular manufacturers.Please check carefully before buying, the electromagnetic oven panel picture function button name cable socket size

Please see your buyers in the purchase of the required products and orders with the cable socket panel as the original post. When ordering, please specify the required type or color, otherwise the default type of delivery; so as not to send the wrong goods to the customer, to bring unnecessary trouble. Please look at my buyers in the purchase of cable socket is consistent for our own products and orders.If there is no check (payment pro, if buy back later found on the will to refund processing method,Shipping by the buyer will pay)。

Buyers can choose the electromagnetic oven panelReturn shipping insurance, in case of not return freight paid by the insurance company for you!The mode of operation, in the purchase of return shipping insurance on the mark on it.

Customer service warranty freight



Customer service causes

Return freight

Send freight



The electromagnetic oven panel

15Day return

The quality problem and quality problem




Within a month

quality problem




A month later

The quality problem and quality problem




1115Return any reason days, only refund, no return freight, please forgive!

2130Days exchange, freight buyer bear a quality problem (i.e. the buyer buyers returned to the origin of Fu Yunfei; the replacement is sent back to the store buyers pay freight). Return to product testing no problem, buyers bear the return freight.

330Day ~1Years quality replacement, buyers bear the return freight.

After-sale service

The microwave oven panel to implement customer service shop"One year warranty service(Which products appear artificial quality problems, within one year Baohuan, but the return freight to be paid by the buyer)1-15Any reason for daysReturn, only refund, no return freight,Please forgive!

All customer service warranty customers, please contact on want, convenient shop to find your purchase information, thank you for your cooperation! In the shop after receiving the return to return the goods price, buyers need to return, please pay the freight. Buy our goods to poor buyers, buyers will no longer enjoy any customer service warranty policy! The final interpretation of the store all.

The electromagnetic oven panel installation tips

1The electromagnetic oven panel), don't put the paper back before the installation of the tear, plug, try various keys can be used to tear the paper.,Don't put the stickers to go missing;Don't see can not be returned!

2) the use of this product may lead to the wrong action inside the printed circuit film is damaged, the damage is not warranty, stuck in the original old panel position(First remove the old)

3The panel is to repair parts, panel detection is to determine the bad and then shoot before buying, in case after installation,The problem is not the panel, a computer board problem needing to return, return shipping will be paid by the buyer.

4The electromagnetic oven panel factory) after testing each key to ensure normal panel. If the panel installed can not use, please check whether the plug socket plug tight, sheet metal is rusty(panel will fail for many reasons, or the computer board is faulty, or improperly installed or installed caused damage of carbon membrane contact, or plug loose, if the return) from the freight by the buyer (not agree do not buy).

5This shop sells the most accessories need professional installation and maintenance workers for installation and maintenance, such as improper operation, the damage of this shop is not responsible.

Reminder:This product with the original size difference1mm3mmIs a normal phenomenon, do not affect the normal use!

Home appliance accessories are basically scattered parts, most without independent packaging, when the purchase is often through logistics delivery, individual goods will cause the appearance of a trace of friction parts, before buying please communicate with our customer service personnel after careful selection, color, non parts quality problems do not we think of goods not board or when can return the reason!

All goods in this store by physical channels and shop joint sales operations, warehouse daily distribution of large quantities of goodsThat inventory will change at any time, in case of captured goods, the store will be the first time to contact the buyer; if the buyer can wait, we will arrange the shipment of goods as soon as possible, as soon as possible; if the buyer does not want to wait, can apply for a refund, we will promptly confirm the refund to the buyer.

Express freight

The goods in this shop are not shipping, shall be paid by the buyer to purchase freight. Our default "express pass", for other courier please contact the seller to modify the freight.

Buyers buy the wrong product, need to replace the goods, goods to pay return shipping by the buyer. Buyers to buy their own goods for return, refund wrong, need to return the goods, the buyer must ensure all shipping goods and pay the delivery and return of lossless generated. If the shop is the wrong goods, all freight borne by the store. If the buyer left delivery address is unknown, when the phone has been sent off, do not answer, stop, to send pieces not successful return, buyers need to pay the freight delivery and return. The shop refused to pay all the pieces, please consciously warranty customers to pay the freight, take the agreed freight note.

Buyers must read []

(1)Please read carefully before buying "buyers".

(2)Because of the particularity of online shopping, decided to buy a baby please communicate with the owner before, confirm the relevant information and take. Store the pictures taken in kind (except individual pictures), manufacturers of packaging products update factors such as not timely replacement of the picture upload. If you must consult customer service and pictures as like as two peas and photographed after the note, if not we are not shipped as like as two peas, no note is regarded as the default agree to the terms.

(3)All our products, strict inspection before delivery were normal use before delivery, not the goods quality problems will not be returned.

(4)Buyer, please carefully check: the recipient address, telephone number, recipient (I must sign)". Please ensure smooth mobile phone, pay attention to intercept calls (not to strangers to the blacklist, so that delivery will not linked to you).

(5)When the recipient, please be sure to open the package to the freight personnel inspection, check and correct after the receipt (upon receipt of buyer is deemed to have recognized). If the buyer found the problem please refuse to sign and timely contact the store, we will use the fastest speed coordination solution, so as to avoid your loss; if after receipt of goods to reflect the damage, loss and other issues by the buyer shall be responsible for the quality of goods, except (not the goods quality problems will not be returned), thank you for your cooperation!

(6)We attach great importance to the evaluation of every buyer, if you have any questions please use in the process of consultation, we will patiently for you to answer one by one, and strive to achieve the perfect customer service service, good cooperation!