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Open source open source 20W high power led lamp bead crystal element, Puri 45mil chip

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20W high power led lamp super bright integrated light source

Product information:

Luminous color: warm white (3000-3200K)
Voltage: 20W 32-36V
Input current (constant current): 20W600-650ma
When welding, please pay attention to the best choice of constant temperature soldering iron, soldering temperature is below 260 ℃, soldering iron and LED pad contact time does not exceed 3 seconds;
Such as silicone encapsulated high-power LED, the maximum temperature of silicone heat resistance of 180 ℃, so the LED's welding temperature should not exceed 170 ℃, the use of low-temperature soldering iron and low temperature solder paste (wire) welding, iron and LED pad contact time No more than 3 seconds
In the case of soft molding, do not apply pressure on the bead collet to avoid breaking the inner structure.
High-power LED power problem tips
Many industry fever or DIY users will use multimeter to test the power LED lamp size, in fact, LED power source is his use of power, not his own power, because the semiconductor itself does not have the rated power, he must With the power supply, the power generated by the resulting power values.
But not all of the light beads can use a kind of data, this must be strictly enforced, improper use of power matching unreasonable burning lamp beads, the following is the power calculation method!
1W high-power LED matching power supply, voltage 3.0v * current 333ma = 0.99W, then his power to 1W
3W high power LED matching power supply, voltage 4v * current 750ma = 3W, then its power is 3W
And so on!
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