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380V one two remote control switch motor, pump new remote control switch

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Note: a receiving board can be equipped with multiple remote controllers, and the default is a remote controllerThe above A, the remote control key first, receiving board B key to control the first receiving board; C key control second receiving board, D keys to control the second receiving plate;Products have been set up, no pairing, can be used directlyIn order to facilitate customers, friends can buy a remote control standby.

A: if you need more remote control, please send this link and leave a message D: a set of products: contains 2 receiver boxes, 1 remote control (including batteries);AC contactor and air switch separately. Product display: Connection method of 380V remote control switch with 380V AC contactor Connection method: receiving box above the "1 and 2 posts as input to 380V connected with the two wire"; "receiving box 3 and 4 posts for the control of the coil output 380V AC contactor A1 and A2".

Product features:


1>.The terminals are made of high quality and high power terminals, with protective cover, which is safer and more stable.


2>.The user can adjust the work mode automatically: the user can jump the cap to modify the self-locking, interlocking and inching operation mode.

3>.Learning type code: can be arbitrary learning code to the same frequency remote control, (use the process of remote control lost also need not worry, buy a remote control directly to learn about itOKThe cost of the user is greatly saved without replacing the whole set.

Product brief:

The remote control receiver board is suitable for pump and motor controlElectrical control circuit for signal control, industrial control and hoisting equipment. It is very suitable for controlling all kinds of load; the product adopts learning code wireless coding technology, without direction, and multi sets of switches do not interfere with each other.380VThe remote control switch circuit component is full of materials, and the circuit boards are made of high quality double-sidedPCBThe performance is stable and the power consumption is small, and the performance is much higher than the commonly used circuit in the market.Buyers can buy after comparison.
The output power of the receiving board is600WThe relay has a set of normally open(Normally closed)Contact point. In order to prolong the service life of the receiving board, it is suggested to control the power of the receiving board in the service life of the receiving board600WIf necessary, the pump should be connected/Electric machinery/Motors, etc.380VThe load must be matched with AC contactor.


Connection mode: top of receiver box"1and2The terminal is input380VTwo lines of fire on the receiving box3and4The terminal is output380VAC contactorA1andA2Coil control".

Basic parameters:

Product model:SU-380V-1

Working voltage:380V(two line in, two line out)

Control power: less than or equal to600W

Scope of application: any load380VThree phase electricity must be matched with AC contactor before use

Operating frequency:315MHZ

Contact capacity:≤7A/250VAC10A/30VDC

Receiving sensitivity:>-105dB

Remote control distance:3000The distance between the ground and the open space is the theoretical distance of the open ground without interference,

The use will be reduced according to different environmental interference and partitions. Generally nominal distance05%-30%About。

Control way:1Road voltage output.

Coding type: learning type.

Working mode: can be adjusted by jumping cap, not shortMNon latching type (point action) and short connectionTand0For self locking and short connectionLand0It is interlocked; the product defaults to interlock.

Receiving board size: 72*49.8*26.5mm, outer box size: 92*55*30mm,Remote control size: 136*42*21.5mm.

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Warning: This product is 380V electrical products, non professionals do not operate, otherwise the consequences!




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