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HUANO micro switch 8 million button mouse huonuo X7 queen original yellow silver micro

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HUANO mouse micro switch 8 million Queen's original micro silver button! 0.05A30VDC

Now the new one is grey

The stroke is short, the handle hardness is moderate, and the spring back is fast, which is suitable for the Chinese people,Domestic cost-effectiveA high mobility, suitable for low-end mouse replacement

 HUANO / Lenovo / /HP/ shuangfeiyan wing through ViewSonic / new brands such as mouse faithful partner, long life, silver contacts, gold alloy shrapnel, feel comfortable, recommended HUANO yellow 8 million life.





Click directly on each modelYou can enter the relevant page 0.5element-5Unit type20More than one discount,5Single model of more than RMB10More than one discount)
                                                   The sale of micro motion is genuine!!!
(notice: The smaller the key force value,The lighter the intensity! The smaller the value is,The more uniform the strength!Key force positive and negative values andThe design of the mouse shell affects the fretting life and the overall feel of the mouse, that is to say, different types of FrettingpretendDifferent types of mouse handle is not the same, do not understand, you can consult the customer service in the shop点这里给我发消息
brandModelcontactKey forceLife/secondCharacteristics and suggestions
OMRON) rectangle

Part of the model needs to be worn
Dry hard crispLife is very high)
Gold alloy0.74N
Actual appointment2000ten thousandThe original D2F-F-3-7 red dot, feel crisp, new to white, style remains the same, the new improved resilience of uniform, and life has improved, and still retains the original crisp feeling, a sense of flexibility is good, no clear-cut feedback, without lagging! And suitable for speed point!
(gaming game (micro) Nissan OMRON micro (individual) mouse needs to be polished)
(recommended, very comfortable)
Gold alloy0.74N
1000ten thousandEarly IntelliMouseIO X06The original micro.Medium length stroke,The resilience of uniform, good sense, crisp and moderate,Simply being uniform rebound forceBetterTouch precipitationVery goodComfort degreeLong time operation is not tired.,(Game fretting,Nissan ash point)  (Note: the individual mouse needs polishing,A small amount of grinding is good for hair,Take the message while sending the mouse)
D2F-F(sound small, slightly lighter)Silver alloy0.74N
1000ten thousand

Feel light and crisp,Quick rebound,Japanese system0.74NIntensity comparison,Practically slightly harder,Feel better,Comfort is relatively goodSlightly soft feel. Starter games jiggle

(More than 10 delivering small files)

(sound small, slightly lighter)
Gold alloy0.74N
1000ten thousandgulesKINZUOriginal fretting,Moderate stroke,Feel a bit stuffy,Uniform rebound strength,And quickly,The actual handle is slightly softer,(part)Mouse needs polishing)
D2F-01FLGold alloy0.74N
1000ten thousandMedium length stroke,The handle is relatively crisp,Better resilience,Continuous click feels better(Nissan mid low fretting)(most mice do not need to polish)
D2F-01(hand feeling)Gold alloy1.47N
1000ten thousandThe length of travel is long and the handle is hard,ResilienceIt's more suitableStrong diamond finger player, dry hard crisp, recommended to apply to medium key,Side key function keys and so onAvoid not triggering use
(default handle)
Gold alloy1.47N
1000ten thousandLength of stroke,The handle is hard,Resilience,Vigorous diamond finger,Intensity comparisonD2F-01More homogeneous,Springback is faster, and is recommended for medium key applications,Side key function keys and so on,(Industrial fretting, slightly better life)
TaiwanZIPRectangleZIPDF3 white spots (20 million times)
(short, hard, crisp, recommended)
Full of silver0.78N
2000ten thousandConservative life 20 million times, short stroke, rebound compact, relatively crisp, slightly hard point. Rapid rebound!
(OMRON) rectangle
D2FC-F-7N(10M)(7N series soft crisp one)Full of silver0.74N
1000ten thousandLonger life, longer travel,ActualHandle is more common than ordinary7NA little softer(Logitech and Razer et al.)Mouse original fretting
(recommended, very uniform)
Silver alloy0.74N
(made in China)
1000ten thousandEnhanced version of D2FC-F-7N (10m),Compared with ordinary 10M, the actual life is higherThe conservative life is 10 million (up to 15 million times)That resilience is more uniform (has reached standard.0.05NThe thickness of the shrapnel thickens,It is a hard and brittle one made in China series 0.74N, which can be described by "rebound, simple force drop", like domestic series of slightly hard brittle feel, players can choose this type! Domestic model, Nissan quality!
Suitable for Internet cafes, units, maintenance department, individuals, etc., cost-effective!
(recommended, very cost-effective)
Silver alloy0.74N
2000ten thousandA very high cost performance in China, and ordinary7NTouch close, slightly soft and brittle handle,The shrapnel is a little thicker,Very suitableLike ordinary7NPlayers who feel touched by their life are recommendedComputer city maintenance personnel standby, at the same time suitable for Internet cafes!


(recommended 50 million blue dots)
Similar touch with MS

Silver alloy0.74N
5000ten thousandNew D2FC-F-K (50m), the life of up to 50 million times jiggle, blue button point, longer than the ordinary 20M life, uniform strength, feel clear, comfortable high! And 7N20MOF was slightly closer to the handle, the relative intensity is slightly softer, but flexibility is very good (to close to 7NMS), also a smaller lag rebound!
D2FC-F-7NFull of silver0.74N
500ten thousandLife expectancy,Medium length stroke,The center distance in the handle,A common micro motion in high, medium and low end mouse,To maintain the recommended reserve (attention is not on the market of anti / cargo, please do not question the price)
(of a hard handle)
Full of silver0.98N
800ten thousandinLong stroke,Feel slightly hard,Bounce back bigger, fit for big shell mouse, and prefer a hard handle player, (Apple)G6Bluetooth mouse micro motion

(made in China classic red dot)

(recommended,Micro gaming

Silver alloy0.74N
1000ten thousandReproduce the classic (strong / fierce / push / recommended), is currently very crisp feel a burst of cool feeling, /, occupation eSports game player early earmarkings (due to other reasons discontinued for a long period of time), this kind of uniform strength, feel crisp, rebound quickly, lagging is very small, no drag mud with water feeling, life is Japanese standard, the nominal conservative life of 10 million, silver alloy contact.
D2FC-3M (Huang Dian)Full of silver0.74N
800ten thousandLong life,Moderate stroke,Moderate feel,Rebound slightly slower, recommend middle and high grade mouse

DG2 T85
(strong / strong recommendation)
Gold alloy0.74N
1000ten thousandShortTravel, compact rebound, fast feedback, crisp and not hard (for high frequency dense click)--Speed point
DG2 T85
(0.6N soft handle, light power, small sound)
Gold alloy0.60N
1000ten thousandshortTravel, rebound compact, quick feedback, soft feel, relatively crisp sound0.74NDG2Small, suitable for high frequency Click--Speed point
DG1 ash point(very hard handle)Gold alloy1.47N
1000ten thousandIn the long life, feel hard, rebound quickly, some broken feeling strong, long stroke, if love feel very hard, the big mouse shell can be used, and the main difference between DG1 and DG2 is DG1 the actual life of gray, slightly longer
DG2 ash point(very hard handle)Gold alloy1.47N
1000ten thousandIn the long life, feel hard, rebound quickly, some broken feeling strong, long stroke, if love feel very hard, the big mouse shell can be used, and the main difference between DG1 and DG2 is DG1 the actual life of gray, slightly longer
DG6(very hard handle)Silver alloy1.50N
800ten thousandThe service life is long and the stroke is suitableThe handle is hard(suitable for large shell mouse, or side key)
(silent jiggle)
Full of silver0.7N
800ten thousandThe actual feel is relatively soft, the sound is very small, can replace the rectangular fretting, night does not affect the family
Kailh (black spot)Full of silver0.7N
500ten thousandRelatively cheap,Slightly soft handle,Moderate stroke
Kailh (white spot)Full of silver0.74N
500ten thousandRelatively cheap, feel slightly harder than black spots,Moderate stroke,Suitable for large number of low-end mouse replacement
KAILH feet
(suitable for Logitech M905)
Full of silver0.70N
600ten thousandThis is slightly softer than the original Logitech ZIP, a little longer life, but without losing elasticity, uniform, crisp
TTC rectangle made in ChinaTTC white spotsFull of silver0.8N
500ten thousandRAPOO, Rui respectively such as the mouse models of original fretting, stroke is short, relatively dry and hard brittle, rebound quickly, good feedback force,
TTC red dot
Full of silver0.7N
800ten thousandRAPOO, Rui mouse models of original micro individual etc.,It is short, relatively dry, hard and crisp, fast rebound, better feedback force, slightly better handleTTCThe flakes are slightly softer, but not brittle
TTC left bend lengthenedFull of silver0.85N
500ten thousandFor most of the mouse original side key (such as micro Viper side key, excluding the 2013 Viper)
TTC right curved lengtheningFull of silver0.85N
500ten thousandFor most of the mouse original side key fretting
Domestic HUANO
HUANO white spots
Full of silver0.7N
500ten thousandThe center distance in the handle,The rebound is slightly stiff and crisp,Low end model, the relative cost performance is very high,Very suitable for Internet cafesA large number of low-end mouse replacement
(a more economical fretting)
HUANO (blue shell white dots)
(strong / strong recommendation)
Silver alloy0.75N
2000ten thousandShort stroke, long life, rebound compact and fast, there are small cherry said, sound small, clear feeling, moderate intensity, cheap mouse will also have a very obvious feel improvement, cost-effective one (and suitable for high frequency dense click - quick point)
HUANO (Huang Dian)Full of silver0.7N
800ten thousandShort stroke, moderate feel hardness,Domestic cost-effectiveA high mobility, suitable for low-end mouse replacement
HUANO (blue dot)Full of silver0.75N
1000ten thousandLife is long, short trip, rebound quickly, feel crisp, slightly hard feeling,High cost performance of a micro, suitable for high, medium and low-end mouse replacement
HUANO (powder point)Full of silver0.7N
1000ten thousandThe service life is long, the travel is short, the springback is fast, the handle is relatively blue, the point is slightly softer, and it is suitable for the replacement of high, medium and low-end mouse
E standardE (M215, M310 original fretting fretting)Full of silver0.74N
500ten thousandM215 M310, the original microLittle fresh feeling
Domestic QIAOH rectangleQIAOH black spotFull of silver0.74N
500ten thousandShorter journey,Rebound force drop,Hard and crisp handle,OMRON acquiredD2F-J01F,Continue to use itD2F-J01FOMRON process
 Dragon standard rectangle made in ChinaDragon standard (LB)
Plate with silverabout0.78N300ten thousandLife mark300Million times,Actual appointment100About ten thousand,Moderate stroke,Feel slightly hard,Low life, suitable for low-end mouse or other equipment replacement
Nissan Panasonic
Square with two feet
07K (black spot)
Nissan (Nissan)
Full of silver0.65N
800ten thousandThe travel is a little shorter,Soft feel,Rebound slightly slower, less sound
07T (brown spot)
(made in China)
Gold alloy0.74N
800ten thousandModerate stroke,Feel clear,Springback is compact, and it is recommended to use mid and high-end mouse:Because it's brittle, it's a little bit bigger than the black spot(FIT)Internet Bar),Different from Nissan brown spot, low life200ten thousand
07T (brown spot)
(Nissan) (recommended)
Gold alloy0.74N
1000ten thousandLong life,Moderate stroke,Feel clear,The springback is compact, and it is recommended to use the middle, high / stall mouse:Because it's brittle, it's a little bit bigger than the black spot(FIT)Internet Bar),Different from domestic brown spots, high life expectancy200ten thousand
Taiwan.ZIPSquare with two feetZIP square frettingFull of silver0.74N
500ten thousandModerate stroke,The handle is soft, the sound is very small, and the handle is compact
domesticTTCSquare with two feetTTC square (round head) (recommended)Full of silver0.74N
800ten thousandLong life, moderate travel,Feel hard and crisp, because it is round head, so it is not easy to wear the mouse upper shell (recommend the upper shell wear more serious Internet bar)Unit use)
There are plenty of other sized patches and other shapes fretting around the store:The patch, long legs and feet, bending fretting etc.
Chassis switch, MP4 jiggle, phone jiggle, stroke switch, etc.



Shuangfeiyan X7 series uses HUANO yellow micro              

HUANO was used to jiggle MC118 in rats
Days away from G7 using the mouse buttonHUANO fretting
Using the G7-630 buttonHUANO fretting
Wing pass V8600 wireless mouseHUANO fretting
The new G7HUANOFretting
Multicolor M108 Blu ray mouse using huano jiggle
K4-3D uses huano micro button
3100 set by huano micro wireless button
Colorful 6800GE wireless suit adopts HUANO micro motion
Wing pass 8300 set with HUANO fretting
This table? Mei DL-629A wireless set by HUANO micro
Multicolor M350 adopts HUANO fretting
M500GB uses HUANO fretting
The key of multicolor T6 mouse adopts HUANO micro motion
Side key using HUANO micro bending

The following mouse is also suitable:

Microsoft IntelliMouse IO1.1
Microsoft silver shark IE3.0
RAZER full range
Logitech MX full range
Apple G3G4G5
DELL, IBM, micro size equivalent button
In fact, most of the mouse can be used, as long as the original shape of the buttons on the mouse, is 3 pin dip can be used, no name change after feel cheap mouse obviously!

The long-term use of the mouse will cause the mouse button gradually loss, gradually lost the original feeling and elasticity, and sometimes there will be empty or double..... Don't want to buy an expensive game mouse, way is to do it yourself, to switch the mouse.

Just open the mouse, the original micro removed, welding a new mouse micro, your beloved mouse immediately you will be full of vigor and vitality, immediately before! Don't have to worry about key failure!