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Solar energy fittings, electric heating water heater auxiliary heater, anti dry burning belt temperature control heating rod, electric heating rod

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Because we also sell a price! In the case of the same type with a price lower than our words, as long as your screenshot to the customer, we will give you a lower yuan

Customer reference is as follows, for reference only, specific according to the actual situation of the house to buy

There are many types of solar heating rods, customers need to determine their own home, which is suitable for which to buy, because we can not see your solar hole, how to determine your home heating rod (electric heating): see heating rod(electric heating)The location of the reserved hole: the side and the bottom. Second: look at the size of the heating rod (electric heating), or use a ruler to measure the diameter of the outer hole.Specific reference: 1,First of all, we have to find the place where the solar energy heating bar is reserved. If it is at the bottom of the solar barrel, then the bottom plug is inserted, the bottom plug is basically 90 degree turning type, and the outer hole diameter of 55MM is 47 heating rod(electric heating)If the outer hole diameter of the bottom is 69MM, it is the 58 heating rod(electric heating)It's all on the marketinstallThe bottom 47 is more.

2. if the solar energy doesn't have a hole at the bottom, then you see the side, and the solar side has basically 2 holes. Remember, the hole on the side of the solar bucket is not installed, because that hole is the hole of the sensor, the heating rod(electric heating)Must be immersed in water, to prevent dry burning, then choose 22 straight line, you can also measure the diameter of the hole, about 20MM-22MM, is 22 straight line, 22 straight line without a silk mouth.

3. if the solar heating rod hole is also in the side of the bottom, the hole with a silk mouth, it is necessary to measure the size of the silk mouth, with 4 points and 6 points of the outer silk single pole, the purchase of fewer customers.

When installing electric heating, if notcontrolInstrument, must be equipped with a leakage protection plug oh! Safe water!

47 bending electric heating is inserted at the bottom of the solar energy, the general bottom hole diameter is 55MM, with 47 bottom bending

58 bending electric heating is also inserted in the bottom of the solar energy, the general bottom hole diameter is 69MM, with 58 bottom bending

4 points with thread electric heating is solar side, the general diameter of the hole is 20MM, with 4 points

The 6 point is 25MM

This product is with anti dry belt temperature control, water heating to 75 degrees will stop heating, water temperature is lower than 45 degrees, automatic heating, to ensure that customers can always take a bath

Electric heating type: 22MM straight in, 4 points thread, 47MM bottom, 58MM bottom, flange type (Qinghua sun dedicated), electric heating power points: 1500W.3000W


When wiring, pay attention to the yellow green double color line is grounded (no ground wire is not connected), and the other two FireWire and zero line has no order, arbitrary connection

Another note: 3000W heating tube must be the 3000W controller, and the lines must be GB 1.5 square above, if the received 1500W controller must burn controller (see controller plug to distinguish 10A plug for 1500W controller, 16A plug for 3000W controller)!

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