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XMTD-9000 temperature controller, XMTD-9081 thermometer, bag making machine, blowing film machine, digital display intelligent temperature controller

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Precautions for use:

1, insert the instrument into the opening of the instrument panel, the opening tolerance should be moderate, install the installation plate screw, moderately tightened, the shell with self-locking instrument inserted into the opening.

2, check the instrument division number specifications and power supply voltage is the same as the meaning of the table.

3, according to the wiring nameplate or manual wiring diagram wiring correctly, when there are differences, according to the wiring nameplate or to the manufacturer query.

4. For thermocouple input signal, please use the compensation wire corresponding to the thermocouple wire

5, for thermal resistance input signal, please use the same specifications of low resistance wire, and the three line resistance value equal.

6, pay special attention to the power input line and signal input line can not be wrong, and the output terminal by strong current short circuit, etc..

7 meter, power line and signal line as far as possible with large current transmission lines routed separately, in order to reduce the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the instrument, can not be avoided in the instrument connection please try to use shielded wire.

8, phase shift pulse output instrument, pay attention to the instrument power supply must be in line with the load, and the closer the lead end, the better.

9, please specify when ordering: (1) the instrument model: (2) with mark sensor; (3) measuring range (4) other special technology; (5) the number and time

10, instrument damage without dismantling Gua, is indeed the quality problem of the factory, the factory free maintenance within a year.

11, factory instruments are attached: (1) installation parts one payment: (2) instructions, a certificate of quality.

Maintenance of simple problem

According to the specifications of the instrument, connect the corresponding power line, sensor line and output control line, power on the instrumentPVThe window displays the measured value,SVWindow display setting value,And enter the automatic temperature control state.

  • If the instrument indication is abnormal, please check the sensor and wiring.
  • In accordance with the table panel display function, the output instructions were normal, and the instrument is out of control, please check the output control line is properly connected, the external load or short circuit, open circuit, fault line as a result of the instrument components damaged, when necessary, can open the instrument to check whether the power outage, burning resistance and output protection copper output terminal.
  • Failure phenomena and solutions:aInstrumentPVDisplay window displayHHHThis means that the input signal exceeds the range (measurement range) or the input signal line is open. Please check the input signal line.BMeterPVDisplay window displayLLLThis means that the input signal is below the range (measuring range) or the input signal line is wrongly connected, and the signal line is checked.
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    Shopping instructions:


    1: all the goods in this shop are personally photographed by the owner, no repair system and color adjustment, consistent with the actual commodity guarantee.
    2: the company ensures that each product is tested before shipment, to ensure product quality can be shipped.
    3: the user purchases this company product quality problems, non-human damage in normal use this product, we provide one year warranty (except consumables) warranty freight charges. After the warranty of the product, providing lifelong maintenance services.
    4: in the warranty period, the following circumstances will be paid maintenance services:
    (1) damage due to man-made or irresistible natural phenomena;
    (2) malfunction or damage caused by improper operation;
    (3) failure or damage due to the modification, decomposition and assembly of the product.
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    Transport instructions:


    1: the Chinese region is vast, customers are widely distributed, it is difficult to system operation costs, so a standard freight only reference price, ask the customer to correctly understand the actual freight, please contact the owner, and photographed after let us modify the freight.
    2: our express default day, rhyme reached. May also be issued through tact SF, shipping separately.
    3: in order to protect your rights, in the collection before, please to carefully check whether the goods in good condition, if damaged, please contact us (such as your family, relatives, classmates, or the sign, as you have receipt.)
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