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TCL LCD TV accessories, circuit board, circuit board, LE50D59 power board K-250N1REV:A01

Spot sample camera standard, computer inspection delivery (anti electrostatic shielding bag on delivery set)

discount 70% in 2018-07-16 to 2018-07-18
price: USD$ 82.60
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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 Our commitment to all sales of the board before shipment, 100% machine testing, all functions are normalThen send out

Buyers in remote areas can give priority to store productsGuarantee on computerA one-time success, do not run more.

babyOriginalProducts, whether the original new, want to chat mainly.

The pursuit of the shop is 100% machines one-time fix

7 days replacement, 90 days warranty, except for lightning strokeSpot sample camera standard, computer inspection delivery (anti electrostatic shielding bag on delivery set)

Machine fault (no three lights are not bright, light does not start, the lamp does not flash, no backlight, no image sound,) is not sure whether the motherboard is bad, please press this method to test the power board and backlight high pressure plate whether there are problems, methods are as follows:
[TCL new (standby 3.3VSB or 5VSB) and ground to connect a 5W10 European resistor to do load + (P-0N/0FF) + (BL0N) + (DIM) corresponding to 11+12+10+7 feet, 4 points all welded connection must be welded at the end of the power board, in addition, the motherboard and power board connection line can not plug in the power board, need to disconnect from the motherboard
The old standby (1. [TCL (5VSB) and then a 5W10 ohm load +2. (STB) +3. (BK) +4. (ADJ) 4 point welded connection must be in the end of the welding power supply board in addition to the main board and the power supply board connecting line is not plugged in to the motherboard and disconnect the long light proof power] backlight board and screen is basically good, can choose to buy.

 We have joined the seller version of freight insurance, the seller is absolutely premium, buyers do not have a penny insurance refund problem, you can enjoy about 11 dollars a trip freight compensation.

  Return problem: the seller wants to chat.
[don't want to refund the new board should be based on Wangwang chat.]

This shop co express company (through rhyme) remote places need to specify the EMS express please take the goods before clear Wanbian delivery time 18:30 every day on time.

Sign for confirmation:
In order to ensure the safety of transactions and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of buyers, we remind buyers: before signing, must be the surface of the courier to check out the transport situation. If you find the baby transport damage, or accessories are not uniform, then buy housework will refuse to sign, at the same time with the fastest speed to contact us, in order to protect their rights. If the receipt, we are considered buyers confirm the goods intact

First, the quality rules:
1. in customer service during installation if you have any technical problems or quality problems, please contact the seller want, not by chaos to evaluation, not through consultation on the return, all complaints concerning this situation and join the black list. There is no after-sales service
2. the products purchased in our store, found in the use of quality problems, can be replaced within a week; if the buyer to buy wrong model, the shop does not accept returns;
3. a week replacement period: from the date of receipt of the buyer to start 7 days, the date of receipt of the logistics company to provide the receipt of whichever is the standard

4. after the sale process, the freight generated by both sides pay half (you send, you pay, I sent me to pay, freight does not support to pay) after warranty period, only part of the cost of maintenance, freight charges.
5. return deliberately shift to quality problems, I shop after the test verified after confirmation of fraud will be held at the full amount and complaints