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Commercial electromagnetic oven 3000W desktop concave cooking stove commercial electromagnetic oven 3500W concave furnace

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 This kind of small profits, earn only sales! Save popularity! With high performance, compared with a good quality! (receivingPlease sign on the spot inspection, the default appearance condition! Good faith for your cooperation, the good reputation, focus on business affinityWith the electromagnetic oven, your loyal partner!)

Are you sure you don't want to buycommercialThe main circuit board inside the electromagnetic oven fried into this table?


(why will explode into this? The commercial electromagnetic oven core CPU memory, 8 bit analog chip protection features simple, durable performance of domestic IGBT is too low, the host will use a long time for a little fried machine, what kind of CPU more memory? The protection function is more complete? Please continue to look down.)

You don't want to buy this line of inferior disccommercial
The desktop electromagnetic oven.


(why burning like this? Analysis: 1, businesses for the cost, not with the pure copper plate. 2, not a digital processing chip microcomputer protection, not timely, burn broken disc.)

First, the gas explosion intensified, toxic gas leakage and explosion are lurking in the family crisis, moment may tragedy, your family still save that bomb? Your snack shops, fast-food chains, specialty noodle, wonton dumplings, still use the gas?

2013 "12 - 26" Sichuan Luzhou Moore mall due to gas explosions is accident, together with a large production safety accidents.

August 1, 2014 Taiwan Kaohsiung city gas explosion... All over the country. So many people are suffering in silence as one falls, another rises......

This pain can not continue to spread! The tragedy cannot happen again! For my family, for the safety of the shop please use safe without open flame 3KW desktop electromagnetic cooking stove! At the same time, a 3000 Watt energy-saving electromagnetic oven monthly half gas fee oh!

Do you want to buy only 1 can get the factory price? Do you want to buy from the manufacturers of 3 kilowatts desktop concave electromagnetic fry stove, the quality of customer service is guaranteed?

Buy the power in the electromagnetic oven, looking for manufacturers to market inferior products, change and change? From the dealer bought a cooker, often bad? But the maintenance is not timely to delay the business? Maintenance costs are also particularly high?


Two, commercial electromagnetic oven manufacturers focus on the affinity of commercial electromagnetic heating, R & D, production and sales, 10 years experience in professional electromagnetic heating, as the single scheme of 3KW desktop electromagnetic cooking stove family customization; direct manufacturers, manufacturers of affordable, independent research and development of technology, quality assurance.


3000 Watt desktop electromagnetic frying stove, electromagnetic induction eddy current heating, cooking, soup, noodles, wonton, dumplings, multi-function, stainless steel pot; magnetic induction eddy current heating no fire, no gas, more money.







Three, why the electromagnetic oven power shortage? Can not continue to work, but failure? Spare parts purchase rate? How to identify the electromagnetic oven is stable or not? Home, cooking, porridge, boiled dumplings slowly lead to lack of firepower poor taste? The catering kitchen is not smooth, fire when?

The affinity of commercial electromagnetic oven manufacturers R & D Engineer for our analysis:

1, we buy the 2000W is less than 1600W, to achieve strong firepower, full power, long time work, commercial electromagnetic oven configuration is the key to depend on the distribution of electromagnetic oven power durability and durability.

The common 2000W electromagnetic oven actual test power is less than 1600W, the use of 3 minutes after the single program due to current motherboard and a wire coil temperature rise, can not be sustained high power heating, began to drop 1000W power per minute, the fire is not enough, can not continue to stir the fire heating, love friends, with the single scheme of the stove, cooking nature is not good! So many friends are common after the gas stove to do the dishes to the electromagnetic oven as Hot pot furnace, most of the families are generally considered the electromagnetic oven is Hot pot furnace, cooking is not good;


2, military components, from the details to enhance the service life of the product; affinity capacitor, seven bladed fan manufacturers of military use, durable service life is 100 times that of ordinary elements.




3, long testing time, the protection project of complete factory testing, all products from manufacturers of commercial electromagnetic affinity detection board 11 detection, to ensure that all products 24 hours continuously stable and smooth, fast food, snacks profit.



Affinity manufacturers test 3 kW desktop electromagnetic fry stove, the layers of simulation training test, excluding all faults, the stability of the reinforced process. All products from the qualification test, and the affinity of the assembly, protection function, strict testing, the final package delivery, therefore, all users receive the goods do not have to worry about the problem.


Four, the affinity of commercial electromagnetic oven professional R & D and production manufacturers, focus on electromagnetic heating R & D and production and sales, the affinity of 3KW desktop electromagnetic oven, R & D ordered manufacturers to support a generation, flexible mechanism; zero risk shopping!!!

The affinity of commercial electromagnetic oven manufacturers, R & D, the scale of the factory production process, from the software design program developed to molding machine assembly, independent R & D and production; ensure that all families can use to the affinity of manufacturers, following the real shooting:



Operation method:


First open the leakage switch 1, when enabled, then according to their own need to adjust the fire;



2, after the first off the electromagnetic stove switch, leakage switch to close again after the fan stops.

A commercial 3000W durable frying stove



3000 watt desktop electromagnetic stove 5 speed control knob switch

3000W industry R & D and production of electromagnetic concave frying stove manufacturers 



Commercial electrical power,Back to install dual fan, Fan Xiao Bian tried to sound the human ear can accept the conventional range, large cooling fan, more durable.

 3000WHigh power electromagnetic oven double duct design and tail waterproof design24 hours of continuous work, ventilation and heat stable, durable. 



Heating water test

3000W concave electromagnetic frying furnace length and width and height (mm):







3KW mass production


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