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Nordson automatic door glass door sensors motor unit operation room electric door pedal induction card automatic doors

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 Nordson automatic door unit, reliable quality and good stability, has good practicability, unique design and sound track of anti derailment, stable operation, sling pulley can according to the weight of the door is added, wide voltage access interface can be directly supporting the brand access control node. The utility model has the advantages of economy, practicability, simple structure and convenient installation, and can be suitable for all kinds of primary personnel with decoration, installation and electrical knowledge to be installed independently, and can be used normally without any professional debugging, and is equipped with a pair of code type remote controller

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The components of the whole unit are as follows:

2.1 meters standard track 2 spreader 4 groups

1 motors, 1 controllers

1 belts and 2 connecting frames

Connection terminals, 1 stops, 2

Tail wheel bracket 1 inductors 2




In terms of price, our unit has a great advantage in price because it eliminates the profits of dealers and dealers. In the same quality, we do the price, this is the strength of the factory, the unit in recent years, sales of high praise rate, to zero complaints, because we focus on quality and after-sales service.


Characteristics of automatic door set:

1. wide range: suitable for office buildings, shops, banks, factories, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, laboratories, hospitals and other occasions, to maximize the guarantee of walking and transportation of goods unimpeded.

2. reliability: can cooperate with the import and export control, special time control and other operating system, can eliminate your unattended security concerns.

3. safety: when the door is closed for the fan, if encounter obstacles or abnormal conditions such as human body, the door leaf can be immediately returned to prevent the occurrence of clamping reversal, events or mechanical damage phenomenon, to ensure staff safety.

4. Intelligence: microcomputer will record the position of the previous obstacles, the door closed in the process, close to obstacles, can slow detection in advance, to ensure safety.

5. energy saving: high quality design and manufacture ensure the unimpeded flow. Meanwhile, the sound insulation, heat insulation and dustproof effect ensure the building to reduce energy consumption.

6. Aesthetics: according to your requirements, the door shape, appearance, function design adjustment, in order to achieve effect.

7. convenience functions allow you to choose according to normally open, automatic, one-way traffic and lock state; key parameter adjustment way, so you can according to the specific circumstances of the door body, conveniently set up and adjust the opening speed, closing speed, hold open time, keep the door body running smoothly.

8. quiet: the use of special lubrication measures, special deceleration mechanism; professional design of the spreader roller structure, greatly reducing the noise.

The relevant technical parameters are as follows:

Track: the track is made of high strength and wear resistant aluminum material, and can be simply cut. Height of 12.5 cm, height of 7 cm slot, standard track length of 2.1 meters, each machine with 2 roots (2 buttons together, convenient transportation). Even in the wide place, also can be adjusted. Installation by size.

Motor: use a small size, high power brushless DC motor, with high transmission efficiency, low noise high speed gear box system deceleration, and then drive the belt. Internal safety devices, even if the frequent opening and closing, but also long-term failure free operation.

1. using brushless DC motor DC24V65W
2. the starting torque is large
3. measuring function with optical ruler
4. has stable rotational torque and speed
5. long service life, low noise

Controller: a signal that accepts sensors or other switches to drive motors and control the door to move in the right way. The controller itself comes with 12V and 24V power supply, without using transformer. The new safety protection light, access control, external electric lock, back-up power, double interlocking port, convenient for clients according to actual needs. 1. adopt advanced microprocessor control
The 2. parameter adjustment is flexible and convenient
3. can be easily connected with access control system
4. high efficiency loop control, low reactive power loss
5. overload protection device to avoid blocking and rotating wear

Spreader: 1. advanced structure design, so that the roller always close to the track, the load is uniform, stable operation

2. the clearance and height of the door leaf can be adjusted by rotating a bolt in the condition of hanging the door leaf, so that it is convenient to adjust
3. equipped with anti stripping device to prevent the derailment of door leaves
4. high strength nylon roller
5. high strength, double door can bear the weight of 100 kilograms of door body

Drive belt: turn the motor module into complex motion. With high strength, wear resistance, special material process of tooth type synchronous belt, the transmission efficiency is high, so that the door can be controlled by computer, set in place.

Tail wheel device: belt tension wheel module, belt hanging on the belt tensioner wheel module, the module equipped with adjusting the belt tension mechanism.

Note: the unit is directly supplied by the manufacturer for three years; we will be in the pre-sale, sale, after sale with the comprehensive service, please rest assured to buy!

The door of the relatively large size and long, can choose: Hua Yu, Jan, Jiaji (need to bring ID to delivery), the default is national express, if you need another express please contact customer service; transaction list after 4 pm second days of delivery, thank you for your cooperation!