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Temperature control board, temperature control switch, high precision digital display temperature controller, temperature control meter, 12V temperature control module, temperature control factory

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                      WX-101WOperating instructions

   Factory setting:Press and hold the setting key to power up,3Release the settings button after seconds to restore the factory settings!


② Control mode setting:Press the setting key once Let it showF-1And then press the 'Settings' button to enterF-1Menu, and then press "add" button to showHHFor heating control mode, press "minus" button to displayCCFor the refrigeration control mode, after the choice is good, then press the set key to save and exit!


   Temperature setting:Under the display of the current temperature interface You can set the required control temperature point directly by pressing or adding the button. After setting up, you can save and quit by setting 'key' once!


 Setting back difference:Press the setting key once Display displayF-1Then, the function number can be adjusted when the button is added or pressedF-1time Press the 'Add' button to display itF-2At this time, press the "set" button to enterF-2Function, that is, the back difference parameter adjustment interface, directly adjust the return value according to "add" or "minus" button, the difference means the difference between the starting temperature and the stop temperature, if you want to carry out heating control If the control temperature is set up30The degree of return is set as2That is, the current temperature is over30The degree relay is broken off, lower than the relay28The degree relay is closed and the return error is2! The refrigeration control is the opposite control state!


Temperature correction settings:Adjust function number asF-3Show, enter a set key onceF-3Parameter adjusting interface, adjusting range is-5.0~5.0When the temperature is not accurate, the temperature correction can be carried out by this function, if the current temperature of measurement is higher than the actual temperature0.5Degree, adjustable correction parameter is-0.5Press' set key 'to save it!


Delay start time setting:When the starting time is stopped and the next start time should be satisfied, the compressor can be used to protect the compressor under the refrigeration control mode, and the heating control can be set as the control modeThe factory defaults to0Delay time0-10Minute

                    Quick setting method

       1Setting mode 2: setting temperature 3: backlash

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