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High power energy saving lamp, spiral bulb, 4U6U8U45W65w85w105W150w200W300 tile, factory warehouse

Metaprotein 1111 1111 - 111 new flame retardant metaprotein upgrade 111 - 111 111 - 2. year warranty metaprotein 1.0 PBT imported flame retardant plastic parts with high quality and large driving stability of intra plate super bright intra 2 years broken, free of charge for the new 1.0 L 1111111111111 L 1111111111 L 1111111111

discount 70% in 2018-10-22 to 2018-10-24
price: USD$ 89.67
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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4U one box, 30 big 4U, one box 25

6U one box, 20 8U, one box 12

Common problem

Question: what happens when the lamp is broken?

Answer: Although we do enough to prevent broken work, but the road is complex, there will inevitably be a small amount of damage (less than 1/1000), in this case, we will directly refund or reissue oh.

Question: what happens when the light is not received?

A: we will check before delivery, to ensure the light before the issue, if the customer is installed is not bright. Please try a few more lamp, lamp is not lit after the change please check whether the lamp can be used inside the shrapnel is too low, the corresponding tool will increase the shrapnel (note that try to disconnect the power). Please contact us if this is not available, and we will refund or reissue it directly.

Question: how to protect after-sale?

Answer: starting from the date of receipt, free replacement (warranty) within two years, freight AA (who sent, who is responsible)

Q: what does E27, E40, B22 mean?

Answer: there are three types of common lamp cap, namely E27, E40, B22. E40 is the big end of the screw, the diameter of the lamp cap is 40 mm; the E27 stud head is small; the diameter of the lamp holder is 27 mm; it is the most common type; B22 is the traditional bayonet.

Please find out

The price of the product does not include tax. The customer who needs to make an invoice needs to contact the customer service to modify the order price (5% tickets and 17% tickets added)

The number is more than 30, only contact customers to modify, enjoy wholesale prices.

Special note: Although our packing is strong, but does not rule out the evil of the logistics operation resulted in damages to the violence, so you must be in the express delivery box inspection (signed on behalf of the friends make friends, such as inspection) have broken contact customer service and communication. After the logistics display sign, contact us again, buyers are conceited.

The whole purchase is more favorable, and the number of packing is as follows:

4U one box, 30 big 4U, one box 25

6U one box, 20 8U, one box 12

A brief introduction: this store a high-power energy-saving lamp, variety, power range: E27-4U45w to 105W, E27, E40 4U85w to 150W 4U85w to 150W, E27-6U125w to 200W, E40-6U125w to 200W, E408U185w to 300W, is your home, warehouse, engineering, mining, and other large sites selection of high-power energy-saving light.

About the express: the shop will default on the basis of Pro address to select the most appropriate courier (broken Baopei) priority: the pass, Huitong, every day, and a large amount of postal logistics; logistics, logistics and other security.

About Discount: because our high-power energy-saving lamps for ultra low price sales, because of the more customers, we sometimes can not timely reply, for you can have a happy shopping experience, as far as possible to see the details of the page, common problems are answered. This section is sold at ultra low price, the price of the product is based on the price of the page,