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Digital display temperature controller, B-010A+ refrigeration heating thermostat, temperature control of refrigerator, temperature control

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B-010A+ controller is a microcomputer temperature controller based on single chip microcomputer. It is suitable for temperature control of refrigeratory, freezer and automatic machine. Simple packaging design, and give 5 wire long temperature sensor.


Main index:

1, temperature measurement range: -50, +50 degrees centigrade
2, temperature setting range: lower limit L:-50 degrees +49 degrees centigrade
Upper limit F:-49 +50
Compressor shutdown delay time Y:0~19 minutes
Control mode J: refrigeration CC, heating HH
3, temperature measurement accuracy: 1
4, the temperature display resolution: 1 degrees centigrade

5, relay contact capacity: 250VAC, 10A (resistance), a conversion output.
6, instrument work power: 220VAC, 50HZ, power consumption is less than 2 watts.
7, defrosting cycle: 0~99 hours, set to 0, cancel the timing of frost
8, defrosting time: 0~99 minutes, set to 0, cancel the timing of frost

9, instrument panel size: 75*34mm (width * height)

10, opening size: 71*29mm



Its basic function is:
1. Temperature measurement and display of controlled object;
2. Setting the lower limit of temperature and upper limit and controlling the start and stop of controlled equipment;
3. The setting and control of the compressor delay time when the controller is used for refrigeration;
4. Selection of two control modes of refrigeration and heating;
5. Temperature sensor fault display (open or short circuit);
6. The defrosting cycle and defrosting time can be adjusted;

7. This controller adopts software correction to measure temperature, and ensures temperature measurement accuracy within the range of temperature measurement without user correcting temperature.


Function and operation

1, temperature display: after the controller is powered on, display the actual temperature measurement value.
2. Parameter setting:
(1) enter the set state: in order to prevent misoperation and avoid idle play, must be connected according to the "three set" button to enter the set state.
The controller (2) enter the set state after the first show the lower limit value (prompt for "L"), press "-" key or "print" button to change the set value, until it meets the requirements. (set to a negative value, minus flashing). Then click the "set" key, the lower limit set is stored, the upper limit value is displayed (prompt is "F"), the same method can change the upper set value. In turn, can be on the compressor stop delay time ("prompt" Y ")," control mode ("prompt" J ") one by one set, if the cold storage temperature and temperature display instrument by the error, and then click" Settings "button to set the temperature sensor calibration, (COO, calibration range of -6 DEG C ~+6 C), after setting need to click" set "button to confirm the set value.

(3) when setting the upper limit or lower than the lower limit value, the controller automatically adjust limit value = lower limit value +1 C.
[note] at this time to press "set" button to view the upper limit of the set value, and press "-" key or "print" key to the storage limit set value, if not according to the "-" key or "print" key, the automatic alignment of the upper limit can not be saved, may cause chaos control.
(4) exit setting: within 16 seconds without any key, the controller automatically exits the set state, the setting value is stored, and the display still displays the temperature measurement value.

[a] to modify the settings to press the "set" button to set is to confirm and storage, otherwise the controller cannot according to the new set value control.
[two] if the warning after setting without delay from the shutdown, the new settings will not be preserved permanently.
3, automatic operation:
(1) as the controller set cooling mode, power compressor cannot be opened immediately, delayed several minutes (by Y, at last decided) digital tube decimal point jump to wait. According to the "three print" key to cancel the delay. After the delay time, the relay determines whether to pull in or not according to the measured value and the upper and lower limit set by the temperature, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the refrigeration of the compressor. (greater than or equal to the limit work, less than or equal to the lower limit). When the compressor is working, the digital tube decimal constant light.
(2) when the controller is set to the heating mode, it is opposite to the refrigeration mode. The measurement value is less than or equal to the lower limit of temperature, and the relay attracts control heating, which is greater than or equal to the release of the upper temperature relay. The heating work, the digital tube decimal constant light.
(3) quit the automatic working state: cut off the power to quit.

[attention] when refrigeration, each stop of the compressor needs to be delayed for several minutes before it is opened again. According to the "three print" key to cancel the delay.
4, fault:
(1) enter a fault state in the following situations:
A, sensor open or measured temperature is less than -50 degrees, the display of -PP;
B, sensor short-circuit or measured temperature is greater than +50 degrees, the display FF.
(2) after the fault occurs, the relay is released, and the whole screen is displayed.
(3) after the fault is eliminated, the display stop flashing, but still display the temperature measurement value.

5, control the output of frost:

The machine running after defrosting cycle set or non frost - hold down the button for 3 seconds or more to defrost, defrosting is prohibited during the refrigeration output. The defrosting time after operation or during defrosting / hold the button for 3 seconds or more end of defrosting. The defrosting cycle is rerun after the machine is energized or defrosting is finished. The defrosting cycle or defrosting time is set at 0, that is, the defrosting function is cancelled, but manual defrosting is allowed when the defrosting time is not 0.

6, manual defrost:

(1) manual defrosting function is allowed when defrosting time is not set to 0.

(2) non frost Press - key for 3 seconds or more can be opened manually defrosting.

(3) Frost / hold the button for 3 seconds or more can manually stop defrosting continued.


Setting examples

A cold storage is required to be shut down at -18 centigrade, -15 DEG C is switched on, and the compressor is shut down for 2 minutes each time, and it is controlled as a refrigeration mode. After entering the set state, the lower limit temperature L is set to -18 centigrade, and the upper limit temperature F is set to -15 centigrade. Shutdown delay time Y is 2, mode is JCC. For special needs, please contact customer service 4000081963.


[warning] 1 zero line, 2 firewire. Refrigeration, heating are 1, 3 output, 2, 4 series. AC contactor must be connected. In order to extend the service life of the instrument, the relay or contactor should be equipped with more than 100W power.