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Fingertip Helical Bearings Full Ceramic Bearings 606 608 688 686 R188 689 687 698 626

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Jie Mu Sen pottery stainless steel Bearing Co., Ltd.

main production:

Ceramic bearings Plastic bearings Stainless steel bearings Hybrid ceramic ball bearings

Sub-link product delivery statement: If you buy a product we are losing money to do the bearing quality assurance. Because each person is not the same as the definition of bearings so ordering a product customers feel unsuitable bearings return shipping need to take care of themselves!

The main materials of ceramic bearings are: ZrO2, Si3N4, Sic and Al2O3. The main materials of various engineering plastic bearings are: [PEEK, POM, PTFE, PE, HDPE, UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene), PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), PI (polyimide), PP (polypropylene), PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), etc.]. The main materials of stainless steel bearings are: (AISI440C, AISI316, AISI304). Ceramic bearings Compared with steel bearings,

Advantage of:

1, higher limit speed: ceramic lighter than steel, will reduce the operation of centrifugal force, so as to improve the speed limit the same accuracy.

2, high-precision applications: ceramic hardness and Young's modulus higher than steel, the same load, the smaller mechanical deformation, which can be applied to more sophisticated occasions.

3, longer life, up to 5 times longer than the steel bearing: ceramic lighter than steel, the same load, the centrifugal force to reduce the running bearing, raceway load to reduce, and because the ceramic friction coefficient is smaller than steel, it can reduce operating temperature, Reduce wear and tear, extend the life of the raceway.

4, can be used for higher temperature: ceramic materials can maintain its mechanical properties stably under high temperature, so it can be used in the field of high temperature.

5, more suitable for temperature changes in the occasion: As the thermal expansion coefficient of ceramic smaller than steel, therefore, the ceramic bearing clearance by the temperature changes smaller than the steel bearing, which can be used in a wider range of temperature fluctuations.

6, better anti-bite, anti-jamming performance: This is due to the ceramic thermal expansion coefficient smaller than steel, helps to reduce thermal deformation, thereby enhancing anti-bite ability.

7, can work without oil: Ceramic has self-lubricating properties, you can also use the media for lubrication, it can be used in high vacuum situations, to prevent the lubrication of grease pollution.

8, acid, alkali, salt corrosion, it can be applied to chemical corrosion. This is also the largest ceramic ball bearings market in the future, need to be strengthened

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