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BK-5000VA single phase transformer 380V variable 220V AC 24V power conversion transformer 5kw/8kva

Pictures are for reference only. Our company has been using high quality materials and advanced process technology for many years. The internal core with Nippon Steel Corporation, Z11 thick 0.35mm steel plate and high temperature resistant glass packaging, has the characteristics of high efficiency with low loss. The products meet the international and national standards such as VDE0550, and are mainly used in various power supply sites with voltage not exceeding 500V. Contact customer service order, or call advice: 15102188772

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BK control transformer

First, product characteristics

The advantages of products after years of further absorption of similar products at home and abroad, the use of advanced manufacturing techniques and rigorous design, terminal and optimization of foreign advanced methods, has the characteristics of excellent performance, reliable operation, low energy consumption, small volume, safe wiring, high protection level, wide applicability. Using high quality cold-rolled silicon steel lamination; special paint dipping process, effectively reducing the noise and vibration during operation; and the introduction of high temperature resistant insulating material design and other new technology, new technology, so that the transformer is more energy-efficient, rated load in the long-term work, is a variable voltage power supply to the superior.

Two, product use

BK series machine tool control transformer (hereinafter referred to as transformer) applies to the circuit of 50-60Hz voltage to 500V, and is usually used as the power supply of machine tool control appliance or local lighting lamp and indicator lamp.

Three, the use of environment

1, the ambient air temperature -5 to +40 degrees Celsius, the average value of 24 hours is not more than +35 degrees celsius;

2, installation site elevation is not more than 2000m;
3, the atmospheric relative humidity in the ambient air temperature is +40 DEG C is less than 50%, the relative humidity at low temperature can be higher, the average maximum humidity wet month was 90%, while the monthly average minimum temperature of the month is +25 DEG C, and taking into account due to temperature changes occurred in the surface of the product.

4, no violent vibration and impact vibration place
5, in the medium without explosion danger, and in the medium is not enough to corrode the metal and destroy the insulation of gas and conductive dust place;
6. Places not affected by rain and snow.

Four, product structure

BK transformer structure can be divided into shell type, according to the installation method can be divided into vertical