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Electric heating floor heating electric film temperature controller, geothermal switch, double temperature and double control, 7 day programmable floor heating thermostat

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use The way:Electric heating film, heating cable and other heating equipment and water heating room temperature control, double temperature double control


About warranty:Non-human damage, warranty for two years.


Description: built-in temperature control 5-40 degrees: instrument built-in probe control is the air (indoor) temperature.

External probe control temperature 20-85 degrees: instrument equipped with 1 external probes, where the probe will be placed to control where the temperature!

          About invoice:If the invoice is required, the payment will be added5%Tax, please contact the seller in detail.

Power load: 16A/2000W25A/4000W 30A/5000W 40A/5500W

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Product Name:Temperature controller for peripheral programming

   type   Number: LX-036                SpecificationsRated current 16A25A30A40A

   Whether programming:Zhou Biancheng (6 times a day, different temperatures)    

 Control mode: built-in probe - control air temperature           

Product features:

Multiple modes:Zhou Biancheng, manual, sleep, timing mode optional, remote control

Fault prompt:Built in sensor circuit breaker display E1, external sensor circuit breaker display E2;

Power off memory:The user is set to save permanently, and the call automatically restores the working state before power off;

Antifreezing function:In any case, the room temperature is lower than 5 degrees, start heating;

Temperature correction:Room temperature and protection temperature error measurement can be corrected;

Technical parameter:

supply voltage:AC90-260V       Load power:2200W

Shell material:Flame retardant ABS

Panel size:84*84*28mm       Output modeConnection terminal

Temperature control range:5.0-40.0℃     Control backlash1.0-2.0 temperature default 2 degrees CelsiusMeasuring range of temperature correction:-9.0-9.0℃





The temperature controller for electric heating system steam room temperature intelligent control can meet the user temperature,Comfortable, energy-saving diversified demand!

Dear user

   Thank you for choosing our company036A series of double temperature and double control electric heating temperature controller, please carefully read the instructions before installation and use, so that you can understand the product performance, so as to ensure the correct installation and use. (the standard is a 2 meter metal probe, if you need a longer probe, please contact the owner)


Dear user

  Thank you for choosing our companyPlease read this instruction carefully before installation and use. If you don't understand, please dial the technical service telephone on the electric instructions.

Main function characteristics:

  1. Using high performance industrial gradeMCUIt has high anti-interference performance and can work stably and reliably under all kinds of bad conditions;
  2. Built-inWDTWatchdog circuit to eliminate driver phenomenon;
  3. Large screenLCDLCD blue screen display, high-end elegant;
  4. Temperature.Lower limit preset, real-time detection of environmental temperature of electric heating film box;
  5. Power off memory function, set the data after power failure is not lost;
  6. Sensor fault alarm function;
  7. Temperature information inquiry function;
  8. Built in electric film surface temperature limit temperature protection function;
  9. Inquiry and display function of electric heating film coding temperature;

10. Temperature difference setting function of electric heating film

11. Room temperature correction function;

Technical index:

Temperature measurement range: 5~90

Room temperature display range:5~60

Surface temperature display range of electric heating film:0~85

Room temperature setting range:5~60

Temperature control accuracy: +1

Room temperature control backlash:2~10

Electric film protection temperature control backlash:2~20

Temperature sensor: high precisionNTCThermistor

Output mode: relay contact

Power load16A/3KW

Warm air consumption:<1W

Button description:

Timing: timing switch mode selection

[query]: query the current operating temperature of the electrothermal film

It is used to set parameters to increase

It is used to reduce the setting parameters

[lock bottom]: room temperature adjustment that lock conversion

[switch]: switch on and off

Function brief introduction:

When the detected temperature and the temperature exceeds the set temperature or the electric heating film corresponding when the relay contacts disconnect, stop heating operation. If the room temperature and the electric film temperature are both lower than the corresponding set temperature. Relay contacts closed and started heating operation.

Key operation:

  1. Switch operation;

According to the "switch" key, the controller can be switched on or off. After the power supply, the power indicator is bright, and the temperature controller enters the standby state. At this time, the relay has no output action; press the "switch" button, the controller is switched on, and the blue backlight is on10Turn off automatically after seconds. In the boot state, press the "switch" key, the controller shuts down, the screen does not show, the relay has no output, and enters the standby state.

  1. Temperature setting and query;

In the boot state, press the [] or [] ^ - "button you can query the current room temperature setting value according to the backlight light, [] [] - or you can adjust the temperature setting key to the user needs the current temperature, temperature range:15~60Each click [C] or [you] ^ key setting will increase or decrease1℃。

  1. Surface temperature inquiry of electric heating film;

In the boot state, click the query keyThe backlight is automatically lighted, and the surface temperature of the electrothermal film is flickering. In that query, the key to switch to the current room temperature, can facilitate the user to see the temperature of the electric heating panel at any time.

  1. Set and cancel the timer on and off;

In the boot state, there is a small, hour as the unit, the smallest adjustment unit1hour

Press the button onceSet timing shutdown time, adjust unit1~99H(hours), set time flashing display,10After the second timer shutdown state, the screen displays the remaining time.

When the time is up, the controller shuts down and enters the standby state, and the timing flag is no longer displayed.

[timing] key two timesAccording to [] or [] button so longSet the timing start time, adjust the unit1~99H(hours), set time flashing display,10After 2 seconds, the backlight automatically goes into effect; the backlight goes out; the controller enters the timer and the screen displays the remaining time. When the time is up, the controller automatically starts running, and the timing flag is no longer displayed.

After the timer setting is in effect, the user can immediately switch on or off, and press the "switch" button to cancel the current timer switch.

  1. Parameter setting;

In the shutdown state, enter the press button,10SAfter entering the temperature correction state, back bright, flashing display the current set value, according to [lock] key can be selected in order to adjust the parameters, parameter definition description:

P1  Temperature compensation and correction, adjusting range15~30C, press [] [] - or you need to adjust the temperature compensation value into the current display temperature19℃,P1Parameter by25Adjust to24At room temperature, room temperature is displayed19+24-25=18After adjusting the temperature,10SAuto save,

P2 Protective temperature and range of electric heating film30~80C, press [] [] - or you choose to adjust to the temperature of the electrothermal film to protect the set value, the default temperature70℃。

P3  Room temperature, stability control, backlash, temperature adjustment range:1~10C, press [] or [] ^ key size adjusted to the appropriate temperature, the temperature for the default2℃。

P4  Temperature control, temperature adjustment and temperature adjustment range of electric heating film:5~20C, press [] or [] key so long according to the characteristic of the system can be adjusted to the appropriate temperature, the temperature for the default10

After the above parameters are set up,10SThen automatically save and exit the parameter setting mode.

  1. Temperature setting button lock;

Hold down [lock] key in boot mode10SThe backlight flashes and displays the current status,"11

Temperature control button lock, in this mode, the temperature adjustment is invalid,"22Temperature locking is effective in order to cancel the temperature control button lock. Press [lock] key to switch.10S