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50 inch LCD flat-panel TV Changhong 50U2S high voltage driving power supply core backlight board BBY93

Check the same picture, photographed; submit the order to see their baby, baby warehouse payment; test, delivery! There are more things consult the online customer service, or message!!

discount 70% in 2018-07-21 to 2018-07-23
price: USD$ 392.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Check the same picture, photographed; submit the order to see their baby, baby warehouse payment; test, delivery!

There are more things consult the online customer service, or message!! 2017-10-10


[babyA newIt is convenient for buyers to search]!

The spot is to disassemble parts, or post production as generic parts, direct installation, convenient replacement, easy to make money money;

The words "as long as the user can use, easy to use, can fix on the line to buy a yo.


The first time to buy a friend:

3 check: 1, and 2, liquid crystal brand picture as like as two peas; size; 3, the original factory produced formal channels to buy;

Check. You can directly take yo.



Take payment after delivery warehouse:

1, the day of delivery of the baby, after 10 nights of orders, please point after 22:00 or the next query track record;

2, take the baby warehouse will be issued within 1-3 days after delivery; can query the track record;

3, the shortage is not to send out your message, second days to buy a Wangwang, or refund, or extend the delivery, customer communication;

Online shopping products: online contact or message, WEI-XING:13662383656 button: 133-760-120


Electronic accessories must first check the fault judgment to buy, we have a 7 day trial service, to the Advisory service;

Used parts generally do not return processing. A replacement is possible. Can be 90 days.

For the maintenance of the master to buy a trial judge fault, buy the wrong parts need to get a refund, please explain in advance to chat.

This shop7Day test machinePaid returnService!Exchange goodsTake delivery, return postage.

Return replacement= [+] - [baby courier courier] = [baby] payment.Replace the other baby payment calculation mode split

Refunds[baby] feeCost= 70%- + packing packing material refund 10 yuan labor costs - the delivery receipt and acceptance of labor costs 10 yuan sinceSleep take yo.


Here to explain the test machine cost is not the king, is the human nature and human: help us, help us;

A successful orders, customer service, warehouse, master, inventory, rent and other artificial damage on the return is removed * tears ah.

A return orders, double loss.

The maintenance of the master 25 yuan / hour, packing or acceptance of warehouse people 15 yuan / hour. Warehouse rent 50 yuan / hour.

30% test machine cost, count an average. I hope the boss who can understand. It is not too much to correct these day.

We sincerely advise you: don't hurt but is small. Want to have a drop of dew, we can bloom in the branches, you can effectively escort, sincere service for everyone.


Remove the calculate way: please contact customer service, good accounting. Confirm receipt. Customer service to apply for refunds! Receive the goods can give you a refund.

Example: the baby is 50 yuan, postage 10 yuan, a total payment of 60 yuan.

70%= baby refund 50 yuan *70%=35 yuan bear the shipping delivery costs.

Example: the baby is 200 yuan, postage 10 yuan, a total payment of 110 yuan.

70%= baby refund refund amount 200 yuan *70%=140 yuan - reducing packaging material costs 10 yuan minus shipping receipt and acceptance of the seller can apply for 10 yuan labor costs: 120 yuan,


Returnable packaging instructions:

Before delivery, the front and back of the baby pictures, pictures, want to send pictures here, customer service confirmed. Then send back.



First, they have a certain ability to facilitate communication problems;

Two, their shopping knowledge, payment = [+] baby courier fees, refund fees *70% = [baby];

Three, receiving knowledge, intact acceptance before signing, delivery receipt;

Four, use their own baby sense, corresponding to the installation instructions, are not allowed to unsolder baby;

Five, the user 19 pm on the day before the payment can be shipped the same day.In general, Yuantong ExpressNot up to the place, please be sure to inform messages


I wish you buy buy a good mood, happy shopping!!